Chapter 1: When It Rains…

This job interview lasted ten minutes, a whole five minutes longer than they usually do. I knew I was in over my head with each embellished resume sent out to jobs I was in no way qualified to get, but I needed a foot in the door somewhere that wasn’t a bar or a restaurant—some place I could maybe start a career.

“Fake it ’til you make it,” I whispered under my breath as I pushed open the glass doors and stepped out onto the wet sidewalk, shaking off the disappointment. It had rained while I was embarrassing myself in front of three men wearing expensive suits, and the humid scent of steam from hot asphalt overpowered the stench of exhaust wafting onto the sidewalk from busy downtown traffic. I wasn’t sure when everything started smelling so bad, but for the last few weeks the city had become unbearable to navigate without wearing something over my nose.

My watch read twenty minutes until one, and the pangs in my stomach reminded me I hadn’t eaten anything today. Money was tight, so I only ate once a day, surviving on greasy discounted food from the city’s seediest gay bar, Bottom’s Up. God, I hated that name, but while the pay sucked, it was a fun place to work.

I stood at the bus stop, holding the cane-end of my umbrella with my right hand, not bothering to sit on the bench. Everything there smelled like piss, and the homeless werewolves that often occupied them harassed anyone daring to get close. The monsters were harmless, but they were a nuisance, always asking for money or making creepy advances toward the women and men walking by. Oddly enough, their cheesy pickup lines and overly confident flirting seemed to work a lot more than I would have expected.

The hair on my neck stood up as I noticed a huge grey werewolf in a ripped orange hoodie staring at me from the bench. Thankfully he was the only one today.

“Hey bud,” he grunted. I ignored him, my eyes fixating on the traffic. “Got any spare change?”

I glanced down at my watch again. “Christ, where is that bus?”

If I didn’t say anything to him, he’d leave me alone—or so I thought. He moseyed casually next to me, and I got a better view of him. The werewolf wasn’t wearing any pants. Most did, but some didn’t. Even though there was a thick patch of fur covering his crotch, it was still considered indecent exposure, though law enforcement rarely bothered with citations.

“Well? Got any?”

“No,” I said, side-stepping away from him to avoid the stench of vodka and wet dog.

“Alright then.” He stepped closer. “Between us, if you get me some booze, I’ll suck yer dick.”

I cringed but saw my salvation in the form of the A-line bus one stop away. “My ride’s here.”

The werewolf watched the incoming transport and grinned. “Ain’t that a coincidence. Looks like we’re gonna be riding together.”

“Great,” I muttered. The bar was ten blocks away, and I could have walked. However, the clouds were getting darker and it was starting to drizzle.

“What’s your name?”

“Why are you talking to me? I don’t have any money. Do you think if I had money to spare, I’d be taking the bus?”

“Calm down,” the werewolf said, letting out an embarrassingly loud belch. “If you don’t got any money, I suppose I’ll just skip lunch.”

The bus pulled up and I got on, swiping my pass. The werewolf followed me, feeling around the side pockets of his hoodie.

“Damn, I seem to have forgotten my bus pass,” he said with a wink.

The driver shook his head. “Simon, just get on the damn bus.”

He smiled and patted the man on the shoulder. “Thanks Dave. I owe you a drink.”

“You owe the city about thirty bucks.”

I took a seat by the window and the werewolf squeezed next to me, the seat too small to accommodate him.

“The werewolf section, Simon,” the bus driver called back. “Don’t harass the humans.”

“Aw come on.” He put his heavy arm around my neck and yanked me close. My nose was practically in his armpit at this point. “He’s a friend of mine.”

“Let me go,” I whispered, trying not to make any more of a scene as the rest of the passengers gawked at us. The bus began to move and Simon released me.

“So, you didn’t tell me yer name yet.”

“Arthur,” I said, staring out the window, as to not make further eye contact.

The werewolf snorted. “What a queermo name, Arthur.” He enunciated it slower, in a more nasal tone. “Arrthurr.”

“And you think anyone named Simon is remotely fuckable?”

“Ouch,” he said, his tail wagging next to me for some reason. “The twink’s got some sass.”

“Don’t call me that.”

“What, Arrthurr?”

I bit my lower lip and looked away from him again. “I think I know your game now, and fine.” I reached into my pocket and pulled out a five-dollar bill. “Here.” I threw it into his lap. “Now leave me alone.”

“Gee thanks, bud.” He folded the money in his palm. “So where’re ya headed?”

I tilted my head back against the seat and let out a sigh. “I gave you money, dude. Why are you still talking to me?”

“Cause you gave me money,” Simon said, still grinning like an asshole. “Gotta give you something in return. So what’ya want? Want me to suck yer dick?”

My face got hot as I felt every passenger on the bus turn toward us in unison.

“Okay I’m so done with this.” The bus stopped a few blocks from the bar, and I stood up, squeezing by him as I made my way down the aisle.

“I can lick yer ass too,” he called after me, even louder. “Got a good tongue for it.”

I picked up the pace and practically jumped off of the bus. As it pulled away, what was a drizzle earlier turned into a deluge, and in my haste, I left my umbrella by the seat.

I wanted to kill that fucking werewolf.

“Art, what the hell happened to you?” Rob hopped over the bar and ran over to me as I dripped on the floor, my shoes making squishing sounds with every step.

“I don’t want to talk about it,” I said, still fuming from my earlier encounter. “Do you have anything I can wear? I don’t want to go back out in this weather.”

“Yeah, but you’ve got to be okay with dressing like a slut.”

“When have I ever not been?”

“How’s the job hunt going?”

“I’ll let you know when I have an interview that doesn’t end with someone practically shoving me out the door.” I walked into the back storage room with Rob following close behind. After removing my sopping wet shirt, I hung it to drip dry on a wooden chair with a half-open box of napkins teetering on it. “I think I speak for a quarter of my generation when I say I wish I hadn’t gotten that liberal arts degree.”

“At least you’re trying. If you’re that hard up for cash, I have a buddy of mine who owns a bar on Ruskin Street.”

“I’m not fucking dealing with werewolves,” I snapped, slipping off my nice shoes and dress pants.

“Whoa, calm down. It was just a suggestion.”

“Bunch of useless assholes. What are they going to tip me with at that bar? IOU’s?”

“Well, my friend who owns the bar is a werewolf, so… this is awkward.”

I cringed, figuring out how I’d walk back my statement. “I’m sure he’s a nice guy.”

“You need to be a little more understanding. If you think it’s tough for you to find a good job, just imagine trying to find any job that wants a werewolf, and if you’re a half-turn, forget it. You’re too much of a liability.”

“Why? I thought half-turns were mostly human.”

“They’re unpredictable and dangerous. But at least they qualify for government assistance and housing, which is why you always see a werewolf living with one.” Rob tossed me a skimpy uniform: blue jorts and a black tank top with the ‘Bottom’s Up’ logo printed on it.

I examined the top and wrinkled my nose. “I suppose this isn’t the most embarrassing thing to happen to me today.” Stepping behind a stack of boxes, I removed my briefs and slipped the short denim over my bare skin, taking care to make sure everything was tucked and nothing peeked through the bottom. After slipping on the tank top, I emerged. “How do I look?”

Rob put his hand over his mouth, pretending to rub his chin while stifling a laugh. “Well…”

I held my hand up to stop him. “I’m going to need a couple shots to get through this shift.”

“It’s not that bad, I swear.”

After walking out into the hallway, I turned back as something he said earlier bothered me. “If you have werewolf friends, why don’t you hire any?”

“The same reason I don’t let them drink here. Can’t afford the liability insurance.”

“They make you pay for insurance? No wonder so many are out of work.”

“They don’t make us, but if a werewolf hurts someone in my bar, it’s my ass that foots the bill. I mean, I feel bad, but… you just don’t know.”

We stepped back into the empty bar, house music playing at low volume over the speakers. It never picked up until around seven, and my shift didn’t technically start until four. However, being here with friends and around people was less depressing than sitting on a beanbag chair in my studio apartment watching TV.

“It’s not like every werewolf has a problem controlling themselves. Ever been to White Dunes?”

“I barely have enough money to take the bus here. How am I supposed to get to the beach?”

“Well, if you ever go, there’s a werewolf lifeguard that’s kind of infamous. Met him once, and he’s a cool guy. Always makes people laugh with stories about his sharkman boyfriend who’s scared of the water.”

I narrowed my eyes. “A sharkman?”

Rob shrugged. “He makes up shit like that all the time. But my point is, the issue with fully-turned werewolves is mostly overblown. You just need to get to know some of them before you judge.”

He made a point, but I also didn’t want to bring up my earlier encounter. It would just make me look like an asshole, considering Simon didn’t actually do anything more than annoy me.

“Okay,” I replied, brushing off the suggestion.

My shift ended up being the best one I’ve had in a while, and I was walking home with around three hundred dollars in tips. I carried my damp dress clothes in a plastic bag while stepping over mirror-like puddles reflecting the orange street lamps and lit skyscraper windows overhead. It would be two hours before the buses started running again, and I had to walk home.

My watch read five after three, but it sure didn’t feel like it. I couldn’t recall the last time I had so much energy after work, and I wasn’t even in a particularly good mood.


I groaned when I heard his voice. Was this another happy coincidence, or had he been trailing me?

“Say my fucking name right,” I said, turning to glare at the half-clothed werewolf leaning against a brick alley wall with his arms crossed. “I thought I made it clear I’m not interested.”

He emerged from in between the buildings holding my umbrella in his giant hand. “Well, okay then; if you don’t want it, I’ll take it.”

“Gimme that.” I snatched the umbrella away. “You could have said something before I got off the bus.”

“I thought I did. I said a couple things if I remember.”

“Not that.” I turned and walked away from him, but his wet footsteps followed me.

“Hey,” Simon called out, catching my arm. I turned and waited for whatever he was going to say. He shoved his hands in both pockets of his hoodie as if he were fishing for something. “Aw shit. What did I spend it on?” He scratched his head behind his ears. “Well, I was gonna give you yer money back, but… it’s the thought that counts, right?”

I rolled my eyes and resumed walking home, but Simon kept following close behind.

“You look pretty hot in that.”

“Dude, no.” I didn’t turn around this time. “I don’t know how to make this any clearer. I’m not interested.”

“Arthur,” he said, earnestly this time.

I turned around once again to see a different expression on his face. His eyes were big, and even though they had a creepy orange glow to them, his pathetic body language actually made me feel sorry for the guy.


“Listen…  I don’t gotta place to sleep tonight, and I was wondering…”

“Hell. No.”

With his tail tucked between his legs, he got down on his knees, looking up at me with even sadder eyes. Now this wasn’t fair.

“I’ll do anything, and it doesn’t got to be sexual. What do you want? Breakfast in bed? Want me to do some house work? Rub yer feet?”

I didn’t like this at all, but he was damn near impossible to say no to. Even if I refused, he’d probably pester me all the way home. It was one night, and the guy seemed friendly… and desperate. He did have a cute face when he wasn’t being an asshole.

I let out a heavy breath. “Fine. Your dirty ass sleeps on the floor, though—after I put some towels down so you don’t ruin the carpet. Werewolves aren’t allowed in my apartment complex, so if anyone catches you, you’re shit out of luck. Capish?”

His tail wagged. “No one’ll even know I’m there.”

“I’m going to regret this, aren’t I?”

“Nah.” There was that shitty-looking grin again. “Tonight’s gonna be fun. Got any booze?”

And there was the regret.

I opened the door to my cramped studio apartment, Simon and I walking inside.

“Where’s all yer stuff?”

“This is all my stuff,” I muttered, tossing the bag of wet clothes on the floor. The apartment was rather bare, but I moved so much and was always broke, there was never an incentive to buy anything.

“Damn. Well now I feel bad for spending yer five dollars.”

“At least you ate.”

His stomach growled in response to that.

“You did eat, right?”

“I had a liquid lunch.”

“Of course you did,” I said, washing my hands in the kitchen sink. Since I had some extra cash, I wanted to order something to eat, but there wasn’t anything open at this hour. After opening a few cabinets and grabbing anything edible, I laid it all out on the counter. I was going to save this for a rare lunch tomorrow, but there was a hungry werewolf in my living room. “I’ve got canned tuna and bread.”

“Hell yeah. Whip that shit up,” he said, leaning over the counter. “Where’s the mayo?”

“What do you think this is, Benihana? I told you, I have tuna and bread. Do you want it or not?”

“I really shouldn’t have spent that money.” He looked down at the single can and half a loaf of white bread, his ears falling sideways. “Alright. I’ll have one of yer sad tuna sandwiches.”

“You know what’s even sadder? No sandwiches,” I said, pulling out my can opener before getting to work on the meal. “Why are you homeless? Couldn’t get a real job?”

“Oh I got a job.” I stopped opening the can at the halfway point and glared at him. “I work as a bouncer at The Booby Trap. The girlfriend kicked me out, so I didn’t have a place to stay.”

“Get the hell out of my house.”

“What? I legit didn’t have a dime today. Bitch took all my money, and I don’t get paid until Thursday. I just needed a place to crash while things cool.”

“Wow, I’m such a gullible idiot.”

Simon looked down at the can, tapping his fingers against the counter. “You gonna finish opening that?”

I don’t think I ever felt the kind of rage that was brewing in my chest, but being around this werewolf brought me to entirely new levels. Part of me wanted to wrap my hands around his neck and squeeze until he stopped breathing, but in reality he’d probably end up killing me. 

“Yer face is kind of red. You getting sick or something?”

“Something like that,” I muttered, draining the can in the sink before spreading the tuna on two pieces of bread.

“You gonna put a couple more pieces on that?”

I picked up the tuna-covered bread, folded it in half and shoved it in his face. “No. I’m saving that bread for toast tomorrow.”

He stuffed the entire thing into his mouth. “You gonna actually put butter on it, or will it be another sad culinary experience like this?” he said with his mouth still full.

“Now you’re complaining.”

“I mean, mayo cost like, what? A couple bucks?”

“I hate you so much.”

Simon grinned with chunks of food in his teeth as he folded the other sandwich before taking it all in one bite.

“I need to grab some towels for you to sleep on. Don’t touch anything,” I said, walking into the bathroom linen closet.

“I’ll try not to touch any of the three things you’ve got in this place.”

I heard something open from the kitchen. “You better not be getting into anything.”

“I’m thirsty. Hope you don’t mind.”

“Simon! Drink water,” I said, grabbing as many towels as I could before running back into the room to see the werewolf holding one of my bottles of wine to his mouth. I threw the towels on the floor and tried to take it from him, but he lifted the bottle out of my reach. “Give me that, now.”

“How ’bout we both get a little drunk?”

“I was saving those.”

“For what? Company? The wine would go bad by then.”

“Funny.” I grabbed a glass. “I guess since you opened it…”

“Don’t be a sissy.” He took a few hearty gulps of the wine before shoving the bottle into my hands. “Drink it like that.”

“You got slobber all over it.”

“There’s a fair bit of backwash in there too.”

“Ugh,” I groaned, passing him back the bottle.

“I’m kidding. Just drink it.”

I watched the ceiling wave at me while lying back on the beanbag chair, a lot more drunk than I thought I was. Simon and I finished off both bottles, and he wasn’t even toasted. The werewolf likely lived in such a constant state of inebriation that weak wine had no effect.

“So yer parents kicked you out because yer a homo. You got a useless degree, and you can’t land a good job.” He sat upright on the towels I laid out for him, smirking at me. “Yer a young guy. Just get yourself an old rich homo to shack up with, and yer money troubles go away. Don’t know why the hell you try so hard.”

“I’m tempted,” I said, bitterness rising in my tone. “I just want to have a good future and not end up a worthless bum like you.”

“Eh, I get by just fine.”

“You’re in my house, eating my food, and drinking my wine. You’re only getting by because you leech off of other people.”

“Correction. You let me follow you home. You made me dinner without me asking, and I got you to drink with me. That all took persistence and effort, buddy. And I’ve been perfecting my injured dog face for added manipulation.”

He was so audacious that I couldn’t even get mad at him anymore.

“I don’t know how you do it. You stink, you’re a slob, and you use people. How do you even have a girlfriend?”

“Easy. Because I’m confident, hung, and I fuck amazing.”

It must have been the wine clouding a bit of my judgment because I actually found what he said to be a turn-on. Alcohol always did make me extra horny.

“You know, the offer’s still on the table,” he said, crawling closer to me.

“Ew, I’ll pass.” His hand landed on my crotch, startling me for a second. “How many times do I have to say no to you?”

“If you think about it, you haven’t really said no to me yet.” He rubbed his thumb against the seam of my jean shorts. “Yer dick sure doesn’t agree with you.”

“If you actually applied yourself, you’d make a pretty good used car salesman.”

He pulled the zipper down and unbuttoned my shorts.

“I’m going to let you do this, aren’t I?”

“Sure are,” he said, pulling the thick fabric all the way off before his massive, slobbery tongue caressed my balls. The heat of his mouth soon enveloped my cock, and despite his sharp teeth, I barely felt them graze me.

“Damn, that feels good,” I moaned as his mouth went from my crotch to my ass. “Already?”

“Gotta eat something good tonight,” Simon said with a grin as his tongue slipped in and around my hole. I wanted to respond with something, but my mind went blank as his tongue went deeper inside of me. I’d never been with a werewolf before, but I was definitely starting to see the appeal.

Thick, ropey saliva coated my ass as he kept going, alternating between sucking me off and giving me the best rimjob of my life. Simon knew exactly what he was doing, and I wondered just how much experience he’s had with other men.

The werewolf stopped as I was getting closer, and he crawled over me. The wet dog smell from earlier changed to something a lot headier and masculine. He grabbed the ends of my tank top and slipped it over my head until I lay under him completely naked. What in the hell was I doing?

I opened my mouth to protest, but as I did, his tongue had entered my mouth, the thinner lips of his canine mouth surprising me. As if by instinct, I wrapped my arms around his neck, and gripped the thicker fur on his head. The feeling of fur against my skin was strange, and my body trembled from overstimulation. When his tongue trailed from my mouth to a nipple, I decided to relax and let him do his thing. For someone so selfish, he was surprisingly generous when it came to this.

The entire shaft of his monstrous cock slapped against mine as he now lay against me, licking the side of my neck, this time purposely grazing my flesh with his teeth.

“Wanna get to the bed?” he asked, whispering in my ear.

“I—uh…” Why was it so hard to speak?

“I’ll take that as a yes.”

He shifted to the side and pulled me into his arms before carrying me across the room to my bed. Without a moment’s hesitation, he threw me onto the mattress and hopped on himself, the bedframe groaning under his added weight. While grabbing my hips, he maneuvered between my legs, sawing his slippery cock between the cleft of my ass.

“Wait a minute—no no no,” I said, pushing him away. “I agreed to the rimjob and the blowjob.”

“That ain’t all you want.” He resumed tantalizing my ass with that arm-sized cock of his.

“That’s all I can handle.”

“You’re such a damn liar.” Simon locked his mouth with mine again before pulling away. “I was just down there. Don’t pretend this is your first time.”

“Did you just… call my ass loose?”

“Sure did. I’ve fucked a few guys like you before, and they’ve always been my best lays.”

“You’re huge. There’s no way this is gonna work the way you seem to think it is.”

“Got any poppers?”

“Dude, I don’t even have mayonnaise.”

Simon laughed before looking me in the eyes with his creepy glowing stare. “I know you want it. You’re too worked up for me to stop now.”

He started kissing me again, this time gripping my dick in his rough hand while still grinding against me. Between all the sensations of flesh and fur rubbing against flesh and the smell he was giving off, I literally couldn’t say no. He was right, and it had been a while since I’d been with someone—granted a werewolf was the furthest thing from my mind.

With our tongues still wrestling, he lifted me at a slight angle, keeping me propped up with two pillows under my lower back before the head of his dick pressed against my drool-coated opening. It was still a bit loose from the tonguing earlier.

“Just relax. I know what I’m doing.”

The tip slipped in with a little resistance and a little pain, but he didn’t force it. Instead, he let my ass adjust to his size as little by little he went deeper. It was so gradual, and aside from the feeling of fullness, the experience wasn’t as terrifying as I thought it would be.

As his shaft thickened, it squeezed against my prostate, and the odd angle he had me in finally made sense. He was going to make me come, and I didn’t even need to touch my dick. 

“Oh my God,” I cried out as he sped up. There were moments of shame in between all the intense pleasure. I was actually letting a dirty, homeless werewolf fuck me, and I was actually enjoying it—a lot. Five minutes into this, and it had already surpassed anything I’d experienced before. No human man could ever fuck me like this.

My legs squeezed tight around his hips as he kept going, the werewolf now lifting me off the mattress before repositioning me onto my stomach, my legs dangling off the bed. Simon stood on the floor with his legs parted enough that his cock was level with me. With a slurping sound, he shoved it back into me, this time he turned into an animal.

The bed banged against the wall and I couldn’t control my screams as the intensity of his wild, beast-like thrusts made me come. Instead of being spent, I didn’t want him to stop. This felt too good, and I wasn’t even concerned that we were both likely waking up every person in the apartment.

Simon threw his head back and snarled, fucking me faster and harder before stopping to reposition me again. He flipped me over while still inside and grabbed my ankles, holding them apart before slamming every inch of himself deeper into my guts. The movement was so powerful, he kept having to pull me back to the edge of the bed.

I arched my back, gripping the blanket as more cum shot from my cock without me having to do anything. No one had ever made me come twice like that in such a short interval, but he kept going, and when I wasn’t moaning, I could hear the wet squelching of his length wrecking my ass more while his heavy balls slapped against my tailbone.

One more thrust had him shuddering, but he didn’t make a sound aside from heavy panting. He throbbed against my insides, filling me with a lot more than I was used to. The werewolf didn’t pull out; instead, he lifted me all the way onto the bed while positioning himself to sleep.

“I didn’t say you could sleep on my bed,” I said through heavy breathing.

“What, are you gonna kick me out if I do?” He wrapped his arms around me and shoved his half-hard cock deeper inside, locking me in place.

After tonight, I wasn’t sure if I was a victim or if I got lucky. This whole thing was too weird, but aside from the regret, the sex was phenomenal. It was easy to see why their cheesy pick-up lines worked, especially if they were all this good in the sack.

“Just shut up and go to sleep.”

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