The Bond of G’yel and Man

Adorin, an Alacian immigrant travels to the shining city of Nau hoping to find opportunity and improve his skills in medicine. However, it is not opportunity he finds, it is servitude, prejudice, indifference, and corruption.

Ralk, a G'yel slave is exiled from his people and sent to the terrible city of Nau, covered in his own filth, hoping to die in his master's coliseum. However, it is not death he finds, it is hope, friendship, forgiveness, and love.

Vicco, a lonely captain of the guard, protects and patrols the powerful empire of Nau, all the while pining for forbidden love he could never obtain. However, he finds a family after losing everything, and the love he desires may come from someone he never expected.

Three souls are thrust into a cruel world, connected to one another by events from the past, but only two are bound by fate. As Ralk and Adorin learn the secrets of their origins, they realize one of them may be an unwilling harbinger of unspeakable destruction.  

G’yel are a race of hyena/gnoll-like beastmen. This was a story I was working on for about a year, but put it on an indefinite hiatus until I have more time to finish it. This story is in it rough draft phase, and it needs a lot of love and revision before I would think of turning it into anything more than an idea. Maybe one day I’ll do more with it, but it was a fun world to create.

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