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What the future holds…

What a year 2022 has been so far. I made new friends, started a long-distance (soon to be close) relationship, and rewrote a novel I drafted at the start of last year. My upcoming book “The Varcross Key” is currently in the beta phase, and there will probably be one more smaller beta phase after … Continue reading What the future holds…

Exclamation Marks and Interrobang: should you use them in your novel?

The short answer is: it’s complicated. If you’ve spent years writing fanfiction or have just started embarking on the daunting task of writing an entire novel, this is probably something you’ve never even considered.  As someone who was an exclamation mark abuser, let’s just say it was sobering to get my manuscript back from my … Continue reading Exclamation Marks and Interrobang: should you use them in your novel?


The Self-Publishing Mire

If you’re here, you’re likely an avid reader or a writer yourself, and you’re probably familiar with the wild west of self-publishing. Being able to circumvent the gatekeepers has been an amazing boon to seeing works published that a publisher concerned with their bottom-line wouldn’t touch. Over the years, traditional publishing encouraged people to emulate … Continue reading The Self-Publishing Mire

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