The Mark of Amulii Audio Book Promo!

The audiobook is now up and ready for download. Audible gave me 50 promo codes, 25 for the US/Canada and 25 for the UK. Unfortunately, if you live outside of these regions, the promo codes will not work. If you are interested in a free review copy of the audiobook, I have a few promo codes left in the US and quite a lot still for the UK. I’m now opening up this to anyone who wants a promo code. I can’t guarantee everyone will get one if I run out.

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The Varcross Key Final Beta Reading Session

The Varcross Key (Beta Sign-ups closed! Thank you all for volunteering!) After years of abuse in a loveless relationship, Leo Grayson secretly packs up his life and heads west to Varcross, Oregon. But there’s a problem: Varcross doesn’t exist—well, not in Oregon, anyway. Strange lights over the highway send Leo careening into a world that shouldn’t be possible, and there’s no way to escape. While struggling to come to terms with being the only human in a town full of cursed monsters, he finds love and companionship with the very creatures he should fear the most. To make matters worse,…

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2022 Spring Giveaway (Ended May 30th)!

It is time for spring cleaning, and I still have a box of books sitting in my office WAITING to take some lucky winners on a journey of a lifetime! A few months ago I did a giveaway using Goodreads, but this time I’m going to try out Goodreads was nice, but it was rather expensive. Not only that, I’d like to step out of the Amazon ecosystem and see what else is out there. I’ll be giving away the same amount of books: 12 signed paperbacks with red quartz bookmarks and 2 signed hardcovers with dust jackets to…

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New Book for the New Year! (Beta Reader Information)

Beta sign-ups have been filled! Thank you to all that have volunteered! Some of you know that I’ve begun the rewrite of another book I wrote early last year. This isn’t the next book of The Mark of Amulii; I’ll be writing the first draft of that later this year. This used to be under the name Escaping Ettanward, but will have a new title and a lot of changes in the new version. This story actually got rather popular on Wattpad and SF, but I have since removed the story to begin the rewrite and revision process, and eventual…

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Printed Book Giveaway and Ebook Promotion!

Alright! The winners from the Goodreads Giveaway have been posted! Congratulations to those lucky 12. The two from the mailing list that won the Hardback Copy are: Andrewkay… and… Newsletter Sign up to Get a Signed Hardcover Important: I take privacy seriously, and aside from email addresses (which can be removed when you unsubscribe), I do not store names, addresses or any other personal information on this site or in my email. All contest winners, beta readers, ARC reviewers who got physical copies will have their names and physical addresses purged as soon as I ship their books. This…

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