The Farmer’s Debt

Life on the farm is hard enough, but as a teenager with raging hormones, hiding secrets can be tricky, especially when your body does everything it can to betray you. Dustin always knew he was different, not just because he wasn't attracted to girls, but because he wasn't just attracted to human men. He looks forward to every spring, because that's when a mysterious wolfman farmhand comes down from the Ozarks, helping his family produce enough that they've become rather wealthy—at least by early 1800's standards.

What Dustin doesn't know is the beast he's been secretly pining for has secret motives of his own, and he soon finds out that what he thought he'd kept hidden from the wolf man was as plain as day to anyone with a heightened sense of smell.

Content Warning: This is porn. There is lots of overly explicit sex between a human and a monster, you know, the usual. I cut down on a lot of annoying dialect in the narrative, but there’s still a lot of it throughout the story.

Part One

Dry topsoil billowed like smoke from the recently plowed fields. The strong warmer winds of spring carried with them the scents of magnolias, dirt, and baled hay—the fragrance I couldn’t help but associate with him. I’d been gettin’ up extra early these days, perchin’ on the same fence post for hours while starin’ toward the east. That’s usually where he’d return from.

Never seen nothin’ like him, an’ Pa nearly shot him dead when he was on all fours, eatin’ one of our heifers behind the barn. There was somethin’ both tame and wild in his eyes that stayed Pa’s trigger finger and nearly made my heart stop. It wasn’t ’cause I was scared none; in fact, there weren’t no bad feelin’s when our eyes met.

“Dustin,” Pa shouted, his voice muffled by the closed barn door. “Get yer lazy ass over here.”

I took another long look toward the woods and sighed, hoppin’ down from the post before running’ toward the sounds of agitated chickens. He weren’t gonna come today neither, it seemed.

After throwing open the barn door, Pa greeted me with a shovel in his hands and an empty wheelbarrow next to him. He was a big guy; years of hard work put muscle on his arms, legs and chest, but a lifetime of Mama’s cookin’ gave him more around the middle than he needed. He weren’t that old, late thirties, light brown hair and hazel eyes. Mama birthed me when they was pretty young.

“Been slackin’ on yer chores lately, boy.” He pressed the weathered wooden shaft of the shovel into my palm. “There’s more shit in here than animals.” He kicked a dried piece of horse manure, and it rolled across dirty straw that covered the uneven concrete floor.

“It’s mid-April. I wonder if he’s comin’ this year,” I said, scrapin’ the shovel under a pile of day-old horse shit.

Pa shrugged. “Ain’t no tellin’. Don’t know why he comes ’round every year. Still ain’t payin’ him nothin’, an’ he keeps all the vermin away.”

It was five years ago when that wolfman came, and he promised he’d work for Pa to make up for what he’d done. But something changed with him, and every year ’round this time, he’d stroll in from the eastern forest wearin’ nothin’ but a pair of torn overalls with one good strap that he never kept buttoned. He was tall too, much taller than any of us. Stood damn near seven and a half feet, covered head to toe in light brown fur with a bushy, hickory-colored mane on his head and shoulders. It trailed in a rugged line down his back to a scruffy tail which stuck out of a hole in his britches.

I was thirteen when I first saw him, an’ I knew right then I weren’t normal. The way he looked at me with them glowing yellow eyes made my knees weak. Don’t know why he turned me on so much, ’cause I ain’t never felt that for no one before then. He caught me oglin’ him one day, but didn’t say nothin’. Didn’t even smile.

The wolfman never said much. Sometimes he’d grunt, other times he’d tell me to go fetch him something, and I did without sass. I didn’t wanna get too close to him ’cause them feelin’s would come back, and I’d have to run to the washroom and take care of it ‘fore anyone saw.

When the plantin’ was done and spring turned to summer, he just up an’ disappeared one day without a word. I’d sit outside after midnight on my post, looking to them woods, hoping he’d come back. Never did, though, ’til the next spring.

The look on Pa’s face was priceless when that wolfman strolled over the hill with the biggest shit-eatin’ grin. He still didn’t say nothin’, but he’d look at me with an intensity that would have scared off a grizzly bear. Damn, I was so happy when he came back, an’ I’d try sparking up conversations with him. But he’d just glare at me, and I’d stop talking.

He came back for the next three years after that, always on April fifth, but it was already the twelfth.

“Hope nobody shot ‘im,” I said, tossin’ another shovel load into the wheelbarrow.

“Me too. That’d be a damn waste of a good farmhand. That wolf is a good luck charm with all the bumper crops we’ve had.” Pa grabbed a few sacks of seed, tossin’ ’em into another cart. “Can’t wait on him forever, though.”

After scoopin’ the last pile of manure from the corner of the barn, I stuck the shovel in and turned to Pa. “Graduation’s comin’ up,” I said. My thoughts weighed about a million pounds ’cause I knew what he’d tell me. “Teachers say I’m pretty bright. Could have a good future if I go to college.”

“Son, we could barely afford the books to get you through grade school.” He tossed another sack into the cart. “Plus, what can a big fancy school teach you ’bout agriculture that I can’t?”

“That’s the thing, Pa,” I said, looking down at my feet while pickin’ at the blisters on the palms of my hands. “This ain’t what I wanna do.”

“It don’t matter what you wanna do,” the man said, crossing his arms with a scowl. “This is what the FitzAlan family’s always done and always will do. We’re lucky, too. We got a lot of land, and a nice house nestled in the middle of the Ozarks. Most people on the frontier ain’t got close to what we do.”

“Pa,” I said, a bit of frustration growing in my tone. I hated arguing about this because it never went nowhere, but I was eighteen now. “This might be good for you, but it ain’t for me. I wanna make a livin’ doin’ something I like.”

“That ain’t how this world works, son, and I ain’t talkin’ ’bout this no more. Get yer work done.” Pa raised his hand before gripping the handle of the cart. With a hard push, he wheeled it to the open barn door and disappeared around the corner.

It felt like I was bein’ crushed by something, but I couldn’t place it. I couldn’t stay here forever, doin’ the same thing year after year. Yeah, we lived pretty well, and I did love goin’ out in the woods, hiking along the mountains, especially during the fall when the leaves was all different colors. But shoveling shit, plantin’, weedin’, feeding hungry animals day in and day out for the rest of my life sounded like hell.

Plus… how would I meet anyone? Maybe that was for the best. I didn’t want no woman, and I didn’t want no family neither. Finding what I was interested in was a death sentence ’round these parts. They’d probably string me up if they knew.

There wasn’t no use thinkin’ ’bout it. I picked up the shovel and began clearing the other side of the barn.

A cool wisp of air brushed against my face as I lay in bed, now wide awake by my open window, staring out into the yard that was lit up by a waxing moon. It was much brighter than normal, and the beams of pale light seemed to make the grass and the tops of the trees glow blue, like I was in a dream.

My eyes widened when I noticed something big leaning against the barn. I thought it was somethin’ Pa left out there until it moved. 

Was he back?

I shot up out of bed, but didn’t light the lantern to see where I was goin’. Wasn’t wearin’ nothin’ but underwear, but they was close enough to shorts that didn’t matter none.

Not wanting to wake the folks, I climbed out the window, my bare feet touching the cool, dewy grass as I ran across the yard. The wolfman turned toward me, his eyes glowing’ a dim yellow, bright enough to show his snout and teeth.

“Want me to open the barn for ya?”

He stood silent, that sharp glare tearin’ through me like it always did. Maybe I was a little scared of him, but that fear always turned into somethin’ a lot more randy. Why was I like this? For five long years I’d been pinin’ for that beast behind closed doors, but I wouldn’t dare tell him that.

“We’ve known each other for a while, but I don’t even know your name.”

The werewolf grinned, his sharp canines glistening wet, reflecting the moonlight just enough to make them look whiter than they were. “That’s ’cause ya ain’t ever needed to know,” he said, his voice deep and guttural.

“I—I guess so,” I said, my stomach turning to knots as my eyes shifted to the ground. Damn, he was always so intimidating.

“Ya got big.” How he said that caught my attention. “Yer taller than yer dad. What are ya now? Six-foot?”

“Six-foot-two, and that’s usually what happens when people grow up, ya know.” I crossed my arms, flexin’ a bit of my muscle at him just to show ‘im that I ain’t no kid anymore. Still couldn’t bring myself to look up at him, though. “Don’t know why you always left without sayin’ nothin’. You keep coming back to help Pa, an’ he would have given you a room an’ everything.”

“Didn’t want it.”

I looked up, forcing myself to stare him in the eyes. “Ya ain’t never strung no more than a few words together in five years, and you keep comin’ back. Why?”

The werewolf’s brows furrowed and his ears pressed against his head. “I got my reasons, but this’ll be the last year I come back.”

I felt something break inside. Don’t suppose nothin’ could have ever really happened between us, but it didn’t stop the fantasies I’d been havin’ nonstop for years.

“I see,” I said, trying not to let my tone seem disappointed.

“Still gonna work though. I got somethin’ to buy.”

“But you don’t ask for no money. You always work for free.”

The wolfman flicked an ear and shook his head. “Nothing’s ever free, Dustin. I’ll be paid what I’m owed.”

“All right,” I said mid-swallow as his eyes seared me like two brands just taken out of the fire. “You deserve it. Had really good crops ’cause of you.”

He nodded with a grunt, then eyed the locked barn door. “Gonna open that?”

“Sure,” I whispered. “Let me get the key.”

“After this, get some shut-eye.”

I nodded, turning back toward the house, still in shock. That wolf spoke to me. Not just spoke, he carried on a full conversation.  Maybe I could finally get to know him better… maybe even pry his name out of him.

Part Two

It was dawn, and the sun hadn’t risen yet. I’d been awake on and off for hours, barely able to keep all the excitement contained. I was gonna shovel shit, feed the animals, and milk the cows like I always did, but now I was gonna do it with a smile on my face knowing that wolfman was there, looking as handsome as the day I first saw him.

I jumped out of bed and threw on a white t-shirt before slippin’ into my denim overalls. After crammin’ my feet into working boots, I dashed into the hallway toward the dining room. My focus was so intense that I hadn’t noticed the smell of breakfast or Pa sittin’ at the table.

“Damn, I didn’t have to throw you outta bed this time. Give what I said some thought last night?”

I turned around as Pa looked up from the plate of pancakes, scrambled eggs, and pan-fried sausage with biscuits and gravy. Mama turned from the stove, holding my plate in her hand. She had long blonde hair down to her waist with deep blue eyes. Her fair skin was slightly red from hours of beating laundry yesterday.

“That ain’t it. The wolf’s here,” I said, trying to mask the excitement in my voice.

Pa slapped his hand against his knee. “Hot damn,” he yelled with the widest grin on his face. “It’s gonna be another good year.”

Mama didn’t look too happy as she set the plate of breakfast on the table, backing away nervously. “I don’t like him,” she said, turning back to the stove. “This whole thing don’t sit right with me, an’ I’ve been prayin’ on it. Werewolves ain’t supposed to be real, and you’ve seen what he can do when he ate that cow.”  

“Hon, he ain’t a bad wolf,” Pa said, resting his elbows on the table. “He’s a hard worker—”

“He wants something,” Ma interrupted. “I can see it in his eyes.”

“If he wants money, we’ll pay him. Hell, if he wants a couple of our cows, he can have ’em.”

I sat at the table and stuffed in as much food as my mouth could hold. The wolfman always got up before the roosters, getting to work while we was usually still asleep.

“He ain’t right. Not natural. What if we’re makin’ a deal with a demon? Selling our souls to Satan for a good crop?”

“That wolfman might not be the church-goin’ sort, but he’s honest an’ hard-workin’. I don’t think those are the devil’s qualities.”

After cleaning my plate, I stood from the table and ran to the door.

“Let the horses out first,” Pa shouted as I ran from the house.

“Yessir,” I replied, frantically looking around the yard. There he was, leaning against the post with a foxtail weed stickin’ from his mouth, eyin’ me like he knew something that I didn’t. I looked over to see the horses already out in the pasture, and fresh piles of manure in the wheelbarrows. He ain’t never done my chores for me before.

He spit the weed out and glared at me as I ran up to him.

“Mornin’,” I said, glancing over at the open barn, the floors clean with a fresh layer of hay. “You done my chores.”

“I did,” he said with a toothy grin. “Tilled the field, fed the animals, put the horses to pasture, sowed the wheat seeds, but the cows wouldn’t let me milk ’em.” He chuckled. “Probably still holdin’ a grudge.”

“You did all that? How? That’s a whole day’s worth of work.” 

“Yup,” he said with a grunt. “Tell yer Pa that everything’s done today, and he can relax.” I nodded and turned around, but he caught my arm in a firm grip. “When yer done with that, come with me.”


“You heard what I said,” he muttered, letting go of my arm. A low growl shook his throat. “Now hurry up.”

My insides was burnin’ as I ran toward the house. He was showing interest in me for the first time, maybe wanting to be friends finally. I didn’t quite know how to feel about it, like my mind and body was confused. I was excited, horny… and terrified.

“Pa,” I said, opening the screen door before peeking inside. “The chores is done.”


“Wolfman did ’em all while we was sleepin’. Even tilled the back field.”

“All right, let’s get to plantin’ then,” he said as he stood, grabbing his wide-brimmed hat from the wall hook.

“He did that too.”

Pa squinted; his head cocked to the side. “That’s a whole day’s—”

“Yeah, I know. That’s what I said. He did it all, and we’s goin’ somewhere. Probably wants me to help him do more stuff around the farm. He said you should relax today.”

He looked over at Ma, and let out an excited yip. “What’d I tell ya? That wolf’s the best thing to happen to this place.”

“Be back later,” I said, dashing from the porch, letting the screen door slam shut behind me. The werewolf uncrossed his arms and tapped his right foot as he waited. He had some big feet, thick black claws juttin’ from his toes that shoes wouldn’t have been able to cover. As I approached, I stopped to catch my breath. “Where’re we gonna go?”

“Follow,” he said in that bassy voice as he walked ahead of me toward the woods. This was the first time I’d ever gotten an uneasy feeling around him. This didn’t seem right, and I began to hesitate.

He turned back, his eyes glowing a little brighter than they were. “Whatcha doin’?”

“I, uh…” It was hard to speak, like someone was standing on my chest.

“Get over here.”

My feet seemed to move on their own as I shuffled toward him, my heart about to break a few ribs with the way it was pounding. He waited until I was beside him before he started walking again.

“You go out in these woods all the time,” he said, keeping his eyes forward. “Didn’t think a strappin’ boy like you would be so yella.”

“I ain’t afraid of the woods,” I shouted at him, walkin’ ahead. 

“Heh.” His steps quickened, crunchin’ through leaves as he caught up to me. As we passed the forest line, he stopped and grabbed my arm. “Name’s Malakai, by the way.”

I turned around an’ saw a different face staring back at me than usual. There was somethin’ soft about him, more approachable. “I like that name,” I said, flashing the wolf a half-smile. “It suits ya.”

Malakai snorted before continuing on, lettin’ go of my arm. “It does, huh?”

Wasn’t sure what got into him, but it was nice, whatever it was. I kept pace with the wolfman, staying by his side but keeping my distance. He was open now, and I had so many questions I wanted to ask him, but it was hard for me to remember each one.

“Where do you go when you leave here?”

“Not too far. Live out in these mountains, my pack an’ I.”

“Why do ya keep comin’ back?”

“I told ya already. I got somethin’ I’m buyin’. I’ve been investin’ fer five years, after all.”

He was bein’ vague again, but I didn’t wanna piss ‘im off by pressing him further. “All right.” I thought about what he told me earlier. “If you live out here, maybe I could come visit ya sometime. There’s more of ya out there?”

Malakai grinned and nodded. “There’s a whole bunch of us in these mountains, but there ain’t no place fer humans among us. Sorry, kid.”

“I guess that makes sense,” I said, looking down. “Probably why no one’s ever seen a wolfman ‘fore now.”

“Here we are,” he said, stopping in a bright clearing. The morning sun tore through the fog and reflected those gorgeous eyes of his. “This looks like a good place.”

“So what are we doin’ here?” I asked, looking around for anything out of the ordinary. A rough, padded hand grazed my chin, then gripped it tight before turning my head to face him.

“I know ’bout you, boy. Know what you’ve been doin’ all these years, starin’ at me, disappearin’ fer a while.” His long tongue traced along his sharp canines. “Always smellin’ like sex.”

I could feel the heat spreading across my face, and I thought I’d be sick. He was gonna tear me a new one knowing that. No wonder he hated me all these years. “I, uh…” That look on his face weren’t friendly, not like it was earlier. “Please don’t tell my Pa. I didn’t mean nothin’ by it. I’s just confused is all.”

“Mhm,” he grunted, his face inching closer to mine. “Ain’t gonna tell yer pa.” He was so close now, and the heat of his breath made me start sweating. “It’s why we’re here, boy.”


“Whatcha wanna do? You wanna put that mouth o’ yers to good use?” Malakai grabbed me by the overalls, grippin’ ’em tight under his claws before pushing me into a tree closeby. “Or ya wanna do more?” He leaned in, wet heat pulsing on my neck as he sniffed me.

“Oh shit.” I could barely whisper from breathing so hard. Every inch of my body felt like I was bein’ struck by lightning. I couldn’t stop shaking, no matter how much I tried to calm down. 

“Ya got that right,” he growled, his thin, blackened lips grazing mine. “What yer feelin’ right now… that’s good. Keep that scent.”

Before I knew what was happening, my head hit the tree as he pressed into me with those canine lips of his. When I gasped, his strong, thin tongue forced its way inside, enveloping mine in a slick dance. I couldn’t help but close my eyes as I let it happen, and I could feel his hand travel down to my rear before grabbing it tight, squeezing hard.

His massive body pushed into mine, and my feet left the ground as he lifted me so we could be eye level with one another. My legs found purchase around his hips as he ground them into me. I could feel him through those thin overalls of his. Hard and damp… and huge.

We stayed like that for several minutes, and man, he smelled good. It weren’t no cologne or nothin’ like that; it was a natural, male spice that got stronger the more we was like that. It made me weak… made me wanna let him do anything he wanted. There wasn’t no higher thought in my brain as he ravaged me, an’ all I could do was moan whenever he’d let me breathe through my mouth.

He became an animal, growlin’, his claws digging into my rear. It didn’t even hurt. God damn, what was he doin’ to me?

Malakai pulled back, letting his tongue slip from my mouth, and he glared at me with those deep yellow eyes. “What’ll it be? Wanna fuck in these woods?”

My guts was so twisted. “But Pa—”

“I ain’t concerned about yer pa, boy,” he said, his voice loud and rough. “He ain’t gonna matter none anyways. Now, tell me what you want. What do ya picture me doin’ to you while yer yankin’ it?” I was so turned on by everything he was doing and saying that I didn’t notice Malakai’s ears fold back against his head as he snarled. “Damn the devil.”

It was then I heard my pa calling us from a distance. “This ain’t the right time, anyway,” I said, as he lowered me to the ground. My dick ain’t ever been that hard, an’ I’ve been randier than a stallion since I started growing hair on my balls.

“Maybe not,” he said. My eyes wandered lower as Malakai adjusted himself in his overalls. He definitely didn’t have no underwear on, an’ I could see the damp outline of that monster he did a poor job of hiding. That thing was thicker than my wrist and slithered like an eel past his hips. “Don’t worry none. Yer gonna get yer turn ridin’ this ‘fore I leave, boy.”

With that, he turned and dashed away, leapin’ high into the trees, giving us enough space so we could cool down. I didn’t think I’d ever get soft again after that, but as the minutes passed, I got a little more calm.

Malakai knew ’bout me all these years, and he wanted me too. It got me wondering about an argument I heard between him and Pa while I was out raking leaves behind the barn a while ago. 

“What the hell are you doin’ wolfman? Ya ain’t go no decency?” Pa’s voice was a cross between shocked and pissed.

“Nope,” Malakai grunted. “Mason, unless you wanna stand there an’ watch me finish, I’d suggest you go about doin’ somethin’ else.”

“Damn it, go out in the woods. Don’t do this shit in in my barn. I got a kid an’ a wife that coulda’ walked in here.”

“I’m sure that kid o’ yers does this a lot more than you think.”

I couldn’t believe I never understood that argument ’til now. Was he thinking ’bout me? I musta been sixteen when that happened. Now that I was thinking clearly, I wondered how old that wolfman was. He looked pretty young, but I wasn’t sure what old werewolves looked like. Did they go gray like us? Maybe now that the wolf was talking, he’d tell me more about himself. That seemed like something we should’ve been doing more of.

Though my breathing was back to normal, I was still stumbling around like I’d had some drink in me. My legs was still shaking after what we’d done.

Part Three

“Go take this to the wolf,” Pa said, handin’ me a plate of Mama’s fried chicken, greens and smashed potatoes. “See if he wants something good to eat for once.”

I nodded and stood, grabbing the dinner plate, and as I did, I saw the revulsion on Ma’s face. She didn’t say nothin’, but I could tell she weren’t happy that we was feeding him now. Maybe she thought that if that wolfman got a taste of her cookin’ he’d never leave.

We spent most of the day fixin’ old fence posts in the far pasture that was rotten, but we ran out of barbed wire an’ Pa would have to go into town for more soon. Neither of us got to talking much; he just gave the usual grunts and nods.

I was so excited for an excuse to go out to the barn to see him, but I slowed my pace and calmed down as I walked through the house toward the front door. Couldn’t have dad getting suspicious of nothin’, even if that was probably the furthest thing from his mind.

With my free hand, I pulled the barn door open to see that wolfman layin’ stretched along the hay, his arms under his head and legs crossed as he watched me come in.

“I brought ya somethin’ to eat,” I said as one of the horses stuck his head out from behind the pen, tryin’ to get at the greens on the plate. “No, Brutus.” I gave the horse a light smack on the nose, and he whinnied and snorted before pulling his head back through the bars.

As I got closer, wet, red stains in his fur glistened in the dancing light of a lantern hanging on the support beam next to him.

“I done ate already,” he said before giving the air a quick sniff. “But I s’pose I could eat more.” Malakai sat up, a brief smile flashing across his face.

I sat on a small hay bale next to him and handed him the plate. The first thing he went for was that drumstick, tossing it up an’ catching it in his mouth, chewing bones and all.

“How old are you, Malakai?” I asked as he licked up buttery potatoes and gravy with his long tongue.  

“Lost track,” he muttered, his mouth full of more chicken. “Don’t got no calendars in them woods, and it don’t matter none, anyway. We live a long time.”

“How long?”

The wolfman shrugged. “Don’t know. Ain’t no one in the pack died of old age yet, so I’m guessin’ I’ll be around fer a while.” He licked the plate where the chicken and potatoes were, but he hadn’t touched the greens. That didn’t surprise me. I didn’t care much for ’em neither.

I wanted to ask him a question that had been lingerin’ in my mind since last night. “Why didn’t ya talk to me all them years? I thought you hated me.”

“’Cause you wasn’t worth talkin’ to. What am I gonna do with a kid? I ain’t sick like that.”

I scratched my head. “What’s talkin’ to me gotta do with that? You don’t talk to no one ‘less you’re gonna fuck ’em?”

“Pretty much.” I thought he’d give that question more consideration, but I always knew he was pretty blunt. Never really lied or had any shame at all. He did what he did, and didn’t care one iota. I liked that. Wished I could do that.

He handed the plate back to me. “May as well give the rest of this to the horse. I don’t eat this shit.”

I set the plate off to the side. “It’s really noble, what you do, you know? You helped us so much that we was able to buy more livestock.”

Malakai nearly howled out a laugh. “Dustin, I ain’t no noble beast. I’m after one thing and one thing only. I just wanted to make sure that when I took what I wanted, no one’d feel like I’d cheated ’em.”

“What is it you want?”

“You’ll know when the time comes. Next full moon’s comin’ soon. That’s when payment comes due.” He grabbed my leg, his giant hands wrapping all the way around. “You an’ I got some unfinished business, too, an’ we’re gonna take care of it ‘fore then.”

“Y—yeah,” I squeaked out, feeling my insides turn to wet clay. We was gonna do it, and I wasn’t gonna say no neither. That werewolf was gonna disappear after takin’ what he wanted, an’ I may never get my chance again. “I don’t know. You’re all I’ve been thinkin’ about since you showed up here that night. Now you wanna be all intimate and shit and then never see me again.”

Malakai pushed himself to his knees before shoving me down in the hay. He climbed over me, his huge body blocking all the light in the barn. At first he looked angry, but then that same jagged grin pulled at his maw. “Ya ain’t gonna say no. Yer about ready to pop as it is, an’ when I’m done with you, you ain’t ever gonna be suited for no one else.”

I ran my tongue over my dry lips, trying to wet them, but there wasn’t any moisture left in my mouth. “I—I…”

His hand pressed firm against my crotch, and his grin widened. “Come on. How does a night of nothin’ but wild pleasure sound to you?” I moaned as he gave my stiffening groin a squeeze and leaned in closer. “Hmm?”

“All right.” My eyes stung. How long had it been since I blinked?

“Attaboy.” His rough tongue traced along the crook of my neck before he climbed off of me and collapsed playfully onto the haystack. I stumbled to my feet and wobbled forward. “Dustin,” he said, his voice even lower than before. I turned back, and he was holding the plate I’d forgotten.

“Oh, yeah.” He handed it to me, and I turned toward the entrance again.

“Just to let you know,” he said, stopping me in my tracks. “I been thinkin’ ’bout you a lot too.”

I glanced back at him and smiled, but he had his eyes closed like he was sleeping. Hearing him say those words made me even more excited. I didn’t know if he was sincere or just bein’ sexual, but he had his hooks in me good after that.   

Damn school. It always took about an hour to walk there an’ back, and being away from the farm all day made me anxious. Even though I knew Malakai wasn’t gonna leave ’til the full moon, there was always that thought in the back of my mind that I’d miss my chance and he’d disappear without sayin’ nothin’ again.

Six days passed, and the werewolf was hard at work doin’ whatever Pa needed done. There wasn’t time to ever be alone together, and when we weren’t alone, he didn’t say nothin’ to nobody. It made me feel kinda special being the only one he really talked to, even if he was only interested in one night.

I strolled up to the barbed wire fence that set the border for our property and tossed my book strap over, pushin’ the loose rusty wire down. I bent forward and stepped through the larger gap without scratching myself. As I grabbed my books and stood straight, I saw Malakai in the distance, starin’ right at me, lookin’ hungry. Tonight was the night, and I couldn’t have been more ready.

We spent all week ignoring each other. He was good at it, but it took some doing for me. At one point we was both liftin’ a wagon so Pa could change the wheel, an’ he was right next to me so close he was touching. I remember him looking down at my face as I tried to think about anything else, but then he got real close on purpose. It was a good thing the pants I was wearing was loose.

As I drew near, he stood tall, grinning with his arms crossed. This was the first time he met me on my way home from school.

“Hey Malakai,” I said, tipping the brim of my hat. The werewolf looked at the farm then back at me before catching my face with those rough fingers, forcing my mouth toward his. We stayed like that for a few seconds before I jerked away. “Pa’s gonna catch us.”

“How many times I gotta say that I ain’t worried ’bout yer pa,” he growled as he turned toward home.

“You ain’t gotta live with him. I do.”

The werewolf let out a hiss of air from his snout but didn’t look at me as we continued home. “After midnight, meet me near the woods.”

“We really gonna do this in the woods? Why don’t we just use the barn?”

He let out a howl of throaty laughter. “Yer gonna be loud, boy.”

“What the hell are you talkin’ about.”

“Trust me. I’m gonna make you scream.”

My legs locked up and my hair stood on end. “You gonna hurt me?”

He turned and looked me over, his nostrils flaring as he sniffed up a storm. “Gettin’ scared or somethin’?”

“You bet I am,” I said, my palms sweating. “Why would I scream? You gonna kill me when it’s all over?”

“Ah, yer a virgin alright,” he said, his chest shaking as he laughed more. “Nah, I ain’t gonna kill ya. That’s a waste of a good hole. I might hurt ya though, but only fer a little while. That ain’t gonna be why you scream, though. You’ll see. It’ll be good.”

“Promise?” I said after hesitating a little more.

His furry, muscled arm slid around my waist as he pulled me closer to him. “Promise.” He paused, giving me an oddly wicked smile. “It’s gonna be so good… I’ll change yer life.”

We strolled along the path together, not sayin’ nothin’, but I enjoyed his company despite that. I caught a quick glimpse of his tail which hadn’t made much of a fuss lately, but when he was next to me, it wagged, betraying some of what he felt in the moment, despite that pissy look on his face. 

As we got to the barn, he opened the door and walked inside, but I turned toward the house. 

“Get in here an’ close that door,” Malakai said firmly, sending me into a freefall of excitement. 

“I thought we ain’t doin’ nothin’ in the barn?” I turned to shut the door before lookin’ back at him. The barn window near the roof provided just enough light for me to see him sittin’ on one of the bales of hay, his overalls down past his waist as he bared his teeth, eyes burning yellow . 

I couldn’t help but stand there in awe as I watched him grab that big ‘ol tool of his, as hard as a rock, precum given that thick head a polished shine in the light. There was a sizable bulge under his overalls where his balls was hiding.

“Come ‘ere,” he whispered, playing with himself a little.

As I neared, I could smell the musk of his cock and a strong basic odor of what was pouring out of him in clear strands. He let go of himself and grabbed my hand, pulling it toward that spire of veins and foreskin. 

“What you thinkin’ about?” he asked, laying my hand against his hot, slippery flesh. 

“I’m worried we’s gonna get caught.”

“If we do, I’ll just tell ’em I made you do it.” The werewolf tugged at my britches, unbuttoning them. “How’s that sound?”

“I s’pose it’ll work.”

“Get them pants off. We ain’t gonna go too far.”

“I—I’mma keep ’em on.” I let go of his dick and re-fastened the button. After seeing what that werewolf had, I was too embarrassed showing him mine. 

“Suit yerself. If you don’t want me to get you off, that’s fine, but I ain’t lettin’ you leave until I’m finished.”

I looked down at him, throbbing and spitting out watery beads that trailed down like tears before falling to the hay in thick strands. “What do you want me to do?”

“You’ve got a prick. What the hell do you do with it when no one’s lookin’?”

I knelt in front of him, as nervous as all hell, not wanting to screw this up. He wanted me to get him off, but he was so big I wasn’t sure if I could do the job properly. 

Reaching forward, I grabbed onto the shaft with both hands, my fingers not even able to wrap all the way around it. It was so hot against my skin, and I could feel the blood pumpin’ into that thing, keepin’ it nice and eager. And God did it smell to high heaven. Malakai wasn’t really one to keep clean, and it was kinda hard to breathe through my nose without his musky smell bringing tears to my eyes. 

I worked both hands up and down the shaft with his foreskin helping to keep everything slick. Sticky noises caught my ear as I jerked him off, his dick wetter than before. I used what was soakin’ him now as lube to stroke him in wide swaths, this time making sure to rub that fat, angry head. 

He was moanin’, leanin’ further back against the wooden wall of the barn in a more relaxed position. 

“That’s goooood,” he growled in a breathy tone. “Go faster.”

I obeyed, the muscles of my arms bulging as I worked him in rapid strokes, but I was starting to get a little tired. It wouldn’t have been so bad if it was a normal sized dick, but trying to jerk a horse-hung beast off was a lot more of a challenge. 

He started panting as he moaned out, and I could tell he was close. There was a strange bit of pride knowing I was about to make that wolfman come, and he looked like he was enjoying himself, his eyes now rollin’ upward in his head. 

“Fuck,” he shouted, buckin’ his hips which caught me off guard, but I held tight and didn’t stop. I got a little closer so I could get a stronger grip. I was starin’ right at it as a little bit of thick white squirted out, lurin’ me into a false sense of preparedness. 

“You like that, wolfman?” I asked, trying to mimic his cockiness earlier. That didn’t last though as he bucked upward again, this time grippin’ my hair with his left hand while holding his dick with his right. 

“Open that mouth,” he commanded, pulling my hair harder. I did what he said, and he pushed the broad tip of that smelly cock past my lips.  My jaw popped as just the tip of him filled my mouth. The taste of him was different than I expected. I thought it’d be nasty, but it didn’t have much of a taste, just real salty. 

Then I felt a surge of heat fill my mouth. It was thick and warm… and fuck was it a lot. There wasn’t nowhere for it to go since his cock was blocking any escape. I had to swallow it. It seemed like I couldn’t get it all down my throat fast enough as another pulse would fill my mouth again. 

I coughed, trying to pull away, but I couldn’t with his hand holding the back of my head. He wanted me to drink every drop of what he had, and I had no choice. Another mouthful went down my throat, joining what was already filling my stomach. It burned, almost like acid, but the taste was something I didn’t expect. It wasn’t delicious by any means, but between the smells and sounds of sex, I… rather enjoyed it. 

After a few more smaller squirts of hot seed, his cock went limp in my mouth. He let me go an’ I fell backward onto my rear, going into coughing fits. 

“You did reeeal good,” he said, leaning forward to pat me on the head. He knelt next to me when I was done hacking, and turned my face toward his before he started kissing me.

Part Four

Malakai told me it was better if I ate nothing today, and by the time midnight rolled around, I was starving half the death. But he was the one with experience, so I did what I was told. Before I went to bed, I grabbed the cookin’ tallow jar, and I put it under my mattress until it was time. He said we’d need it.

I rolled out of bed and grabbed the jar before padding toward my open window. Didn’t bother putting on shoes; figured the less clothes I wore, the better. I climbed out in my underwear, shivering a bit as a cool breeze hit me.

Everything glowed a lot brighter as I looked up at the sky. Tomorrow was the full moon. No wonder Malakai wanted me tonight. He was gonna be gone after tomorrow, and that would be it. Man, I wished so hard he’d change his mind and stay with us, and maybe we could somehow make it work, us two. Parents would almost certainly disown me if they knew I was screwin’ the wolfman, but maybe I’d be happier.

My footsteps were slow as I got closer to the woods, knowing what was waiting for me there. I still didn’t know what to expect, an’ I sure as hell didn’t know how to prepare. There was… this pull on me, and no matter how scared or nervous I was, I couldn’t stop myself. There was somethin’ primal; somethin’ I felt like I couldn’t live without.

Twigs snapped and scraped under my calloused, bare feet as I crossed into the trees, my breath rapid and heart pounding in my ears. It felt like one giant lump had settled into my guts, and it wasn’t just from the hunger pangs.

Another cold breeze pricked at my bumpy tanned skin, and I closed my eyes, steeling myself. The scent of hay, magnolia blossoms, and thick musk swirled around my nostrils. That strong odor of his sure made him easy to track him down, though I didn’t mind his smell all that much.

I opened my eyes and looked around. This was the clearing we were in last time, but he wasn’t there. Maybe I got turned around; it was dark, after all. It was eerie how quiet everything was, aside from the wind. There weren’t no owls or crickets—nothin’.

A rough hand covered my eyes, and an arm squeezed my chest, pullin’ me back against a mass of muscle and fur. It only startled me for a moment, but my body relaxed when I felt his breath on my neck.

“Did you bring what I ask for?” he asked, whispering heavy in my ear.

“Yeah,” I stammered, holding up the jar.

“That’s a good boy.” He removed the hand covering my eyes and grabbed the container I was holding before leading me by the arm toward another clearing next to a giant boulder. There were a few things on the ground—some blankets, the trowel Ma used for gardening, and some kinda dead animal a little further away.

“What the hell is that?” I asked, pointing toward the carcass.

“That’s gonna be dinner when we’re done.” He undid the one good strap of his overalls and let ’em fall to the ground before kickin’ ’em away. “A good fuck deserves a good meal.”

It got harder to stand as I took in an eyeful of that sinewy beast towering over me. He was lean in the waist but thick everywhere else, and his smell was gettin’ stronger by the minute. My eyes traveled downward toward what I’d be getting much more acquainted with as the night went on. It angled upward, proud and as thick like I remembered from earlier. It may have been my perception playin’ tricks on me, but it seemed even bigger somehow. His overalls earlier hid a giant fur-covered sack, balls bigger than I’d ever seen. It all made me seem so tiny by comparison. I started getting self-conscious again.

“You know I can’t eat that,” I said, tearin’ my gaze away from the werewolf’s impressive cock before settling on what I could now see was a dead deer.

“Why don’t you slip outta them shorts,” he said, staring down at my crotch while lickin’ his chops.

“It ain’t that grand,” I said, exhaling softly before pulling the shorts down and kicking ’em off to the side.

“Don’t care ’bout that.” He grabbed my hand and pulled me toward the blankets he had spread on the ground. “Lay down.”

There wasn’t much hesitation anymore as I obeyed him. Everything he did or said compelled me to follow, like I didn’t have a choice. He took control, and I didn’t mind him havin’ it.

The moment my back hit the blanket, he was on his knees, spreading my legs apart, slobber ropin’ from that big hungry maw of his. He wasted no time as his slippery tongue met my balls before slidin’ up the shaft of my painfully hard dick.

“Oh God,” I cried out as he licked again.

“God ain’t here, boy. And he ain’t gonna hear you no more after tonight.”

I should have been more wary of what Malakai was saying, but what he was doing felt so amazin’, his voice was a million miles away. That skillful tongue of his wrapped around my meat, lappin’ at the same time. More thick slobber poured from his mouth, dribbling down my balls before wetting my taint. There was so much, and my eyes wouldn’t stop rollin’ back as he continued. I wasn’t even aware of what I was sayin’ no more.

His thin lips sealed around me, sharp teeth gently grazing the sides of my dick as he took it all in his mouth. He knew exactly what to do and when to do it, and I wasn’t gonna last much longer. Hell, I was surprised I hadn’t already let loose the moment he licked me.

“I—I’m gonna… holy shit…” Everything shook as I felt myself being pushed over the edge, my cock throbbing so violently I thought it would detach and fly off. It was so intense just as it was, but that wolf wasn’t done with me. He kept his mouth locked around me, his tongue continuing to tease the head of my prick. 

Moans was all I could manage to get out. I wanted to scream for him to stop, but everything was all tied up in a jumble of knots. I jerked back, my head hitting the ground as he sucked one last time before pulling away with a grin. Slobber mixed with my cum dripped from the sides of his mouth before he closed his maw and swallowed it all.

“How’d that feel, boy?”

“Insane,” I gasped out, reaching my hand down to gently rub my spent, slippery shaft.

“It only gets crazier from here,” he growled. “Now lay back and don’t move none.”

My eyes went wide like a doe’s when he picked up the open jar of tallow and the trowel. “W—what’re you gonna do with that?”

“Gotta get you started,” Malakai said, shoving the smooth wooden handle into the jar with a slick, almost sticky sound. “Now don’t move. I’ll go real slow fer ya.”

He lifted my right leg with his left hand and that’s when I felt the tip of the handle press against my ass. I couldn’t help but clench ’cause I ain’t never felt nothin’ down there before.

“Relax, or this is gonna hurt bad. Ya understand?”

“I can’t.”

“Just pretend like yer takin’ a shit,” he said candidly, causing my face to get hot with embarrassment. Did he really just say that to me? “You didn’t eat nothin’ today, right? Ain’t in the mood for that kinda surprise.”

“No, I didn’t.”

“Good,” he growled, his eyes intense as he looked into mine. “Now do what I told ya.”

I sucked in a breath through my teeth and grunted. Right when I pushed, the handle breached. White hot pain shot through my body, and I screamed. “Take it out!”

“Yer okay. This is normal,” he said, pullin’ the tip of the tool out of my ass. “It gets easier each time.”

“I can’t do this. And I’m supposed let you fuck me… with that?” I asked, pointing to the monster that now hung limp against his left thigh, half of it tucked into his sheath.

“Yes you can, boy. I’ve done this so many times I lost count.” He rubbed the broad tip of the slippery tool against my hole. “Again.”

I clenched my jaw as I pushed, and the handle slipped inside with less resistance than before. It still hurt like hell, but it didn’t feel like it was tearing me apart like moments ago. I moaned and he pulled the handle back out again.

“See now? You gonna trust ol’ Malakai?” He shook with what sounded like light-hearted laughter. It wasn’t the same mocking noise he made many times before.

I smiled and nodded. “Alright.”

Before I could push, he slipped the handle in again, this time with no resistance. Instead of pain, it was more like pressure. He worked the handle in, out, and around, each time rubbing up against something that made me jolt. What was that? It felt amazing whatever it was, almost made me come without even touching my dick.

He pulled the handle back out and rubbed even more tallow on it before it slid back inside. It was so easy now, like my ass just relented as whatever muscles held it tight before loosened and didn’t wanna go back.

Malakai impaled me with that handle faster than before, each time going a little deeper until he got to the end of it. He must have been doin’ this for a good ten minutes, but I didn’t want him to stop.

He pulled the handle back out and I could feel a wetness where the head of my dick touched my belly button. I’d been leaking this entire time. Now that I was empty, I couldn’t help but want my ass filled again. As the werewolf grinned, he shoved the shiny head of his cock into the jar before pulling out. I guess Ma wouldn’t be using that to cook with no more.

The fat was a solid white, but melted as his skin warmed it. He ran his right hand over the glans, pulling his foreskin down before massaging it into the rest of that thick, veiny spire. I’d be getting filled again soon, but that cock was at least five times thicker than that handle was.

“Turn over, and get on yer hands and knees,” Malakai said, drool once again pouring from his mouth. I did as I was told, and I could feel him shufflin’ close behind. I felt a slap on my lower back where stiff, heavy flesh fell before sliding lower, dippin’ into the cleft of my ass. He sawed it between my cheeks and pulled away. I could feel the slick warmth of the oily tallow it left behind. While I was thankful he was going slow, the anticipation was about to send me into full panic.

It was a few seconds of nothin’, and it was torture. The wait was over when I felt that behemoth orbit my hole, getting me ready for what was about to happen. The circular movement stopped, and the head pushed through, trying to gain entrance. My body wanted to rejected it with everything it had.

“Push, boy,” he grunted. I held my breath, grindin’ my teeth so hard I thought I’d break ’em as I did what he told me. Instead of feeling it slide in, there was a sudden pop. I winced in pain, but again, it wasn’t molten agony like last time. “You okay, Dustin?” He actually sounded concerned this time. I wondered if I should be worried.

“I—I…” I gasped for air. “You’re enormous.”

“We’ll give it a moment,” he said in a softer tone. “Let me know when you ain’t feelin’ no pain.”

“I think I’m good,” I said, turning my head to look back at him.

He slid in further, and it wasn’t so bad. In fact, it felt strange. It was like I had to take the biggest dump of my life, but I was getting filled up at the same time. I didn’t know how much I took of him, but he had to be almost in by now. Right?

I was wrong. It kept going deeper until it started hurting again, this time the pain came from up in my guts. “Okay, stop. This hurts.”

“Alright,” he whispered, his hand resting on my back. “I ain’t all the way in yet, but we’ll get there.” He stayed like that for a minute or so before pulling back. He slid all the way out with another wet pop and stood up. “C’mon.” Malakai reached down, and I grabbed onto his hand, allowing him to pull me to my feet. “Remember what we did last week? Gonna do it again, but this time I’m gonna be inside you.”

“Okay,” I nodded. In an instant, his hands were caressing my ass as he lifted me from the ground. He was so strong that I may as well have been nothing more than a ragdoll. I wrapped my legs around him, and he lowered me until the tip of his cock breached what little resistance was left. It went further in, and I slid down to eye level with the wolfman.

“That’s a good boy,” he whispered. My back grazed the cool, smooth boulder behind me before he pushed me into it. That was when our lips locked and his tongue pushed into my mouth. He thrusted gently at first. I could hear the slick, squelched noises of oily flesh slippin’ in and out.

He broke away from the kiss, his piercing, yellow eyes sending chills through me. “Ya okay?” He asked, his hips still going in a steady motion. He was so different during sex.

“Yeah,” I whispered. “Don’t stop. This feels amazin’.”

He sped up more, the slick squelching turning to muffled slaps. His breathing got heavier and off rhythm, and he didn’t stop staring at me, his eyes glowing brighter than before. “Good. It’s time I let you in on somethin’.”

“Oh God,” I moaned out, a lot louder than I thought. It echoed through the trees. He was deeper now; I could feel it stretching my guts, slipping through another barrier inside. It was painful, but I didn’t want it to stop. I moaned louder, then screamed his name as he slammed into me all the way before pulling back out. “Shit!”

“Tonight,” he said, now panting as his arms squeezed me tighter. “I’ll get what I been workin’ for.”

“Aaaah!” It was all I could manage to vocalize as he fucked me harder by the second. It was hard to hear his whispers over the shameful racket I was makin’. He was right to do this here. Everyone would have heard me back at the barn. Hell they might be hearing me now.

“That’s right, boy. Moan,” he growled, drooling more. “Tell me what you always wanted to say to me.”

“W—what?” I asked, hardly able to breathe as he slammed me harder into the boulder.

“You heard me,” he growled again, this time it was drawn out and more animal than before. Why was he snarlin’ like that? “Tell me you wanna be mine. It’s what you want, right?”

His eyes were so bright I had to squint to look at his face. “M—Malakai,” I said before moanin’ again. I felt so good, I’d have said anything to him at that point. “I wanna be yours!”

“You got it, boy.” A moment later, he howled, thrusting once more before holding it there. I could feel that monster pulsin’ inside of me, fillin’ me with all he had. There was an intense heat churnin’ inside, makin’ painful sounds as he kept coming more and more. He leaned into me, his maw next to my neck as he licked, moaning and growling. Losing himself.

His tongue continued to lap against me, but stopped as I felt teeth graze my skin. Suddenly, sharp pain ripped through my shoulder and base of my neck. I screamed and shook, trying to push him away, but he locked his jaw as blood poured down my chest and back.

“What’re ya doin’,” I shouted, pulling at his mane, kickin’ my legs, doin’ everything I could to get him off me. “Please, Malakai. Stop.”

Something was happening. My limbs went numb, and all I could see was black.

Part Five

Everything ached as I dragged myself out of a fitful sleep. My eyes snapped open as I looked into the eyes of the beast that nearly killed me. He grinned wide, my dried blood still staining his muzzle.

“Now, your dad’s debt is paid,” he growled, his clawed hand brushing against my cheek. “It was worth the wait.”

“The hell ‘er ya talkin’ about?” My speech was slurred as I tried to speak. Something wasn’t right at all about the way I felt. My shoulder didn’t hurt. I ran my hand over the area expectin’ to feel a wound, but all I felt was thick body hair.

“Ya done said it earlier. Ya belong to me now.”

“What?” I shot up, but everything spun. I placed a hand on my forehead and shuddered. My skin didn’t feel the same; there was a roughness to it. “No,” I gasped out as I looked down to see pads on my palm and black claws where my fingernails used to be. I wasn’t covered in fur, but I had thick, black hair on my arms and chest.

“That’s right, Dustin. Yer my mate now, and you belong to the pack. Ya ain’t much to look at right now, but tomorrow night, you’ll hit yer full turn. That’s why we’re leavin’ before then.”

“Yer takin’ me with you?”

“’Course I am, dumbass. I seen how excited you were every time I’d come around. Wasn’t gonna break yer little heart.”

“Why didn’t ya… just tell me what you was doin’?”

“Didn’t want ya gettin’ cold feet at the last minute. I know yer miserable here. Farm life ain’t fer you. You make that clear every time I visit” He pointed toward the clearing in the trees, where I could see the moonlit mountain silhouette in the distance. “That’s where ya belong. Out there in the wilds with me an’ everyone else.”

“But my folks,” I said, my vision a bit hazy through the tears. “What’ll I tell ’em? I aint never gonna be able to see ’em no more.”

“We’ll worry ’bout that tomorrow.” He grabbed my hand and squeezed. “I wouldn’t have done this to ya if I wasn’t sure. When you was younger, I saw it in yer eyes. That was when I decided when you was ready, I’d finally settle down with someone who wanted to be just as wild as me. You were too young then, but that’s why I kept comin’ back. Needed to make sure it wasn’t just a one-time thing; that you were the real deal.”

I lay back against the blanket and looked up at the sky. Everything looked so different now; even the stars appeared brighter. Malakai’s smell changed too, and I liked it even more. The werewolf lay beside me, wrapping his huge arm around my waist before pulling me in. Being his mate felt right, like this was what I was missing.

“You’ll love the pack,” he said, his warm breath against my ear. “We always have fun together. Joke around, sleep under the stars like this. We howl and dance by fires, and we hunt and eat real good out here.”

“Sounds… amazin’,” I whispered, my eyes getting heavier by the second.

“Get some shut-eye. Yer gonna sleep like the dead tonight.”

“What’d you do to my boy?” Pa shouted. Ma cried in the doorway as we stood on the porch outside.

“I told you, Mason,” she sobbed. “I said we’d invited the devil.”

“He’s mine now, farmer. I worked hard all these years fer him.”

“I never agreed to sell you my son, ya sick monster!”

“Ya, didn’t have to agree to shit. I take what I want, and yer boy chose this that night I was eatin’ yer cow; he just didn’t know it. Yer payment is complete, an’ yer son is now my mate. He’ll join the pack out in the mountains.”

“No,” he said, breaking into tears as he fell to his knees. “He’s all we got.”

“And ya raised him well,” Malakai said coldly. “But he’s grown now. Time fer his new life to start.”

It was strange as I watched everything play out. I didn’t feel any kind of attachment anymore. Even though I felt bad for my folks, I wasn’t too upset. 

“Will I get to see him again?”

“Ya won’t want to. He’ll be lookin’ a lot like me after tonight, and he’s gonna have a lot of animal instinct in him that he won’t be able to control fer years. You want that around here?”

Pa shook his head, tears streaming down his reddened cheeks. I knelt next to him and put an arm around his shoulder.

“This is what I want, Pa,” I said, my voice a bit lower than it was last night. “I wasn’t gonna be happy doin’ this fer the rest of my life. I didn’t want no woman to marry or kids. I wanted to be free.”

“Well, I hope yer happy with yer choice, son. ‘Cause there ain’t no comin’ back now.”

“I know,” I said, standing again before taking Malakai’s hand in mine. “I’ll miss ya both, but I’m gonna be happy out there. I ain’t ever gonna be alone.”

“You’re hell-bound, Dustin,” Mama said through her tears. “You chose the devil, and it’ll be an eternity of suffering.”

Malakai chortled through his nose. “Humans got everything all mixed up. It ain’t like that at all, woman. Once yer son turns, he’ll see what the truth is.” He turned away, his hand still in mine as he pulled me along. “Come, Dustin. We got a ways to go before nightfall.”

It was about dusk, but the moon wasn’t gonna peek for another hour or so. This was the first time I ventured this far into the forest, and I couldn’t believe how pristine and beautiful it all was. There were waterfalls, rollin’ green mountains, and trees so thick the sunlight couldn’t touch the ground through the canopy.

We stopped in front of a blackened fire pit, smooth stones surrounding it. The misty waterfall in the distance burbled and splashed, but I didn’t hear no other noises until Malakai let out a howl that rattled my insides. 

More howls in the distance joined in, and after a few moments, thick brush from all round rustled and snapped as the pack made their appearance. They were beautiful creatures, all different shades of white, black, silver, gray, and brown—some even a mixture of different colors. They all had about the same build as Malakai, though some were smaller and others were thicker.

Their tails wagged as they approached, circling around us.

“You finally got him, Mal,” one of the white werewolves said, extending a hand. “Nice to meet you, Dustin.”

“Ya’ll know my name?”

“Malakai never shuts the hell up about you,” a black wolfman said from behind him.

“Alright, alright,” Malakai grunted, standing a little taller than the others. “You all know the routine. Moon’s gonna rise soon, and I want my new mate comfortable when it happens. Get the fire lit, and lay the fur and skins out. We’re gonna have fun tonight.”

The pack howled in excitement and scattered about.

“You lead them?”

“Kinda. They’ve just always followed me fer some reason. They’re my family, and they’re yers now too.”

A silver wolf brought out an armful of bedding, laying them neatly near the fire pit.

“Come on over here, and sit with me while we wait fer the moon.” I followed him, and he sat down first before pulling me into his lap. “It’s gonna hurt, but you’ll get through it, just like you did last night.”

“I’m ready,” I said, both afraid and excited. I didn’t know how bad the pain was gonna be, but at least I’d only have to go through it once. After it was all over, I’d be huge, strong, fast, and virile as all hell. Just like him. I wanted it more than anything.

Malakai smiled as I looked back at him. “Damn right you are. You been ready fer years.”

“I know I’m yer mate an’ all now, but we don’t know each other that well yet.”

His eyes softened, and he licked my nose, makin’ me laugh a little. “You might not know me well yet, but I know everything about you. I know yer fears, what you love, what you don’t like, and you fell in love with me from the first day you saw me. I picked up on that right away. I didn’t care about paying yer pa back fer that damn cow; I just wanted an excuse to learn more about ya. The more I knew, the more I liked.”

“Ya still shoulda told me,” I grumbled, turning back around before leaning against his chest. “I really thought you hated me. It made me think I did somethin’ to upset ya.”

“Didn’t wanna do anything to convince ya. You needed to figure it out on yer own. You were too young, and I wasn’t gonna tear ya away from yer folks like that. I was more mad that I had to keep workin’ that damn farm until you grew the hell up.” 

His hand grabbed mine and our fingers threaded between one another’s. 

“I do love you, Malakai. You were right. I loved ya for a long time.” I squeezed his hand. “You feel the same way?”

“Wouldn’t have mated with ya if I didn’t.”

Though he didn’t say it, I knew what he meant. Malakai didn’t seem like the sentimental type, at least not one that showed it easily. This was enough, though. I really did feel like his in those powerful arms.

Part Six

The fire was lit, and I could feel something tearing at me. It was sharp and hot, but dull at the same time, like I’d hit my elbow against something, only it was my whole body. I glimpsed the moon peeking over the mountains and every part of me buzzed with energy.

Malakai gripped me tight, and the rest of the pack surrounded us, getting as close as they could, each one placing a padded hand on a part of my body.

I arched my back and screamed as the worst pain I’d ever experienced wracked every tearing muscle. Fur burst from my skin, blanketing me in itchy, boiling heat. “Oh God!” I cried out as blood pooled in my mouth from the sharper, longer teeth that tore up from my gums.

The pack howled, and each one holding a heavy hand against me, stroking my fur as the change continued. Their touches and calls to the sky had a calming, mesmerizing effect, and the pain and panic melted away. I stared up at my mate’s face as I lay in his lap, and he growled with satisfaction as his palm fell against my forehead.

“Welcome to the pack, Dustin,” he said with a warm smile. “I love ya, kid.”

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