Falling in love with a monster comes at a price, and for young Alex, it could cost him his life.

A deceptively beautiful gift from a wild wolfman changes Alex in unexpected ways, sending him fleeing for his freedom while holding back uncontrollable urges. As he hides in the untamed wilds, far from all he knows, he must accept what he’s become and learn to live the rest of his new, unnaturally long life as a maw’cha.

Can Amulii mend the trust he broke with Alex, and can they keep each other safe long enough to escape an enemy from the past that wants them dead?

The Mark of Amulii is now available in all formats, including Audiobook!

Content Warning: This book is NOT erotica but is intended for those over the age of 17. It contains explicit (VERY explicit) sex and graphic violence. While those themes are not prominent in the story, they pop up from time to time. This is a gay-centric paranormal romance with real biped werewolves. This is NOT A/B/O.

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