Chapter 17: The Heat (Part 2)


“Relax,” Ralk grunted, pulling Adorin the rest of the way into his lap. The man could feel every bit of the G’yel’s arousal, and as excited as he was, it terrified him. Seeing it was one thing, feeling it slide under him was another.

The G’yel wrapped the man in his arms, pulling him against his chest. Even in the water, Ralk’s unique scent overpowered everything else, and it was more potent with every second they were against each other.

The two rough, padded hands on his chest trailed downward, while stroking circled patterns on the man’s abdomen. All he could hear was his racing heart and Ralk’s heavy breathing.

“Damn,” Ralk growled. In a swift motion, he lifted Adorin over his erection, catching the man off guard.

“Wait,” Adorin shouted, flailing a bit, but Ralk didn’t seem to hear him. As the broad wet tip pushed against the man’s tight hole, it would go no further.

Vicco stood and smacked Ralk on the side of the head. “Are you stupid?”

“I thought…” The G’yel trailed off and sat Adorin back down on his lap. “Hmm, I guess it does not work like that.”

“Of course it doesn’t. I thought you knew what you were doing.”

“I uh… I have seen it done, and this is the way we do it.”

“How?” Adorin asked, looking back at the G’yel. “That is not possible.”

Vicco sighed and reached for the cord that hung over the tub. He pulled, and the water trickled to the stop. “I’ve got… stuff that might help.”

The water lapped behind Ralk as his tail wagged. “I knew you would come around,” he said, standing while lifting Adorin to his feet as well.

Vicco wrinkled his nose, grabbing a few towels from the floor before throwing one at the G’yel. “Why do you smell worse now than before you got in the tub?”

Ralk lifted an arm and sniffed. “Ah, that is good stink.” He nodded and began shaking the excess water from his fur before using the towel to pat the damp areas. “Adorin, you like my stink, right?” He shot the smaller man a half grin.

The Alacian blushed. There was some truth to that, and he hadn’t thought about it until now. The two had been around each other so much that the G’yel’s odor became at some point.

“You smell fine,” Adorin said. He didn’t look back over at the G’yel as he dried himself. “I do not notice much anymore.”

Thunder shook the walls of the house, and Adorin hadn’t realized how dark it had gotten.

“Well, there is the rain, as predicted,” Ralk said, looking up at the high window before his attention turned to the Alacian. “So they were right.”

“Wait,” Vicco muttered, wrapping the towel around his waist. “You both were expecting it to rain?”

Ralk put an arm around Vicco’s shoulder and led him through the room toward the door. “Less talking.” The skies let loose a torrent that roared against the roof. “This weather puts me in the mood.”

“Everything puts you in the mood.” Ralk stopped and stared at the bedroom, then looked back at the captain. “Don’t you dare,” Vicco hissed.

“Now that is a bed,” he shouted before dashing inside.

“No,” Vicco ran after him, but it was too late. Ralk had already leapt onto the mattress, his fur dampening the plush duvet. “You stupid animal.”

The G’yel moaned as he shuffled on the bed, snuggling into the fluffy down blanket. “I have never felt such comfort.”

Adorin patted the captain’s back. “I will help you wash them later.”

“Why do I get the feeling this was all premeditated?”

Ralk turned and lifted his head, his broad ears going erect before turning forward. He threw his head back and howled his usual teasing laughter. “How else were we going to get you to bed?”

Vicco glared at Adorin. “You were in on this too?”

“Well,” the smaller man said with a grimace. “Somewhat, yes, but I do not know what I am doing and neither does Ralk. I am sorry to deceive you.”

The two were silent for a moment before Vicco let out a snort. “He has corrupted you.”

“I am not as innocent as you believe I am.”

“Come with me,” he said, turning to leave the bedroom.

The Alacian followed, glancing back at Ralk for a moment as he made himself more comfortable on the bed. “You are not too angry, are you?”

The captain said nothing as they entered a tiny kitchen. There was a small wood-burning stove against the center wall with a black metal chute jutting from the top to the roof. It looked like it had never seen a fire before. Vicco reached the top of a tall wooden shelf along the side wall and grabbed a corked bottle of amber oil.

A strong breeze blew in from the open porch door, the aroma of rain and flowers from the bright red hibiscus bushes in the yard wafting in. Adorin yawned, but tried not to fall under the weather’s spell.

Vicco cleared his throat. “I’m not angry, just unprepared. I didn’t expect this to happen now.”

Adorin’s lips curled into a seductive half-grin. “Well, we are here now, and I have been looking forward to it. So how do you want to do this?”

“Slowly,” he grunted before grabbing the Alacian’s hand. The captain led him back to the hall before entering the bedroom again. Ralk was snoring, lying flat on his back. His maw was open, and his long tongue dangled from the side.

“We were only gone a minute,” Adorin said, walking toward the bed to wake him, but Vicco caught his arm.

“Let him stay asleep.”

“But I promised to—”

The captain placed his finger over his lips and smirked. “Get on the bed.”

The Alacian nodded, removing the towel from around his waist before carefully climbing onto the mattress so he wouldn’t disturb the slumbering G’yel.

“I’m going to try something,” Vicco said, letting his own towel fall to the floor. “But I have no clue what I’m doing.” He was painfully erect as he climbed over the smaller man. The captain, while not as terrifyingly large as Ralk, was rather formidable himself. After all the time fantasizing about Vicco, it was finally happening.

He leaned in and their mouths met, gently at first, but more passionate as both tongues pressed in rhythm against one another. Every kiss brought with it a fresh experience, and more confidence. Vicco broke away, his breath shaky as gazed at Adorin, the intense caramel eyes full of lust and something softer. He leaned in again, his lips pressing hot against Adorin’s neck. Stubble scratched against the smaller man’s fevered skin as Vicco trailed downward to his chest. Adorin gasped as Vicco’s tongue stopped to tease his nipples before going lower.

When he felt the captain’s torrid breath pulse against his cock, his entire body locked up. This was the first time another person would touch him there, but simply touching it wasn’t what the man had in mind. Adorin’s eyes went wide as the flat of Vicco’s tongue caressed the underside of his glans, pushing under the foreskin.

“Your mouth?” Adorin asked, but the man didn’t respond. The question faded from the man’s mind as his eyes rolled back, his hands clasping the blanket under him. He arched his back as Vicco’s lips closed around him, sending the younger man sliding deeper into the slippery heat. He shuddered when he felt the man’s teeth briefly graze the top of his shaft.

As if by instinct, Adorin thrusted upward. The captain gagged, coughing before lifting his head.

“Easy. This is harder than it looks. How is it?” Vicco asked, prompting Adorin to open his eyes. Ropes of spit hung from the captain’s mouth, and his eyes were red and watering. He thought back to what Ralk had told him yesterday.

‘Reality is often messier, and unpleasant sometimes.’

He certainly wasn’t lying about that, but messy as it was, it felt amazing. “I have felt nothing like it.” Adorin’s voice was breathy as he responded. “Keep going.” Vicco smiled and nodded, repeating what he did moments ago. The captain didn’t choke this time, but he also learned not to take him in as deep as before. He continued sliding his tongue, letting his right hand do what his mouth couldn’t as it stroked the rest of the Alacian’s shaft.

Adorin moaned louder but hadn’t noticed Ralk shuffling awake next to him. He turned his head to see the G’yel’s hungry lips next to his and in a fit of passion, grabbed a handful of the G’yel’s longer fur on the back of his neck. Ralk didn’t hesitate as his mouth pressed into the man’s, his long tongue exploring what the captain’s did moments earlier.

Ralk and Vicco were wildly different from one another in the way they kissed, and Adorin loved the contrast. The G’yel was much rougher, his thinner tongue delving deeper into the man’s mouth, his sharp teeth sometimes catching a lip. A G’yel’s maw with its thin lips was harder to kiss than a mouth was, but he and Ralk had already done it a few times. The timidness disappeared after learning to cope with each other’s unfamiliar anatomy.

It hadn’t been more than a minute before Adorin shuddered, moaning into Ralk’s mouth as he came. Vicco slowed, keeping a firm hold on Adorin’s thighs, his lips still around the smaller man’s cock. This had never felt as intense in all the times he’d pleasured himself alone. Feeling the hungry beast in his mouth and the captain at his groin made the climax last longer somehow.  

Ralk let up, giving Adorin a moment to catch his breath. He tossed a glance at Vicco still between his legs. The man pulled back, wiping the excess spit and semen from his mouth.

“Now do me,” Ralk grunted, shifting his long, heavy cock toward the man.

“Hell no.” Vicco stood on his knees and crossed his arms. “You have hands.”

“Come on,” Ralk pleaded, sitting up. “I will return the gesture with my own.”

“I don’t want those teeth anywhere near my prick.”

“I will do it,” Adorin said, a bit winded as he sat up. Still riding the wave of euphoria, he was eager to get to work on Ralk.

The G’yel gave Adorin a pat on the back before grinning at the Captain. “Come.”

“I’m fine right here.”

“Please,” Ralk said, his tone softer. “Trust me.”

Adorin gave Vicco a pleading stare. “We have gone this far. Why not go a little further?”

The man froze for a moment, arms still crossed. He quickly fell for the G’yel’s pathetic, sad-eyed expression, dropping his arms to the side before slumping forward. “Fine.”

Ralk’s tail wagged as the man crawled next to him.

“Lay back,” the G’yel said enthusiastically. Vicco did as instructed. At first it looked like Ralk was leaning in to kiss the captain, but at the last moment, he shifted downward.

Vicco grabbed the bristled mane on the back of Ralk’s neck. “I swear to the gods, if you bite me…”

“Relax,” Ralk said in a calming, seductive voice. The G’yel pulled away from the man’s grip and licked his chops. “I will only take a little off the top. I believe you humans call it a circumcision?”

“Ralk,” Adorin scolded.

“I jest. You know this.” The G’yel chuckled. “Vicco, trust,” he said, placing his hand on his furry chest. He adjusted himself, positioning his head above the man’s aching groin before looking down at Adorin, who crawled between his legs.

The Alacian swallowed the lump in his throat as he reached for what stood larger than life before him. It was a dark flesh color at the base that gradually lightened toward the tip. His anatomy was familiar enough to look sort of human, but it had no foreskin. It curved downward, and the glans was slightly bulbous at the end.

All the confidence he had earlier evaporated. “I… do not know what to do,” he said, holding the smooth thick shaft in his right hand. His fingers could barely wrap all the way around. “It is impossible to do to you what Vicco did to me.”

“Just play with it,” Ralk chuckled, rubbing Adorin’s head. “Pretend it is yours.” Without giving it another thought, his long tongue wrapped around Vicco’s cock like a hungry serpent before taking the man all the way into his maw. The captain shrieked in surprise, grasping the G’yel’s mane, but relaxed his grip as Ralk’s head remained still. What was he doing? Vicco was shaking like a leaf, but it looked like nothing was happening. 

He thought about the length and flexibility of the G’yel’s tongue and understood what was happening. 

Adorin reached for the bottle of oil that had been sitting on the mattress while watching Ralk work Vicco into a trembling, groaning mess. He popped the cork, holding it in his teeth as he poured some into his palm. The lubricant didn’t run like normal cooking oil. It was slow and sticky, but became runnier as it ran pooled in his warm palm.

He lifted the bottle to his mouth and placed the cork onto the top before pressing it the rest of the way with his thumb. The other hand massaged the lubricant around the G’yel’s solid spire of unnaturally smooth flesh in slick noises. He let go and rubbed both hands together before grabbing onto Ralk the way he would a pole. 

“Pretend it is yours.” If only he could be that fortunate. Adorin began stroking Ralk, his slick hands gliding with little effort. He loved the way the G’yel’s cock felt as he did this. It was so smooth and warm to the touch, and though it was strange that it curved downward instead of up, it felt natural. What would something like this feel like inside of him? Would he even be able to try it without injuring himself?

The G’yel’s legs tensed with every firm pump of the eager Alacian, and he raised his knees. Between the squelching of lubed fingers and the louder moaning coming from Ralk and the captain, Adorin knew it wouldn’t be too much longer. He eyed Ralk’s paws as his toes curled. A more powerful odor hit him, and Adorin realized where most Ralk’s unusual scent came from.

He was curious to know what this tasted like, but as he leaned in, he heard the captain cry out something incomprehensible as he violently thrusted into the G’yel’s mouth. Ralk wasn’t far behind as his thighs squeezed around Adorin’s hips.

Vicco was trembling as Ralk kept him in place, and Adorin picked up speed. He felt a powerful throb under his palms, but nothing happened at first. He glanced down, not expecting to be hit in the face with such force. The strength of the G’yel’s climax surprised him enough that he almost let go, but he continued to stroke in time with Ralk’s wild lurching. Another shot of seed hit his chest as Adorin leaned away.

It was like a geyser that continued erupting in several more long pulses before a last smaller spurt dribbled from the tip.

Vicco’s brows furrowed, his mouth hanging open as Adorin stood from the bed, his face and midsection dripping a glossy white.

“That was unexpected,” the smaller man said with an embarrassed chuckle as he hastened into the hall, trying not to slip on what trickled onto the floor. He heard hurried footsteps behind him; one of them was distinctly Ralk’s as his claws tapped over the tiles.

“All over my bed,” Vicco muttered from the hall. “It’s probably soaked through my mattress now.”

Adorin stepped into the tub and lowered himself into the cold water, washing away the G’yel’s copious release from his face and chest. As embarrassing as it was, it was exhilarating. His heart still raced, and he couldn’t stop his hands from shaking. So that was what it was like being with a G’yel. Adorin never felt as fragile as he did while watching that rigid monster unload.

Ralk walked into the room first, his ears to the side of his head like he’d done something wrong. Vicco followed with an armful of towels, dropping them to the floor next to the tub before stepping in.

“That was fun,” Adorin said, his face still burning.

Ralk’s ears perked back up, and he grinned. He seemed almost relieved. “It was.” He eyed Vicco expectantly. “I know you enjoyed yourself.”

The man blew a puff of air through his pursed lips, and his face reddened. “It… could have been worse.”

Ralk shook with laughter. “If it had been any better, your heart would have stopped.” A grin crept across Vicco’s face as he tried to look away, but Ralk put a clawed finger under the man’s chin and kept him facing forward. “Aha. There it is. It appears as though I have defeated the captain once more.”

“You were good.” Vicco hung his head. “Surprisingly good.”

The G’yel pushed himself closer to Adorin, wrapping his arm around him. “Sorry about the, uh…” He gave the man a slight squeeze. “It has been a while.” He let out a light snort. “It is usually not that much.”

“It is fine,” Adorin said, a bit of disappointment rising in his tone.

Ralk nuzzled his neck. “What is wrong? You do not sound as though you enjoyed yourself.”

Adorin sighed and slumped forward. “I cannot keep my promise. I do not see how such a thing is possible.” He looked up at the G’yel, his eyes glimmering a bit. “If I were a G’yel, I would not be so afraid.”

“Adorin,” Ralk said softly. “You promised to do anything I desired, and you accomplished that. I understand your limitations now, and I would not want to hurt you. There may be ways we could be together like that, but it would take time. We do not have to rush.”

Vicco scooted closer to the G’yel on the other side and wrapped an arm around him for a second before pulling away. Ralk turned to him and raised an eyebrow.

“Don’t look at me like that,” he muttered. “I, uh…” The captain couldn’t maintain eye contact with the G’yel as he stumbled on his words. “I’m sorry for all the times I called you a dumb animal.”

Ralk grabbed Vicco’s hand, squeezing it. “I do not want apologies. I want a promise.”

“A promise?”

The G’yel nodded. “Yes. Swear that we can have fun like this again. And swear be ne’ak for life.” There was a pang of sadness in those words, even if Ralk meant them to sound hopeful.

“Yeah. Of course,” Vicco said, taken aback by the G’yel’s sincerity for once. Thunder clapped again as the storm raged outside, increasing in intensity. The captain stood and shivered, reaching for a towel. The temperature had dropped with the shift in the weather, and the water became too cold to sit in.

Ralk stood and extended his hand to help Adorin out of the tub. He shook the excess water from his fur before grabbing the towels off the floor, handing one to the Alacian.

“This was not bad for our first time with each other.” Ralk grinned as he vigorously dried himself.

“Yeah,” Vicco grunted as he walked out of the room with the towel around his waist. Ralk pushed past him as he ran toward the bedroom. “Wait, you’re still wet,” the man shouted.

Ralk, as usual, ignored the captain as he leaped onto the mattress and wriggled in satisfaction over the soft duvet. Something was different about Vicco’s reaction as he followed the G’yel into the bedroom. He looked at Ralk and smiled, his eyes much warmer than before.

“Stupid animal.”  


Adorin held his basket close as he trudged through the halls of the coliseum. He’d be breaking a promise today, but this was too important to leave to chance.

Despite his nervousness, there wasn’t much that could sour his mood today. He’d fallen asleep during the storm, not waking until the next morning in Ralk’s arms while embracing Vicco from behind. He had never slept so well, nor had he greeted the day with such optimism.

He loved waking up like that, and he wished it could happen every day. In all his years, he never thought he’d fall in love with two people at once, but that was what was happening.

He stepped into the towering atrium toward the Lord’s private chambers. As Adorin approached a tall wooden door at the far end of the lobby, he took a deep breath and knocked twice; the sound reverberating through the massive lobby.

“Enter,” came the lord’s voice from the other side. He pushed the door open, walking into the bland chambers. It was strange to see no statues, fountains, or lavish burgundy and gold curtains draped from the windows. Instead, the room was mostly empty, save for a few cushioned seats and a cherry wood desk. “Ah, come to torture me with remedies today?”

“Yes,” Adorin said with a slight tremble as he caught himself. “I mean, no, my lord. This will not hurt.” He approached the older man, holding the basket up.

“Yes, yes.” The lord eyed the young man with suspicion. “Captain Sa’an speaks highly of you.”

“That is because I am good at what I do.” The Alacian tried to inject confidence into his tone, but Yanth tore that down with his dismissive eyes. The weight of the man’s authority pulled Adorin’s stare to the floor, especially when the situation reminded him of the night Ralk’s careless acting nearly got him thrown into the pits. “I will have you walking again, but I still do not understand the source of your affliction. I will need access to the library to study.”

“If you heal me, then there is no reason for all that.”

“With all due respect, I may heal it, but it could come back unless I find the underlying cause. That is what a proper healer does. Anything else is disrespectful to the patient’s time.”

He held up his head and saw the man smile, which relieved him somewhat. Those were Lydia’s words, but he abided by them, even if he held as much disdain for the patient as he did Yanth.

“Then you shall have access,” he said, holding up his forefinger. “That is, once I am able to walk without my cane.”

The tiny amount of magic he infused the salve with earlier would not be enough for immediate results. He needed more.

“One second, one day…”

Ralk’s warning repeated in his thoughts as he removed the lord’s slippers. Adorin was borrowing from his future to give him a future. It would all be worth it once he was no longer a slave.

Adorin examined the man’s feet, which were gnarled and swollen, particularly along the joint of the big toe. He turned from the lord, huddling over his basket, his hands out of sight. He grabbed the salve container with both hands and closed his eyes, chanting under his breath. They snapped open again, glowing green as he counted.





He released the container and his eyes faded to their normal color. A rush of nausea pressed on him, but he had to push through it. He turned back around to see Lord Yanth staring at him, his head propped against his knuckles as he supported himself with the arm of his chair.

The man didn’t seem suspicious, but there was an air of impatience. Adorin scooped the light green salve from the jar and messaged it gently into the man’s skin. There was slight discomfort as Yanth jerked the foot, but the medicine’s results were instantaneous. 

It was too much magic. Adorin panicked as the swollen foot began to morph back to normal. He quickly bound the foot in a bandage so the lord couldn’t see what was happening. This was so risky. If Ralk knew what he was doing…

After securing the bandage, he repeated the process on the lord’s other foot, keeping it hidden as best he could.

“There is no pain,” Yanth said in amazement. Adorin tied off the bandage and pushed himself to a stand, his knees shaking under his weight, threatening to buckle at any moment.

“They will heal,” the Alacian said, catching his breath. “Try to stay off of them for a few hours.”  

The lord narrowed his eyes. “Are you well?”

“I am fine,” Adorin replied, grabbing his basket. “I have other duties to attend, but you should start to feel better soon.”

“That was it? Nothing more? No painful hot water soaks, or disgusting slimy teas?”

“No, my lord.” Adorin was panicking. He needed to leave now or risk not making it back to his room before falling unconscious. “I assure you, this is enough.”

The lord rubbed his chin and nodded dismissively. “Well, back to your duties then. We shall see if this quackery of yours actually works.”

“Yes, Lord Yanth.” Adorin bowed and turned to the door, barely able to push it open to leave, but he managed.

He stumbled through the atrium before turning toward the corridor to the outer ring of the coliseum. This would take an hour of recovery at the very least. He had already fed Ralk and animals, but he would need to be back by noon for lunch and training.

As he approached the gate, he saw Vicco conversing with one of his subordinates. The man glanced in his direction but pretended not to acknowledge his presence. After what they did yesterday, it hurt a little, but there was an obvious reason for his behavior.

Adorin nodded as Vicco opened the gate, but said nothing.

“Don’t let this happen again, Mateo.”

“I apologize, captain, but he was very convincing. He wore Yanth’s colors and everything.”

“You know every guard in this place. You didn’t think to question a complete stranger?”

“I…” The man stammered as Adorin continued down the hall, their voices echoing loudly.

“You were drunk again, weren’t you?” Vicco’s tone was more hushed, but stern. There was no response from the man. “This is the last time. Your last chance. Slip up again, and you’re dismissed permanently. Understood?”

“Yes, sir.”

Adorin was struggling to walk now.

“Just a little further,” he thought as he let his mind go blank, focusing only on putting one foot in front of the other. “Not much longer.” He walked past the doors to the menagerie and continued toward the room he hardly ever slept in nowadays.

The world around him spun, and his legs collapsed like ancient pillars in a ground quake. He dropped his basket, the glass container holding the salve shattering at the same time the side of Adorin’s head struck cement.


The G’yel couldn’t stop grinning as he sat on the marble bench, basking in the suns’ light while watching the water flow into the pond. All he cared to think about was his new ne’ak, and what fun they’d have today, even if it was routine. Adorin needed to train, and so did he. Perhaps Vicco would want to spar again.

Sparring was a good way to get a handle on his instincts. His body had a few weeks of change left before the fertile season was over, and he wouldn’t feel as aggressive anymore.

The door to the menagerie swung open, and Ralk jumped to his feet. He shouldn’t have been out of his pen, but the morning was too nice. It was always pleasant after a heavy rain. He turned to see Vicco carrying Adorin in his arms.

“What happened?” Ralk asked, running over to examine the unconscious Alacian.

“I don’t know; he just fell.”

Green glowing spots on Adorin’s face caught Ralk’s eye. They were faint, almost invisible, but he knew what it was. The G’yel took a finger and wiped the glowing salve from the man’s cheek.

“Get him to my pen,” Ralk said, gritting his teeth. His ears pressed against his head as he led the way.

“Why are you angry at me?” Vicco asked, as he followed. “I didn’t know he would fall.”

“It is not you I am angry at.” Ralk opened the barred door of the pen, struggling to keep his growing rage in check. The captain carried Adorin inside and gently laid him on the bedding.

Vicco’s stare was blank as he turned to face the G’yel.

“Do not worry about it,” Ralk said, kneeling next to Adorin. Aside from a slight bruise on the side of his head, there didn’t appear to be any trauma. He pressed his hand against the man’s chest, feeling for a steady heartbeat. Everything was normal, even his breathing. “He will be fine.”

“This doesn’t look fine.” The captain paced a bit, biting his lower lip. “Perhaps I should get Tauh.”

“No.” Ralk stood and grabbed the man’s arm, stopping him. He smiled warmly at the captain. “Trust, okay?”

Vicco nodded, his muscles less tense than before. “Yeah, alright.” He exhaled through his lips. “I’m usually not this worked up. We’ll put training on hold. I have business to take care of.”

“Oh do not worry about training.” Ralk knew exactly what punishment he’d give Adorin later. “Go to your duties. I will take care of him.”

“Alright.” Vicco turned to leave, but froze, looking both ways before turning back to Ralk. The scent of t’kirr got the G’yel’s attention. “Thank you, Ralk.”

The captain swallowed as Ralk closed the gap between them. He leaned in, tilting his head slightly to meet the man’s lips. It was short, but it made a loud statement. 

Vicco said nothing as he left, but he didn’t need words. The scent he left behind was enough. The G’yel smiled and sat next to Adorin.

“You humans…” Ralk caught his breath as he choked out the words. He paused and placed his hand on Adorin’s chest. “I did not think it was possible to feel at home while not having one.” A few tears trailed from his eyes. “Is this love?”

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