When Life Gives You Werewolves…

Arthur Black is a repressed twenty-two-year-old man with a useless degree and a student loan keeping him on the edge of poverty; however, his life turns turtle when he meets a homeless werewolf at a bus stop. Lycanthropy, it seems, doesn't just affect teenagers, and Arthur finds himself in the worst situation he could ever imagine: not only is he a half-turn, but he's also magically bonded to the notoriously lazy and infuriatingly annoying... Simon (who forgot his own last name).

As they navigate through a society that doesn't want werewolves around, Arthur meets others like him and moves away from the city. What starts as rage-filled loathing turns into something Arthur never expected as the two learn important (and often times hilarious) life lessons from one another and their new pack. 

This was a story I just had to write after stumbling upon an artist’s characters I couldn’t help but fall in love with. It turns out the artist is a pretty awesome guy, and now we try to come up with as many hilariously absurd situations for these two as possible.

Simon and Arthur (and Derrek) belong to this guy (WARNING: His art is amazing and nasty, so click at your own peril. He also has a Patreon account is you want to support him). Any artwork you see will be done by him (I’ll keep it safe for work here). Join my Telegram channel HERE to get latest updates on what I’m working on and chapter alerts.

Content warnings: There’s lots of raunchy, explicit werewolf sex (you should know this by now), but this is an actual story, not erotica or porn. Sometimes the sex is ridiculously detailed and kind of gross. I can’t really think of anything else except that this is comedy, first and foremost with some bits of drama sprinkled in for pacing. If you are offended easily… you probably shouldn’t read anything I write. At all.