Beware The Dogman

The world is a terrible place to live when capitalism reaches its end-stage, and the wealth gap is so extreme, all that separates a city of immense wealth from the third world is a zip code. Out of all of that suffering and despair, Eli still has dreams and ambition. He moves to a new province for school using loans he'd likely never be able to pay back and takes a job at a mysterious national park that's as deadly as it is beautiful. 

When his mentally unstable co-worker disappears into the forest, Eli begins to realize there may be some truth to the rumors he's heard about Willerby Peaks. What he doesn't know is that a powerful earthquake and a cryptid encounter would change his life in what seems like horrifying ways... at least to his human mind.

CONTENT WARNING! This is probably the most depraved thing I’ve ever written, and I’ve written some pretty nasty smut. Some people deal with their trauma by turning to drugs and alcohol. I write rapey dogman porn. There are more trigger warnings than I can count including a lot of non-consensual sex. This involves a very slow and painful transformation, and the narrative can get dark at times. When you peel back the elaborate world-building and plot, this is basically just porn. You have been warned, so proceed at your own peril.

Part One

“Twenty-seven. That’s the number of hikers that’ve vanished without a trace last year.”

I stared, eyes wide at the graying park ranger who pointed to a topographic map of Willerby Peaks National Park. It was a vast wilderness with the most unforgiving weather, wildlife, and terrain in the world. Being eighteen, I didn’t have the experience or law enforcement training to become a ranger, but a park guide was just as exciting. It didn’t pay as much, but I wanted a job that was a bit more adventurous than the soul-crushing monotony of bagging groceries or flipping burgers during breaks.

My life until now had been a series of hardships. In fact, I’d been away from home since I was sixteen, and I had no desire to return. Student loans and scholarships allowed me to travel across the country to live and go to school. It didn’t matter if I went into debt, as long as I could put as much distance as possible between the Rockledge province and myself. That region was nothing more than shanty towns and pill mills. The people who were lucky enough to leave never returned, and those who stayed weren’t likely to live to forty.

I always thought the most dangerous places in the world were like the desperate towns I grew up in. But despite the awful reality of human nature, civilization—if you could call it that—was forgiving. There were living souls looking back at you with a conscience before deciding whether to pull the trigger or stick you with a knife.

Nature had no such conscience and was even more cruel.

No, the danger wasn’t back in Rockledge; it was out there in the unexplored areas. The forests in Willerby were so dark not even the mid-afternoon sun could breach the canopy. I hadn’t seen them yet in person, but there were spectacular photos circling the internet. They usually accompanied disturbing stories and photoshopped visages of glowing monster eyes leering from the shadows.

As feared as this place was, people flocked from all over the world for a chance to see a wilderness unlike anything in reality. The gobojia was an evergreen with fat trunks and gnarled, sprawling branches that grew nowhere else in the world. They were often hundreds of feet tall and despite their immense size, clumped closely, leaving little room to hike through denser parts of the woods. As I flew into the city, the canopy was like one giant blanket of hunter green that spread to the foothills of the snow-capped cinder cones.

They were impossibly huge and could grow from seedling to adult with no sunlight. In fact, they die in direct sunlight when they’re young. This added to the mystery of how they first grew and flourished in the area. There were theories that the tree was a mutated species of oak that thrived in the shade of earlier trees. They’d starve the original plantlife of nutrients into adulthood, allowing other saplings to grow and kill off more of the original forest. The fertile volcanic soil provided all that was needed for the species’ explosive growth.

“The last three years, we’ve had to help recover the bodies of over two hundred and fifty people. It’s easy to lose your footing, or the ground could give way. The weather can change—” The man snapped his fingers “Just like that, catching even the most seasoned ranger off guard. Ten of the bodies were lightning strike victims. Thirty froze to death when the temperature dropped by fifty degrees in a few hours. Wasn’t any warning either.”

 The tension was thick among the five of us new hires—young, fresh out of high school and willing to tackle the world with a fresh start.

“What happened to the people that disappeared?” one of my soon-to-be coworkers asked, interrupting the instructor.

“Lost, most likely,” the ranger replied, shaking his head. “The only thing easy about hiking through Willerby is getting lost. There are areas where compasses don’t work, and we’re not sure why. Not only that, but the trees are so close together that anyone can lose the trail and never find their way back.”  

“What about the dogmen?” a thin, red-headed young man asked, eliciting stifled snickers from the rest of us.

Dogmen. They were at the center of all the myths surrounding the wilderness—Willerby’s version of bigfoot. The stories were fun to read, but they all had an air of B-Movie silliness about them. However, there was one story that made my spine crawl. The detail was extensive, and told in such a way that I almost believed them.

One of two things would happen if caught by the beasts. They’d either kill and eat you, or they’d drag you back to their den. Everything after that seemed almost fetishized to the point where it started veering back into the unbelievable. As creepy as the story got, the comment section was pure comedy cold.

The instructor sighed and crossed his arms.

“This is survival training. If you go chasing dumbass rumors, you’re gonna get yourself

killed out there.” He shook his head and let out a soft laugh. “In thirty years, I’ve never seen anything like that. It’s something fun people talk about, but it gets old fast when people risk the lives of our guides looking for them when they get lost.”

After another hour, it was time to break for lunch. The picnic tables outside were badly weathered, and I had to sit carefully on the bench so splinters wouldn’t stick me. The facility was higher in altitude than the forest, and I could get an amazing, unobscured view of everything in the valley. The quilt of green stretched across the land unimpeded, swallowing everything it touched before massive twenty-thousand-foot peaks halted its advance, cutting it off at the bare foothills.

“Hey,” a timid voice half-whispered from behind. “You mind if I sit here too?”

I turned to see the red-head from earlier. He averted his eyes when I stared at him, his freckled face turning a light shade of rose. Though I didn’t know his circumstances, I could tell from his slumped posture and grounded glance he had very little confidence. I used to be like that.

“Not at all,” I said, extending my hand. “I’m Eli.”

The guy’s beautiful sky-blue expression brightened as he lifted his gaze from the ground and slapped a nervous palm against mine before shaking. The jerky motion of the handshake seemed a bit overcompensating.

He cleared his throat. “Nice to meet you, I’m Shane,” he said, his voice straining to maintain a lower octave as he spoke. Shane released my hand and sat on the opposite side of the table. “Looks like everyone else went out for lunch, and you’re the only one left.”

“Yeah, don’t have a car, so it’s too much trouble to go anywhere.” I reached into my bag and pulled out a soft pack of menthols, gently coaxing a cigarette upward before grabbing it with my lips. “Hey, the wind’s blowing toward you. Let’s switch sides so this doesn’t all go in your face.”

“Alright,” he said, giving the tobacco-filled stick that hung from my lips a bit of judgmental side-eye. “You know, those things are gonna kill you, right?”

“Maybe the dogmen will get me first.” I snorted a laugh before striking the zippo lid against my knee. In a fluid motion, I ran the flint wheel against the rough, worn denim that covered my outer thigh, lighting the cigarette before taking in a deep draw. With a sharp metal click, I flipped the lid closed before shoving it back in my pocket.

Shane looked away again. “Figures,” he muttered, setting his paper bag on the table before reaching in to grab what looked like a ham sandwich.

“You don’t actually believe those things exist, do you?”

He took a small bite of his lunch, chewing carefully before swallowing. The guy’s face turned a darker red before he opened his mouth to speak.

“Yeah.” His voice was so soft, it was hard to hear over the wind. “I wanna believe they do.”

That was an odd thing to say, but I guess it made sense. Many people wanted to believe in the supernatural. As terrifying as it was, it made the world seem less boring. After all, if dogmen existed, anything was possible.

“Why?” I asked, taking in another drag before turning my head away to exhale. “That’d be fucking terrifying.”

“Nah.” Shane took another bite before looking out over the valley. “I don’t think so.” He put the half-eaten sandwich back in plastic before dropping it into the paper bag. “Can I tell you something without you making fun of me?”

“As long as you don’t harp on me anymore for smoking, then go for it,” I said, flicking ashes to my left as the wind carried them over the trees.

“Sorry.” Shane’s eyes narrowed on me. “That was rude, wasn’t it?”

I gave him a half smile and shook my head. “Don’t worry ’bout it.”

He went quiet for a moment, and I put my cigarette out, snuffing the cherry against the wood of the picnic table before shoving the butt in my pocket.

I’d have to remember to throw it away when I got to the trash can.

“I’d want to live with them,” Shane said, breaking the silence. “It’s kind of a fantasy of mine. I want them to take me away from this life.”

There was something that stung in his voice, something familiar. The raw emotion that poured from his lips took me aback, and I stared, brows furrowed at the guy. Sometimes I forgot how widespread the suffering was in this country.

“Where are you from?” I crossed my arms against the table and leaned in.

“Hatton Province,” he muttered, grinding his teeth together.

I knew that place, and as bad as Rockledge was, it didn’t hold a candle to Hatton. At least we had a city, Hatton was one giant meth lab in the middle of the desert. It was a place you lived when you couldn’t afford the slums.

“Damn,” I whispered. “Sorry.”

“I don’t like telling people where I’m from, but you look like you’ve seen some shit yourself.” Poverty always recognized poverty. “Those other guys in our squad all come from the west. I know exactly how they’d react.” He swallowed hard before tilting his head to the side. “Where are you from?”

“Rockledge,” I said with a bit of a forced chuckle. “And I thought I had it bad.”

“Well, maybe you’d wanna leave all this behind too.”

The story I read scrolled through my mind, and I knew what Shane was getting at.

“That’s sick, man,” I scoffed, not able to make eye contact with him anymore.

“Is it?” he asked, pulling my attention back to him. “And you think living like this isn’t? Out there, I could live free, and maybe have a family.”

“A… family?” A chill shook me. “Dude, you’re talking about getting dragged away and gang fucked by a bunch of wild wolf men. Isn’t that what they do? If they don’t kill and eat you first.”

A knowing grin inched up his face. “So you’ve been reading the same stuff I have,” he said, nodding his head. “I knew you believed in them.”

“That doesn’t mean shit.” I stood and turned around, looking out at Willerby. “There’s nothing out there but death if we’re not careful. You heard Ranger Doom-and-gloom. The dogmen stories were just a fun read, but you’re taking it too far.”

“I hate this life, Eli. I hate this country…” He took in a sharp inhale. “The whole fucking world. I wish everyone would… just die.”

I took in a surprised breath, and another shudder rocked me. The guy became more unhinged the longer we talked. He seemed rather innocent, but there was a lot of malice and disgust he let seep from his mouth. That wasn’t a good way to be. His manic voice had me wondering if this was a lone kid scenario, the quiet guy who sits in the back of class until one day he snaps and kills everyone.

“Forget it. I guess you gotta know what it’s like to be at the bottom with no way to climb back up to feel what I do. When I learn what I need to, I’m going to head out there. It’s my last shot.” He paused, choking on that last word, and I slowly pivoted back to face him. “You know what happens to your mind after they fuck you, right? You lose yourself. I don’t wanna feel this way anymore. So I either find them or I die trying.”

He turned and jogged back toward the building, leaving me standing there dazed. The guy was a complete stranger, and this seemed like a cry for help. Should I tell someone, or let him be? There was an uneasy truth to his words, something I often thought about. But that wasn’t me anymore. I was going to make a better future for myself and not wallow in self-pity, but I didn’t know the extent of Shane’s suffering to make that judgment.

Part Two

It had been three weeks since I started my new job, but Shane and I hadn’t spoken to each other since that day at the table. He mostly kept to himself, and so did I. Aside from helping guests with information and asking supervisors questions, there wasn’t as much comradery. Not at all what I had expected coming into this job.

All of us newbies were stuck manning the information center, passing out maps while selling overpriced souvenirs. The more experienced of us were out on safer trails, guiding tourists through nature while keeping to the edge of the more snarled sections of the forest. I was disappointed, but it wasn’t as though I hadn’t expected it.

Lunch today was the same as it always was: a menthol cigarette mixed with fresh mountain air. It was a nasty habit, and I thought about quitting often. I started smoking at twelve, and the younger you start, the harder it is to stop. It was the most I ever did though—that and get piss drunk off of cheap whiskey when I’m alone. While I stopped at those, everyone around me predictably descended into harder forms of recreation. That would have been my future had I stayed.

With a heavy sigh, I dropped the half-smoked cigarette on the concrete and snuffed it out with my foot before throwing it away. I had a half a pack left, and despite the way he came off, Shane had a point. After fishing around the front mesh pocket of my backpack, I grabbed the rest and held them over the garbage can and paused. If I was going to talk a big game about a better future, then I needed to shake off the bad habits of the past.

With eyes closed and a hard gulp of air, I opened my hand and let the chains of my addiction fall into the bin. I jumped when a hand landed on my shoulder.

“I know how hard that was to do,” Shane’s voice rang out from behind.

“Yeah,” I muttered, before turning around. I leaned back against the wall of the building and examined the man’s face. Despite having an imposing, muscled physique compared to him, there was still something he gave off that disturbed me. “You, uh, you good today?”

“Not yet.” A stiff smile took the place of concern a moment ago. “Still gotta go out there.”

“Come on, man.” I pushed back locks of my messy brown hair as I tried to think of something to say that wouldn’t set him off. “Life is what we make it. Stop talking about wanting to die, because that’s what’s gonna happen out there. There aren’t any dogmen. It’s all fantasy, and you need to face reality.”

“Wow.” He let out a choked laugh. “What are you, some kind of after-school special? You don’t know anything about me.” With arms crossed, he walked toward the trail. “Gonna get some fresh air on the trails, away from all this fake shit.” He glanced back at me. “And fake people.”

That one stung, and it wasn’t even true. I wanted to let him go, but he pissed me off so much I had to follow.

“What do you mean fake?” I asked, trailing close behind him.

“Nothing.” There wasn’t any animosity in his tone, but there was an eerie cheerfulness. “I’d like to be alone. This is my only time to get away from all you people, so…” He trailed off, not looking back. I stopped following as he disappeared into the trees.

Despite being annoyed, I felt for the guy. We weren’t allowed to be alone on these trails, but Shane walked them every day during lunch, always back before the hour. The guy may have been too far gone, and it pulled at my mind every day. He was the only one there that had a similar background, and I hoped we could be friends. However, every time he opened his mouth, it was more delusion, more anger.

I had to stop kidding myself about him. We were all broken in some way. Hell does that to people. Many turned to drugs, some chose to live in an alternate reality, but the one constant was that very few escaped unscathed. All of us from the decaying parts of the country bore the scars of a collapsed, third world economy while everyone else got richer.

The facility was close enough to see, and I sat down on a fallen trunk for a few moments, thinking about what came next for me. School didn’t start back up for another two months, and I had little money for entertainment. Despite the danger, the woods were an escape when I felt overwhelmed. I never ventured too far, but it was nice to sit and take it all in.

“Ze trails close, ja?” a pale-skinned blue-eyed tourist asked, barely able to understand what I was saying.

I handed him a folded map of Willerby and nodded. “Yes, but stick to the trails outlined in blue on the map. There’ll be markers along your hike to keep you from getting lost. You can also wait for the guided tour.”

The man stared blankly at me and nodded. I could tell he didn’t understand, and as he turned away, I caught his arm.

“What language?” He furrowed his brows while tilting his head. I tried to determine what he spoke based on his accent. “Uh, des… mon ist ze… Ukanizan?” It was all I could manage based on what I picked up from the Ukanian refugees that ended up in our slums.

His eyes lit up. “Ja!”

It was strange seeing someone from that country who wasn’t destitute. He wore nice clothing and high-tech hiking equipment. There were those that fled Ukan before the civil war—those with money. Perhaps he was one of the lucky ones.

I reached under the counter and grabbed a map and brochure in his language before handing it to him. The man nodded cheerfully and walked away while reading the information.

“Where the hell’s Shane?” Cade, one of the senior guides in his late twenties, stormed through the building on a warpath as the guests piled in. I worked the information desk, which was on the other side of the atrium. My stomach sank when I heard the question.

“Damn it,” I whispered to myself. Cade ran through the entryway and up to the counter, his eyes wide.

“Have you seen Shane?”

“Uh, yeah.” My words came out in shaky breaths as I thought about what may have happened. “I saw him at lunch, he was hiking the trails.”

“Shit,” he said sharply, keeping his voice quiet. “How long ago was that?”

“An hour and a half, maybe?”

Cade held a radio to his face and turned away.

“Code black.”

A hiss of static broke through seconds later as a muddled female voice cracked over the speakers.

“All guides report… the center. Clear the trails.”

Cade pressed his index and middle fingers to his temple and rubbed in a circular motion.

“It doesn’t matter how much we warn people, no one takes it seriously,” he whispered, before leaning back against the counter. “Damn, he was young.”

“Wait, it’s only been an hour. You don’t even know if he’s dead.”

The man’s head fell forward as he faced me. “You’re new, but if you work here long enough, you’ll see patterns.” He leaned in closer, and his voice fell to a whisper. “You’ll see things you wish you never did. I’ve seen mangled bodies and footprints that go off-trail and… disappear without a trace.”

I swallowed the lump in my throat. “Wait, do you believe…” As I said it, I shook my head, letting the thought fade.

Cade’s eyes narrowed. “In dogmen?”

It was ridiculous, just a myth. Right? I nodded, feeling a twinge of embarrassment that I even brought it up.

“Five years ago, I was out on the trails with a couple tourists. Everything was pretty routine, and the weather was nice. There weren’t any warnings or advisories, so at the request of the others, I took them a few miles further up the yellow trail. Ideally we’d stay near the green post markers, but yellow was only a step up in risk, though not any more of a risk than other mountain trails usually are. Everyone was experienced enough that I felt confident to go on.

“The forest got denser and everyone felt the same thing. There was a smell, strong and animal-like, and we could hear what sounded like the… growling. I followed my gut and stopped, turning back around. We all knew the rumors, but laughed them off as crazy.”

His face went white as he continued.

“None of us were laughing then. I remember seeing yellow glowing eyes everywhere, and that smell. I’ll never forget it. It was a stench that you wanted to run from… and run to. I… I can’t explain it, but one of the tourists lost his damn mind. He bolted from the trail into the trees while stripping his clothes. Yeah, I was in charge of the group, but I wasn’t crazy enough to go after him. The rest of us got the hell out of there, and I never took the trail jobs again.”

That wasn’t the face of a man who was lying. It was genuine terror, and regardless if dogmen existed or not, something was off about those woods.

“Did you tell anyone about it?”

“Yeah,” he said, despondency in his tone. “I didn’t mention what was out there because I never saw them, but all of us had to give a statement regarding the lost tourist. Despite what the rangers say, everyone who’s worked here for years knows they’re out there. We don’t take anyone past the green markers anymore, because beyond that, the weird shit starts to happen. Anyone who goes beyond the green goes at their own risk.”

If this was real, Shane may have gotten more than he bargained for. Maybe they tore him apart and ate him. Shit. Was this happening? Was this really happening?

“What are they gonna do for Shane?”

Cade shook his head and lowered his voice again as a tourist walked by. “There’s nothing we can do. The forest is too thick for aerial search, and we don’t have the resources to send search parties out there. It’s too risky, anyway. This is why we give people stark warnings, because if something happens…” He paused and swallowed hard. “Help isn’t coming for you.”

Part Three

Two weeks passed and everyone went on as usual, as though Shane never existed. I don’t think anyone actually cared enough beyond being one person short to man the gift shop. There was an indifference to it all that bothered me, like we were replaceable, our worth only determined by the roles we filled. He was a person, despite his emotional state.

This was hitting me much harder than it should have. I couldn’t stop thinking about him. Maybe I could have talked him down instead of being all preachy. I should have gotten closer to him, made him feel like someone cared.

I wish I had my smokes.

There were times I was tempted to walk to the convenience store in the middle of the night after waking up in a cold sweat. Nightmares kept me from restful sleep, Shane’s bloody, disembodied head making frequent appearances. There was a part of me that hoped he got what he wanted, but I knew he was probably dead.

It was noon, and work dragged on. Due to light tremors in the area, the facility was closed to tourists, indefinitely. Earthquakes weren’t unusual so close to the volcanoes, and there were seismographs all along the area to monitor their activity. There hadn’t been an eruption in nearly five hundred years, and it was unlikely any of them would blow in my lifetime.

Every temp worker’s hours were cut as a result, and I was scheduled to go home early. However, the buses didn’t make their rounds this far out until later in the afternoon, and I had nothing else to do at home. I thought about hitting the dating scene out here, but I had to be careful with my money. Casual sex wasn’t out of the question, and there was a gay club in town.

But that only went so far. Hookups were just that, and only that. There was nothing after except an emptiness I wanted filled again. It was like eating junk food. It tastes good and you enjoy eating it, but there’s little nutritional value and it’s never as satisfying as you think. You always crave more until you’re sick.

No, I didn’t need another addiction to replace nicotine. I was lonely. This was a new town, a new province far from home, but there was no one to share experiences with which made everything hollow. It wasn’t like I needed a lover, but I could have used a close friend. Everyone at work and school kept to their cliques.

Plus, I wasn’t stupid. There was a stigma surrounding everyone that migrated from the east. The moment anyone got wind of where I was from, that’s when they’d stop acknowledging me. I couldn’t blame Shane for wanting to leave it all. The past catches up, no matter how far you run from it.

Light tremors from the below made me tense until they passed. Being outside in the open was the safest place to be, so I was fine staying put for now.  However, when a sudden jolt knocked me from the bench, that was when I knew these weren’t minor tremors anymore. The ground heaved upward before falling in a wave. The facility behind me began to crack, but it was sturdy enough to keep standing.

The quake was so strong that I couldn’t get to my feet. Another lurch upward caused me to roll before all I could feel was a drop. Suddenly, I was sliding down the steepest slope of the hill as the land came loose and slid with me. This was it. I knew as I sank into gravel and sand that I was caught in a landslide. There was no escaping what I knew was inevitable. I’d be dragged under and suffocated or crushed.

My head slammed against something hard, and that was the last thing I remembered.

Everything hurt and I could barely move under the weight of the earth on top of me, but I was still alive. Somehow I survived. The landslide buried my body under heavy rocks and gravel, but my head stayed above the surface. It was hard to scream for help with all the weight bearing down on my diaphragm, but I tried.

“Help,” I called out, my voice hoarse and dry as sand caked the inside of my mouth. As much as I tried to spit, there wasn’t enough to wash it out. “Help,” I called again. There was no one. They didn’t even know I was out here, probably assuming I’d gone home after my shift ended. I survived the ground giving way only to die like this.

There was stifling silence in the surrounding forest. No cheerful birdsongs or rustling of leaves from the wind. It was dark below the canopy—dark and silent, and I couldn’t move. It reminded me of sleep paralysis after waking up from a night terror as a child. I’d lie there in bed, my eyes wide as I saw the shadows move around me while I couldn’t move or scream.

The weight bearing down on my chest and abdomen made it hard to get a full breath of air. It didn’t take long before I began hyperventilating, desperate to take in as much oxygen as I could. My head fluttered as everything went darker, but I slowed my breathing as a heady scent caught my nose.

Bushes rustled around me, and the heavy odor got worse. I thought back to Cade’s description, and I knew this had to be it. It stunk so bad, but I didn’t want to stop smelling it either. It was strong and distinctly animal, but with something else low and earthy. Acrid, like vinegar mixed with musk.

I couldn’t move my head to look around, but I could hear them close. There were grunts and whines, light snarls and growls, a bit like a conversation. They talked amongst themselves, whatever they were. Muddy tears caked around my eyes as I wondered what was going to happen.

One of them stood over me, finally peeking into my vision. The first thing I noticed was a sizable black furry ball sack hanging inches from my face. Not being able to move was a bane as the beast inched closer, looking down at me. He had the head of a wolf, his fur obsidian with dark gray streaks above his eyes, like eyebrows.

He was massive and tall, upper arms thicker than my thighs with a broad rippling torso that was covered with a thicker mane. The dogman knelt lower, his face next to mine as he sniffed.

The creature grunted, his breath stale and hot as it hit my face. Long, protruding canines dwarfed the smaller, jagged teeth that lined his black and pink speckled gums. His eyes were reddish-gold, and their gaze was softer than I was expecting. He turned to the others behind him before muttering a bunch of different pitched grunts.

“Eli,” came a gruff response that sent a cold spear of ice down my back. It knew my name, and the voice was monstrously low. The unseen beast paused before heavy footfalls approached. Another large dogman looked down at me, him kneeling to the other side of my face. His fur was light auburn, and his eyes—wait, they were sky blue.

“Shane?” I asked, my voice trembling.

The dogman grunted and smiled, nodding before his long, thin tongue traced against

my sand-covered cheek. “I… have—” he whined and paused, seeming to struggle with basic speech. “Fam—ily now.” There was a distance in his stare, something not entirely conscious, but there was enough humanity left to shine through. He leaned closer to my ear. “Told you. Now… you fam—ily… too.” He looked over at the other dogman and patted him on the back. “New mate… for you, Eli.”

The black beast’s eyes widened as a smile pinched along his massive jaws. He leaned in and a wet warmth pressed against my lips before rubbing along my face. What was happening? The long tongue trailed along my cheeks and neck, soaking what it touched in a thick spit. My eyes shifted to the new Shane who grinned while watching what was happening, his tail fanning up dry dust from the rubble.

“W-ai—” When I opened my mouth to speak, the dogman’s tongue went in, his lips closing around mine. The only way I could catch my breath was through my nose. The odor got more intense, and I had a hard time keeping my eyes open. Between the lack of oxygen and whatever miasma the beast gave off, it wasn’t long before the world faded.

My body was lighter and going fast, the wind blowing against my face as I came to. Two bulky arms held me tight, almost squeezing. While his fur was soft, it wasn’t enough to pad against the rock-hard sinew of that massive chest. One of my ears pressed against him, taking in the steady breath and rhythmic pulse that began to unexpectedly increase.

I looked up to see the creature staring down at me as he ran, his eyes wide as drool snaked from the sides of his dog-like maw in long, clear strands. When his nostrils flared to breathe in, his eyes closed. 

My gaze shifted nervously away to the direction we were headed. We were deep in the forest, and there was barely enough light to see too far. The leaves above were so thick it gave everything underneath a late evening appearance. As terrified as I was, I couldn’t move or even struggle. It was as though I was bitten by some kind of venomous snake that paralyzes its prey before eating them.

Were my injuries worse than I thought?

There were six other dogmen running along with the one that carried me, including Shane. I couldn’t have been unconscious for more than an hour, but I had no clue how far in they had taken me. The deeper we went, the stranger everything got. Beads of glowing flora hung in strands over gnarled branches. Every flower, fungus, and blade of grass glowed with its own bioluminescence that turned darkness into a world of fantasy.

Tall stalks of weeds poked from the base of every tree, glowing an azure-green as steps of radiant ruby polypores jutted from the trunks like shelves. The same shade of lichen gave the boulders bloody veins as they snaked along the surface. Golden fireflies surrounded us, one landing on my captor’s nose. He snorted a bit of ticklish laughter, shaking the bug away.

Burbling water caught my ears as we neared a towering cavern opening. It was tall, perhaps fifty feet, and the same vines that hung from the trees wrapped the entrance and traveled along the cave ceiling like Christmas lights.

The dogman carried me in, jumping over a gushing brook that split the cavern into two sections. It was an immense natural structure. As he took me deeper into the cave network, the ceiling got higher, speckled with shimmering stalactites that hung from the dim, blue ceiling like endless rows of teeth.

Scents of sex and canine were overwhelming here as moaning dog-like whines and snarls echoed from the wall, unseen. That wasn’t all I could hear as muffled, rhythmic thuds pounded faster in time with shaky growls. There were so many beasts in the cavern lining the floor. Some walked by, staring at me while others were sound asleep, snoring while curled up on piles of straw, leaves and animal pelts.

The dogman turned to a smaller section of the cavern and stopped, gently laying me onto a similar pile of straw, leaves and pelts. It all went from dreamy to reality as the beast stood over me, his dick emerging from a thick pocket of fur and flesh between his legs. The odor stung my nose, but it went from revolting to alluring disturbingly fast. It was like smelling gasoline fumes. They made me lightheaded, but I kept breathing them in.

His cock continued to lengthen, growing thicker as spidery purple veins became more prominent at the surface. I’d never seen one like that, so alien and enormous that it sent shock and terror through my mind. Nothing felt right about any of this. It was like I was in a trance, my limbs unable to move on command as I looked away.

“Make… happy,” Shane said to me, his rough clawed hand landing on my shoulder before growling something unintelligible to the beast standing over me. The black creature pointed to his nose and nodded back to Shane. “You… ready. He knows.”

The beast loomed closer, his moist, glistening cock proudly erect and a whole human arm in length and just as thick. He was going to fuck me with that monster, and there wasn’t a damn thing I could do to stop it from happening.

I glanced at Shane and grimaced, my eyes wide and breath rapid.

“Why are you doing this?”

The auburn beast cracked a crooked smile before kneeling close, his paw-like hand gently raking through my hair.

“Save… you. From bad life… we haaaad,” he whispered, his enunciation drawn out and deep. “This… much better. Freeee.”

Why was he speaking like that? Had he lost his ability to think clearly? It was a struggle for him to move his tongue to form words. Was this my fate as well?

He removed his padded hand from my head and stood, giving the other dogman an approving nod.

“No, please,” I pleaded as the hefty beast dropped to all fours over me, tearing my shirt down the middle with the claw on his pointer finger. He made quick work of the fabric, ripping the shirt away from me before tossing it against the limestone wall. I tried begging again, but the wolf-like creature leaned into me, pushing his forehead into mine as he stared me down.

The gentleness of his gaze surprised me again, and my body responded automatically.

There was a moment I lost myself, and every emotion didn’t match up to the intensity of my fear. The rapid panting of my breath slowed and my pulse steadied as our gazes locked. The dogman smiled and sat up straight before his knees pushed him forward. The slick, pungent dick slipped over my face, sliding against my mouth, nose and forehead. 

It was all I could smell or see now, and it was different. Distinctly canine, but with traces of semen, urine, and a strange male stink. It was enough to make my eyes… and mouth water. He pulled back and slapped the tapered end of it against my lips.

The beast growled something harsh and guttural, and while I couldn’t understand what he was saying, I understood what he wanted me to do. I had no time to think as his hand locked around my jaw and squeezed, prying my mouth open as he let the engorged, fleshy wolf dick slip in unimpeded. It glided easily over my tongue as he thrust it in further. I couldn’t breathe and all I could taste was the basic, slimy fluid that naturally lubed him.

At first I gagged, but then I lost that reflex as shots of hot liquid burned the back of my throat, making it numb. As soon as I swallowed it, there was an intensity burning in my gut. I took in more of him, but there was only so far in he could go as thick as he was. My mouth wouldn’t open any wider, but he seemed content holding his position as he reared back and howled, wrapping his hand around whatever bulged in his sheath.

I wasn’t prepared for what happened next. What were thin streams of watery liquid turned to torrents of viscous, slimy semen. Shot after shot inundated my throat as I could do nothing more but swallow. Whatever I couldn’t swallow fast enough launched from my nose. It didn’t stop, and I tried pointlessly to push him back. That made no difference. All it did was make the beast buck harder as a bit more of his cock went in, popping my jaws as he unloaded everything into my painfully bloated stomach.

How much more? I knew where this was heading if he didn’t stop soon, and it would all rush out of my nose the moment he allowed any room for it to come up.

Finally, the throbbing ceased, and everything trickled now. He pulled back, slipping out of my mouth as some of his backed-up spunk choked from my throat before dribbling from the corners of my mouth. It was so thick that it was hard to spit without roping in copious beads down my neck and chest. The taste… was incredible, like nothing I’d experienced. Something was happening to my body. I couldn’t stop enjoying the flavor.

I rubbed my swollen stomach, still painful from what filled it. Whatever was in his semen prevented me from throwing up. There was nothing I wanted to do more than relieve the pressure as my guts churned, processing what it could.

The dogman collapsed forward on his hands, exhausted as he lapped at my neck and chest, cleaning anything that spilled from my mouth. He then fell to my side, pulling me into him, his left arm draping over my trunk as he continued to affectionately groom my neck with his tongue. Once again, it was a struggle to stay conscious, a struggle I was quickly losing. With a bloated stomach and the rhythmic, wet strokes on my neck, sleep came quickly.

Part Four

A thick heat spreading from below woke me from a dead sleep. My abdomen ached, and my ass burned and swelled. What was this? Not only was everything hot, but there was a slippery discharge that seeped from my guts in pulses. It wasn’t shit; I’d have smelled that. It was something else entirely. 

The monster lay next to me, still snoring loud enough to rattle my chest. Careful not to wake him, I reached behind me, slipping a hand beneath the waistband of my shorts before reaching what was keeping me awake. It didn’t feel right. The outer ring of my anus distended, and the hole was open, not clenched. I dipped my fingers into the slimy fluid before lifting my dripping fingers to my face.

A cloudy, mucus-like substance hung in thick strands, some of it dripping down my palm and wrist. It had a strange odor, unlike anything I’d smelled before. There was a light tang and sweetness to the aroma, some of it had a hint of seminal fluid. My insides gurgled and throbbed, shifting noisily as though something long were alive and wriggling through them.

With every pulse from within, my sore sphincter joined in rhythm, expelling more of whatever was leaking out of me. My shorts were soaked in it, and the stronger smell was too much to hide. That much was clear as the beast snorted, the sounds of rapid sniffs alerting me to his consciousness.

The dogman groaned and flipped me on my stomach. I still wasn’t able to move my legs, and the rest of my body was too weak to protest anything he did. Sharp claws ripped at the fabric, shredding the only weak barriers I had protecting me from further advances. As he violently ripped my shorts away, the heat of his breath hit my bare ass in waves. The sniffing got more intense as his cold nose touched the swollen, sensitive area.

The creature growled deeply before his tongue hit with such ferocity it made me cry out, but not in pain. This wasn’t painful at all. He was so rough, lapping at everything that came out of me, pressing his nose under my taint as he pulled my hips upward. With jaws slightly ajar, he let his tongue easily slip in with no

resistance. There was nothing holding back anything that wanted entry. Whatever was happening to my body made having anything shoved inside of me preferable to the ache of nothing.

The sensation, the strangeness, the frenzied way he ate me—it was too much for my mind. I should have been afraid. I should have been disgusted, but this felt too good for that. There was a powerful need for more, like the need to breathe or I’d die.

Once he pulled back, the pangs got worse. It only went away whenever anything stretched me. My mind… was breaking. Something was wrong with the way this felt, but I couldn’t fight any of it. There was no fighting him or… the need. 

He let my lower half gently fall to the bedding before shifting over me. His furry abdomen brushed against my back first before the wet tip of his massive shaft slid against my ass. The beast’s hips lowered quickly, and it went in, once again with no resistance. Inch after inch descended into my depths. The slime leaking from my insides made stretching the naturally lubed edges of my ring a breeze. Disgusting but arousing flatulent squelches were my body’s way of welcoming the massive intruder.

None of this was hurting, and I knew he was all the way in when the abrasive fur on his hips ground into my backside. That must have easily been fourteen inches of cock now comfortably inside of me, and I felt intense heat and tightness, my vision going dark for a moment as my ears rang. The pounding in my chest sped up as he began to thrust.

There was no gentleness to the way he rutted me like a dog humping a leg. It was fast, off-rhythm, and shaky. He was pounding me so hard that my body sank into the bedding, my head thumping against the soft fur of whatever animal skin covered it. The slippery noises where we

connected got louder, and he sped up, punishing my much smaller body with all of his heft. 

Deep, monstrous roars and the slapping of his head-sized scrotum against my inner thighs drowned out my moans which got louder the faster he went. With every thrust, my stomach bulged, struggling to accommodate so much of him, only to be relieved for a half second before he speared me again.

He began grunting in time with every pant, quiet at first, then louder. There was something at the base of his cock, something my fucked up mind told me I wanted. His hips slammed so hard that I felt a pop and pain as my ass squeezed around it, locking him in place. He moved as he did before, pulling me back with them before pushing my body forward as if he hadn’t realized there was no more give. It was stuck tight and he whined before collapsing on top of me, his weight overbearing for my frame.

He exploded inside of me, like someone had turned on hot water to fill up a tub. The heavy waves of spunk were unrelenting as they filled my lower guts until there was nowhere to go but further up.

The dogman rolled to his side, the knot pulling me with him. I glanced down to see the outline of the beast’s throbbing dick as though it wanted to burst through my abdomen. Everything was so swollen and distended and I began to feel sick.

More… more… more… it didn’t stop. How much more was there? There was no longer anything that felt good about this. Perhaps my stomach would burst open and I’d die. But as my fears intensified, his orgasm diminished, and I was left unable to maneuver myself into any comfortable position. All I could do was lay on my side, my stomach now touching the bed as it pressed against my diaphragm, making it hard to get a full breath. It was like that landslide all over again, only this time it came from within.

The beast grunted in approval, wrapping his arms around me before pulling the entirety of my body into him.

There was no escape from him. This would be my life now. The dogman groomed me as he did earlier, panting as his tongue lapped affectionately against my neck and ears. Running from such a creature was unlikely to lead to anything more than a chase I’d quickly lose. I was his possession now, won by a freak event that nearly killed me. Why was I tired again? All I wanted to do was sleep…

At some point during the night—or was it day—my captor left me alone in our empty corner of the cavern. My stomach churned, and I was hot and prickly all over. I glanced down at the thick, black fur that covered my chest and arms, but my legs and pubic area were still bare. Then I saw my cock for the first time in a while. 

It was a deep burgundy, and thicker veins surrounded it with two large blue ones pulsing down the sides of the shaft. I’d never seen it so angry before, nor had it been so big. It stood straight, a good eight or so inches and thicker than I’d ever seen. I reached my right hand down and gripped it, my fingers barely able to wrap around.

How long had it been like this? It felt like it could have been hours with how much it hurt. My penis began pulsing uncontrollably and I let out a shaky groan as I watched it lengthen another half inch.

The fur, though jarring, wasn’t at all a surprise. The stories I read were fairly accurate, plus I’d already seen what happened to Shane. Whatever was in dogman semen caused humans to mutate, and he’d loaded me up with so much of it.

Another uncontrollable pulse rocked me, and my cock slithered upward another half inch. This wasn’t stopping, and more fur sprouted along my inner thighs and down my leg. The process of transformation was painfully slow, but rapid at the same time. Another pulse made it swell more, and this time an orgasm accompanied it. It shot out at first, then flowed like an oozing river as though I were being drained.

What was my life going to be like as a dogman? How long would this transformation take? As more throbbing extended my cock further, my head slammed into the bedding as a geyser of cum shot out before going back to a steady flow. My balls felt like someone had kicked them as my dick went up another inch.

What was I now? Ten? Twelve? 

“Please stop,” I groaned, pleading in vain to anything that would take mercy on me. It had gotten unnaturally large for my human body, but another pulse rocked me. It was growing more, and as one last fountain of semen shot from my rigid, towering dick, it stopped. I could finally catch my breath as I tried to touch it, but it was too sensitive.

After a few more minutes, it softened enough to slap heavily against my furry abdomen. I was covered in short onyx fur now, even my face and feet. It wasn’t long or thick like the other dogman’s fur, but it was soft, like a baby’s hair.

There was a weird feeling of anticipation as something caught my nose. Padded footsteps drew closer, and I knew the beast had returned. He entered the room and a wicked grin took over the snarl on his face. He paced over and got on his knees, running clawed fingers over my velvety fur. Then he examined my cock, holding it in his hand. He appeared awestruck as he gave the limp mass of flesh a shake while cupping my balls with his free hand.

He leaned in and licked, and before I could react, the entire thing was in his giant maw. I had just gotten relief, but the beast’s tongue made it rock hard in no time at all. I moaned so loud that everyone in that cave probably heard me, and I clutched the fur pelt underneath as tight as I could. All it took was ten seconds before I unloaded whatever I had left into his mouth. He appeared to love the taste as he kept going, much to my horror.

“Fucking stop,” I screamed out, grabbing the beast by the fur of his head, easing up on my grasp as his teeth grazed me. After getting the message, he pulled back, but not before flipping me onto my stomach. It was happening again as I felt him slide into me. He was relentless, insatiable, fucking me just as violently as he did the first time.

There was a fevered chill that covered me in frozen sweat, and my captor watched with concern. Dogmen’s feelings and emotions made little sense. He would fuck me with abandon, caring little about how I felt about it, yet he hovered over me, tending to anything he thought I needed. There were times he’d lie against me and clean my new fur with his tongue while stroking my chest and abdomen in gentle patterns. They didn’t talk. Most of their language consisted of grunts, snarls, whines, and growls. They also made gestures to one another, but I didn’t understand any of it.

Pressure had been building in my bladder, but I was still too weak to stand on my own. I didn’t want to relieve myself in the bedding, so I tried communicating.

“Pee,” I whispered as he stared down at me. “I need to go.”

After cocking his head to the side for a moment, I pointed to my penis.

“I have to pee.”

He still didn’t understand, instead leaning in to lick it, thinking that was what I wanted. It was involuntary, but I couldn’t help but release a bit into his mouth. The beast coughed and backed away, nodding as he finally understood. With his powerful arms, he scooped me up and carried me through the winding tunnels until we reached the gaping cavern mouth.

I was barely on the ground before a forceful stream of piss shot down onto the grass. He held me upright so I wouldn’t fall. My mind was so hazy, and all of this seemed like some kind of weird dream. Nothing was real anymore. Perhaps it was the delirium of the fever, or maybe something more changed with the way I perceived the world.

My transformation stopped yesterday after my dick grew, and nothing seemed to change today. Or was yesterday still today? There was no day or night anymore, and what time I was aware of passed mostly during unconsciousness.

The stream slowed to a trickle, and I groaned in relief. I wasn’t sure how long I’d been holding it. My eyes couldn’t help but wander downward, examining my fucked up body. The black fur had gotten thicker since I last looked, and my cock hung thick and long to the left, down my inner thigh to my knee. I was afraid to look at it for too long or I might get aroused again. If the monster got a hint of that, he’d fuck me, and I was too sick to find any pleasure in it.

But the problem was, I found pleasure in it. The thought sent shame and panic through my shattering mind. He made me… feel good when he did that to me. He filled that… need—that new desire I’d never been able to shake since our first time.

With a swift motion, he lifted me again, but this time he walked away from all the beastly commotion in the cave, taking me to a more secluded and quieter place. He stared into my eyes as his feet swished through the long, blue-green grasses. They took the appearance of fine, silky hair as they rippled in the currents of summer breezes.

The bioluminescence of the flora gave everything here a dreamier look. Mushrooms of all shapes and sizes—some taller than me—cast azure and crimson light, contrasting the pale lunar glow of the gnarled oaks with flowing vines draping from them like willows. The fireflies I saw earlier congregated around the pastel angel’s trumpets that hung from their bushes like hundreds of tiny women in flowing gowns.

There wasn’t a sense of dread anymore as I took it all in. The place was beautiful, a well-guarded secret from outsiders like me. Well, the me I was before all this. I couldn’t know if I was still me anymore, but I understood that I belonged to this place now. It possessed me, it’s unwilling servant. 

The dogman lay me against a glowing gobojia tree, standing on his knees as he stared into my eyes. That was such an unusual expression for something scary like him. There was an almost human-like emotion behind the red and gold of his irises, and also something that threatened to pull me in so I’d never escape.

The monster’s hairy right fist pounded against his broad chest, and he growled affectionately, his bushy brows raised higher than normal. On the surface, his gestures were nonsense, but deeper into my altered state of mind, there was a familiar feeling. The dogman let go of the fist he made and let the pads of his palms settle over his heart.

I continued to suspiciously watch his movements, flinching as he got closer. He stopped his advance and hung his head for a moment. Did that really upset him? After what he did to me, I hardly expected the creature to feel anything that resembled remorse.

After a moment of what appeared to be contemplation, he raised his head and placed a rough palm against my chest, eyes glimmering as he smiled. What I first took as a malicious grin morphed into something much more child-like. The gaze, the smile, the gentleness of his touch, it all worked in tandem to pull me away from previous feelings of revulsion.

I didn’t push the thoughts away like I did at first. Did this creature care about me?

There was barely enough time for him to know any more than what I offered him physically, but perhaps that gave way to something deeper than either of us expected.

His grunts were soft and breathy as he leaned in, licking my neck. Not being able to speak to him was frustrating. I’d have given anything to be able to tell him no—to take me back, but that was impossible as well. I was a creature now, trapped between dogman and human. Nothing was going to change that, and there was nowhere to go.

He climbed over me and lifted my chin with his finger. A warm fluid leaked onto my groin as his own cock emerged. Instead of turning me around like he usually did, he lifted my legs, spreading them around his hips as he closed in. As before, he effortlessly slid inside of me. The squelching of my well-used hole against his thick shaft sent sounds of wet pleasure through the trees, breaking the silence.

After pulling me away from the trunk, he went slower this time, but was still as forceful as ever. Every slam of his hips against me took my breath away. What I thought I was too sick for earlier, I craved now with his encouragement. As much as I dreaded being filled again, I was starving. There was an epic battle between higher cognition and whatever this instinct was that craved him.

As his swelling knot punched through, my insides predictably grabbed hold, squeezing tight around it, locking us together again. There was no way to push him out when my body did this— no way my mind could override instinct. The way we fucked was so automatic, there was no need for emotion or consent. His body knew what to do with mine, and mine knew how to take him. But each time we did this, more of my humanity shriveled and died.

The heat filled and stretched me for the fourth time. It didn’t matter how many times he’d do this, it always hurt. It always made me feel sick, like I’d throw up or burst open. But each time I never did. He must have been able to see it in my face, but any sentience the creature had seemed to abandon him while we were locked together, him trapped in an almost endless orgasm. My pain meant nothing when he was like that.

Part Five

How long had it been? Another day? A week? A decade? My mind was so foggy that none of this seemed real, none of it happened. Perhaps I was in a hospital bed in a coma after the landslide, and the sickest parts of my brain fabricated all of this.

While on my side, the painful distention of my stomach snapped me back from delusion to my nightmare. It seemed endless. I would lay there unable to move, and the beast continued to fill me every chance he got. I’d lost count of how many times I’d been in this position up against him. After shifting my weight away from the snoring dogman behind me, I had forgotten we were still tied together. The fat knot of his cock pulled at whatever new muscles I had holding it in place causing a bit of pain to both of us.

The beast whined, and his arms pulled me back against him. His muzzle lay softly against my neck before the snoring resumed. He was able to sleep so easily, but for me I was too uncomfortable with him still swollen inside. I was sick of sleeping, not being able to move. How much more of this would I have to endure before I was like Shane?

I longed for the full transformation if it meant I could move on my own again. The worst part of all of this was the time I spent thinking. All there was to do was think, and all it did was shine a light on the cracks in my life prior to this. Shane… was right. There was nothing in my life worth mourning. No one would even know I was gone, except maybe a few people at work.

There was no one who cared about me, and there was nothing I really cared about. What were my goals again? What were my hopes? They dropped from my thoughts one after another. The harder I struggled to remember who I was, the emptier everything seemed. 

No one cared.

The dogman snorted, his arms lightly squeezing my chest as he nuzzled the crook of my neck. He bathed my fur with his tongue, snuggling closer before falling back to sleep. He did this often, always checking on me, giving reassuring licks.

Maybe he cared.

The beast seemed more dog than man, not able to speak or show emotion the way I understood it. But there was something between us, something that didn’t need words. It was more than animal, more than human even. Earlier, the way he looked at me under that tree—even if it was brief—said more than mere words.

There was no way to explain what I felt. What the hell was this?

While unexplored emotions raged, there was one I couldn’t shake, and it was always there when I’d have nothing to do but think.

Grief. Though I couldn’t place what it was earlier, I mourned everything I was about to lose and what I was about to become. There was no wish or miracle that would stop what was taking over my body and mind. I needed to mourn so I could accept it.

My eyes opened, and I was empty. The beast that lay next to me earlier was gone; however, a lone auburn dogman sat in the corner.

“Shane?” I whispered hoarsely, my throat parched.

He said nothing while shaking his head before standing. His clawed feet fell softly against the stone floor as he walked over and knelt next to me.

“I…” A slight whine left his throat. “Shane… not name. Can’t… losing… me.” His voice had a lower grunt to it, and he had a harder time forming words than when all this started. A slight look of panic crossed his face. “Feel… losing… self.” He ended the sentence with a much higher whine.

“What do you want? Pity? This was your choice, not mine,” I muttered exhaustedly. “Having second thoughts?”

“No,” he growled, slamming his fist on the ground next to me.

“Just… feel… weird.” A slight snarl shook from his blackened lips before he continued. “Sorry… I… I…” Whatever was in his eyes that I understood as human faded. Shane hung his head for a moment before he looked back up at me, his ears off to the sides and his tail tucked.

A larger, light brown dogman came up from behind, gently helping him off the floor. The beast licked Shane’s muzzle before prodding him to follow. He was likely Shane’s new mate, judging by the amount of affection paid. His ears lifted and tail wagged as they both hurried from my section of the tunnel.

Why did he bother apologizing, only to leave me alone and forget everything? Though I understood what would happen to me, seeing the way Shane struggled in those last moments of cognition horrified me. Fear was written on his face, dimming his eyes. It was as though there was a moment of regret, brief as it was.

My lower half ached again, my insides shifting and my dick growing harder, pulsating in anger as I clenched my teeth together. Was it going to get even bigger? No. That wasn’t what was happening.

I stared in horror as the veins of my cock disappeared and the flesh surrounding it swelled before sprouting fur. The glans slimmed, tapering quickly to a point before everything grew another half an inch. This time, it stung. As the fur finished growing, my penis was more of a fat fuzzy tube with a nearly purple head sticking out of the top. The tip remained the same, but the rim around the bottom seemed to sink into the bit of fleshy shaft that was visible.

My feet locked up and calves bulged out in painful Charley horses. The bones along my ankles and heel crackled before popping into different places. While that should have been excruciating, I didn’t feel it. In fact, I couldn’t feel anything from the waist down, as though someone had flipped my nervous system off in this part of my body.  

After swallowing my fear, I peered down at my popping feet. They broadened before elongating, my ankle and heel disappearing into the leg to form a knotted hock. Though I couldn’t move my feet to see underneath, I likely had pads similar to all the other dogmen. Claws erupted from each toenail, a bit bloody as they grew long and curved downward. My feet had become giant paws, a bit awkward considering the rest of me hadn’t caught up yet.

A rush of static pulsed through each leg before feeling gradually returned. I gently wiggled the toes on my right foot-paw, but sucked in a sharp breath of air in pain as they were still too tender to move.

The smell of urine caught my nose as the contents of my bladder emptied without me realizing it, wetting the bedding and cavern floor. A rush of anger and despair hit me as I wailed, tears pouring from my face. I was lying in my own piss which was starting to cool. 

Hurried thuds rounded the corner as my captor ran into the room, his nostrils flaring as he got a whiff of what I had done. I couldn’t stop crying, and the beast’s ears fell to his head as he rushed to my side before lifting me in his arms. With a high-pitched moan, he nuzzled my face, trying to calm me.

For some reason, it worked.

These creatures were a lot more emotionally intelligent than I thought. He understood sadness and pain. Though he didn’t care about my physical pain when he tied me, it was different now.

He walked outside with me draped limp over his arms, through the forest to the spot I remembered from last time. The beast sat me against a tree and gave me a lick on the nose before hurrying back in the direction of the cave.

I was alone again with my thoughts. These terrible thoughts. Even though I knew he’d end up on top of me, I didn’t want to be alone. When he was there, I didn’t think as many dark things. At some point, I became not only physically dependent on him, but emotionally too. The transformation was happening so fast. My body was turning and my mind struggled to keep up with the changes.

I went from wishing the beast would stay away to needing to feel him next to me. If he was close, I could relax. If I could smell him…

Tears fell from my face again as I realized that this wasn’t like me at all. Shane mentioned that turning into a dogman would make you forget being human, but I didn’t want to forget. That would have been like dying. I’d cease to exist.

Shane died right there next to me. I saw something leave him. Was it his soul? Was there even such a thing as a soul? I’d find out soon.

The dogman lay next to me in the grass, his muzzle pressed against the crook of my neck. He hadn’t attempted to have sex with me again, choosing only to stay as close as possible. His

thoughtful actions were a relief because I was still in physical pain. Not a lot, but enough that the aching prevented me from getting any more sleep. My body was growing, and I could feel the bones of my limbs and spine elongating. Every half-hour I’d have to readjust myself to accommodate another inch or two of height.

My tailbone stung too. The growing spine didn’t just make my torso longer, it also protruded from my lower back. I reached behind to feel it a few times when it was only a couple inches long. Now it was a full half a foot longer at least, occasionally moving on its own.

The beast began grooming me again, his hands gently raking through the fur along my chest and stomach, as was the usual. I wasn’t as scared going through this as long as he was holding me. It didn’t matter that he was the one responsible for all of this; I just didn’t want to go through it alone. Every time I’d moan out from the pain, he embraced me tighter, relieving my anxiety. It was as though he understood exactly what to do and when to do it.

I still had a human face, but it was covered in short, felt-like fur, not yet the length of the other dogman’s facial fur. A sense of dread overtook me as I wondered how it was going to feel when my head began to change. It wasn’t as though I controlled what was happening to my body. I could only lay there and watch helplessly as the body horror continued.

At some point during unconsciousness, my fingernails had fallen off, and sharp claws replaced them. I only figured this out when I went to rub my eye and sliced the bridge of my nose. My palms were like sandpaper, thick and calloused as dark pads swelled where soft skin used to be.

“I want to hate you right now,” I whispered to the beast, knowing he couldn’t understand, but I needed to vent. “I hate that you’re so proud of it too.”

He grunted and took my hand, his thick fingers intertwining with mine. I turned my head so I could see his face clearly. His brows drooped downward from the center, his ears following the same sad expression.

“Can you understand me?” I asked, studying his reaction closely.

The beast nodded once before his eyes left mine, shifting downward. I was shocked. This entire time, he understood.

“Why did you do this?”

Of course, I didn’t expect him to respond the way I wanted, but when his mouth opened to an unintelligible whine, it surprised me. Was the beast once human? Many people disappeared out here over the years, and with what happened to Shane and what was happening to me, it wasn’t far-fetched to assume this dogman was human once.

“Did this happen to you too?”

There was a slight glimmer in his eyes as he looked back up at me, giving a slight nod. The beast remembered he was human, which meant he hadn’t lost his mind completely. That was some good news. At least I wouldn’t turn into a mindless animal when this was over. It didn’t sit well knowing the dogman made a conscious decision to turn me, but it was pointless to bitch about it now. 

My stomach made a loud gurgling noise. I hadn’t eaten since he dragged me out here, the only thing filling my stomach was… I briefly lost my appetite thinking about it.

The dogman pulled away from me and jumped to his feet before bolting into the trees. That was sudden, and I was lonely again. Did I upset him? I didn’t want him to leave. With him gone, all I could focus on was the pain as my body continued to slowly grow. I held my longer arms in front of me so I could see. My hands were bigger now, and muscles that were there bulged and pulsated.

This took me by surprise because I couldn’t feel muscle mass increasing, just the bones growing. I lifted my knees to see how much thicker my thighs were compared to earlier. It was night and day, and it happened so fast I hadn’t noticed. The ground under me rubbed against my fur as I grew another inch. How much taller had I gotten? It was noticeable now, my feet much farther away from my face than before.

There was a strange feeling at my groin, not pain, but the sensation of something slipping around my cock as it sunk into me. I reached down to hold the furry tube, and it got shorter and thicker in my hand, the tapered tip that stuck out earlier completely disappeared inside of it.

As much as my body ached, this felt… incredibly good. I gave the new sheath a few squeezes, moist noises slipping from it. My penis was inside of me, but quickly began to emerge as I squeezed and stroked the furred pocket up and down, the slick sound making everything so much better.

When it emerged, it was no longer human, instead was exactly like my captor’s, long, thick, and covered in spidery purple veins. It kept growing, getting harder and thicker as I continued to rub my sheath. It didn’t take long for the base of my cock to swell inside, getting too big to shove through the smaller opening. The knot was larger than my palm as my fingers wrapped it. I instinctively began to buck my hips.

The top of the forest came into view as my eyes rolled upward, and I erupted into one of the most intense orgasms I’d ever had. Thick, hot spunk shot from the new canine cock, much of it landing on my face and chest. The climax didn’t stop as my other hand grasped the middle of my sensitive shaft, making me shoot harder.

Just like the other dogman, it was copious and thick. A ridiculous amount, but I didn’t want it to stop, even as it drenched my upper body. This was all coming from me, how? The hand that held my shaft reached down to cup my heavy balls, not able to hold both of them at once. That explained it. Eventually it stopped, and my dick receded with a slick noise, my face and torso now drenched. After taking in a few more rapid breaths of air, I wiped my face with my furry forearm.   

The release was everything I needed at the moment. It made me forget being lonely and the pain of my growing bones. It was easy to see why the dogman bred me like that, losing himself without care. I’d have probably done the same thing now that I felt the intensity of the bestial excitement and pleasure firsthand.

I… actually enjoyed that.

Part Six

With a loud thud, the body of a doe fell next to me, its throat torn out as blood pooled on the grass. The wide-eyed but dead expression disturbed me. I wondered how scared it was before it died. My stomach growled louder, and I gasped as I realized the deer was for me… to eat.  

My mouth watered, but I was nauseous at the same time as one part of myself fought the other. The dogman sat at my side before nudging me toward the carcass. How was I going to eat this? I didn’t have sharp enough teeth.

Sensing my distress, the dogman crawled toward the dead animal and began tearing at its flesh. He turned to me, chewing, a slight smile inching up his bloody maw. Before I knew what was happening, his mouth locked with mine. As soon as I felt his tongue push the bloody, pre-chewed flesh into my mouth, my eyes went wide. I expected to throw up, but that wasn’t what happened.

It was… delicious. I was disgusted, but I couldn’t stop eating. He’d grab another mouthful, and I’d greedily take it from him like a baby bird would from its mother. Blood mixed with his saliva and dribbled down the sides of my mouth. He did this over and over, and as he leaned in to feed me once more, I shook my head, feeling too full. He cocked his head to the side before swallowing the remainder.

The dogman leaned in and licked my face, cleaning the blood before going back to the carcass. He ravenously tore at the doe, shredding muscle and guts, smacking the squishy innards between his powerful jaws. It was hard to watch, but oddly satisfying at the same time.

A thousand thunderclaps pounded my head, waking me with a scream. Blood poured from my mouth, and it felt like my gums were being squeezed. The dogman pulled me upright into his lap, my head resting against his chest as I spat multiple teeth that had fallen out. This was it, the moment I had been dreading and looking forward to at the same time.

I didn’t want the pain, but I wanted this nightmare to end. It had been days, and I hadn’t been able to stand or walk. Now it would end in a violent finale as more blood rushed from my nose, my head feeling as though it was about to crack open.

Just when I thought I would pass out, the pain stopped, going numb like I had experienced earlier in my transformation, as if every nerve in my head had been severed. The dogman held me tight while making sure my head leaned forward so I wouldn’t choke on the blood or any remaining teeth that hadn’t dislodged yet.

My vision faded, then all I could see was yellow. Nothing had a form, it was just solid yellow. Though I couldn’t feel anything, I could hear… everything. The sounds coming from my face made me ill. There was a tightness on the sides of my head where my ears were, like someone was pulling on them, but that was about as much as I could feel. I reached for my ears, but they weren’t there. My hand went higher until it brushed against a large but soft protrusion that flicked each time I touched it.

My vision hadn’t come back, but I felt around my face as more cracking and popping flooded my ears. There was more pressure on my nose and mouth as they began to pull forward. I could feel this happening beneath my blood-slickened palm. Why couldn’t I see? Why was everything yellow?

There was even more pressure as my head nearly doubled in size, and while my fingers explored my face,

tiny sharp bumps pushed through my bare gums, growing into long, sharp canines. Saliva and blood pooled under my tongue, but it was hard to spit as none of the muscles in my face seemed to work. Everything dribbled out in torrents as the beast behind pushed my head forward again.

Every part of me itched, just like earlier. As I reached for my chest, fur thickened under my palm. It grew longer and silky in some places, while rough and thick in others. The pain of growth hit me all at once as I finally hit full size, feeling as though I had grown another foot. My once short tail jutted another two to three feet from my lower back.

The feeling in my face and head returned, and I’d expected to be in pain. However, all I felt was strange. Images blurred into focus, the yellow fading from my eyesight. I glanced down to see a dark brown dogman’s body—fully grown. I was so tall, eight, maybe nine feet. 

There was a surge of energy, replacing the weakness that kept me still for days. I pulled away from the dogman behind me and wobbled to my feet for a moment before falling. My feet weren’t the same anymore. I no longer had heels, only paws. This was going to take some time to get used to.

I pushed myself to my hands and knees and crawled forward before a familiar scent caught my nose. It was strong and sent every male hormone in my new body surging into a frenzy. My dick was rock hard, and I turned around to see the dogman that once towered over me now on his hands and knees, looking back with a wanting stare.

I was bigger than him now. I knew what he wanted as his tail flipped to the side revealing a slick opening, dripping with the same fluid mine did earlier. He wanted me to do to him exactly what he did to me, and I wasn’t about to object. My cock had to go into someone, now.

I lunged at him, knocking his chest flat to the ground while his ass remained elevated enough for me to push myself part of the way inside. He whined out as my new monster tool began to stretch him. There was no stopping me, no slowing me down. I needed to get all the way inside of him, and I didn’t care if he was in pain.

He glanced back at me, a single tear falling from his face as he grimaced and howled as I pushed the rest of the way in, his hole so tight around me. My knot emerged from the sheath it was tucked into as I began slamming my hips in a rapid, unsteady rhythm. I’d never felt this kind of power in my life. He… was mine.

Mate now. No think… Only mate. My mind… slipping away.

Eli didn’t stop, even as his brain shifted from one consciousness to another. All that could be heard from him were low growls and deep moans of ecstasy. The dogman under him continued to whine, but smiled as he looked back at his new, larger mate.

Muffled slaps echoed through the cave as Eli’s low-hanging balls slammed against the other dogman’s stomach, ready to release soon. His thrusts were faster, no longer pulling out far enough to give his mate any relief. The larger dogman was grinding, drilling the huge knot deeper in, squeezing through the hole that shouldn’t have been able to accommodate it. Finally, with a sharp dog-like whine, a wet pop and a sharp cry pleased Eli’s ears as he hilted himself into the beast that once dominated him. The ring of his mate’s ass clamped down, making him lose more of his mind to sex.

His ears pulled back as he let out a low howl, shooting jets of hot, ropes of pleasure deep into the other dogman’s roomy guts. Eli collapsed, his knot pulling the other beast down with him. The black dogman was now the smaller spoon, locked with his mate not only by the tie, but by Eli’s massive arms holding him in place.

Like the dogman did to him, Eli groomed the smaller beast, licking his neck and head as his cock pulsed. The other dogman was all too happy to receive it as a content smile inched up his glistening maw.

Eli also grinned as he lay against the crook of the other dogman’s neck. Sleep came quickly for both of them under the dim light of the gobojia canopy.

“Wake up, mate.”

My eyes shot open. That voice… the language didn’t sound like anything I’d heard, but I understood.

“What… happening?” I said, jumping to my feet, my mouth barely able to mumble words.

“No,” the black dogman grunted, stepping close. “Do not speak your old tongue. Speak ours.”

“What… mean? Can’t….”

“Shh.” He reached up and grabbed my snout, forcing it closed. “Speak from here.” He placed his hand on my chest. “You know how. All of us do.”

He let go of my snout. “I… how? No can… speak that.”

“Then give it time,” he whispered, his voice morphing to something more human in my mind. “How do you feel?”

“I…” My breath quickened as a jolt of excitement rushed through me. “I… not expect… this.”

“Not the animals you thought?” He let out a growly chuckle. “You asked why I did this to you, but I could not tell you then because you did not understand heartspeak. But I will tell you now.” He leaned close while running his fingers through my thick mane. “We choose those that deserve better. Those that come from suffering. You will never suffer here, and you will never be alone. It might not be what you thought you wanted, but with time, you will see how amazing it is to be what we are. To be free.”

“Free?” I asked, feeling another wave of joy. “I… f—free?”

“Yes.” He grabbed the back of my head, pulling me down to meet his lips. We wildly licked

one another for a moment before pulling apart. “We are all free here. Run with me,” he whispered, reaching for my hand before pulling me along. “We will go slow at first, but you will understand freedom when we run.”

My legs shook, still unsure how to walk steadily on paws, but that didn’t last long. As I sped up and the wind rushed through my fur, over my ears. My skin prickled, like thousands of goosebumps covered me.

I ran.

“What… your name?” I asked, catching up to the black dogman.

“My human name was Matthew, but the one who watches us, the one you will soon meet, gave me the name she pulled from my soul.” He slowed to a stop and so did I as he turned to face me. “Aléo,” he whispered. “My soul name. You will get a soul name too, Eli. You are also my mate now, if you choose to be. I hope you will. I know you may still feel anger toward me, and not all choose their sires as mates because of what we have to do to bring them into the fold.”

“My… mate.” I remember thinking that before my mind went blank as I was on top of him. Was this what I wanted? Was that passion or did I feel that way about him? “Maybe… give time… know more… about you,” I grunted, grabbing his hand.

The endorphins were strong whenever I held him. Something inside of me was compatible physically, and I knew I wanted him. But I didn’t know anything about him. I couldn’t call him a mate until we knew each other better.

“Anything you want,” he said with a wide smile. “I did not expect you to be bigger than me, but I am fine with that. It would be nice to have a larger mate.” He slipped out of my hand and ran ahead. “Come. It is soon, but you must get a soul name.”

The wind rushed over me again as I ran faster than before. Every powerful muscle in my body pumped as I sprinted through the tree line and into a rolling green meadow. Nothing looked familiar. I hadn’t seen anything like this while on the plane flying into town. Was I on the same planet anymore?

We neared a forest again, large cliffs looming in the distance. As we got closer, a large waterfall came into focus, and onyx statues stood in a semi-circle around it. Each one was different, some were wolves, some were dogmen, and one stood higher than the rest. It wasn’t black, but a light marble that glistened in the noon sunlight that poured through the canopy. It was a woman with pointed ears, fangs, and a flowing gown.

“Another soul to join us,” a gentle, feminine voice rang out. “Another beautiful soul that bears the scars of its old world.”

Aléo knelt to one knee, bowing his head but I stood erect, my eyes focused on the gorgeous statue that now was outlined in an angelic glow—golden and white at the same time. I couldn’t tear away from the beauty.

“You are Eli no more, child,” the voice said. The light of the statue hit me, lifting me from the ground. I panicked, struggling in surprise. “I have given you all this gift to spread to others that need to be saved. There is no need to fear, Théan. If you wish, I can make you forget the life you had as human.”

I shook my head. “No, I want to remember.” That was my voice, but much deeper. I could speak clearly again, but it wasn’t the language I thought I knew.

“Very well,” the voice said as I descended, my paws touching the soft grass. “Run free, Théan. They are waiting for you.” The voice echoed and faded, and the light surrounding the statue dimmed before the marble turned onyx to match the rest of the statues.

“Théan,” I whispered, clutching the fur on my chest. When I said it, I lost my breath for a moment.

Aléo stepped closer, wrapping his arms around me. “How do you feel now?”

His scent shot through my nose, and all I could think about was what we did earlier.

“I feel…” I wrapped my arm around his lower half, squeezing his rear, letting a clawed finger slip into his moistened hole. There was no question about how I felt, and the other dogman knew it, his body responding to my shift in mood. “Goooood,” I growled low and long, pinning him against a tree.

This new life seemed strange and scary at first, but I wasn’t alone anymore. My mind had never been so clear, and as Aléo fell to the ground and grinned, me on top of him, I wondered what I was so afraid of?

It all quickly slipped my mind.

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