Chapter 17: Taking Control

WARNING: This chapter contains a lot of questionable sexual content including: Nonconsensual sex, bondage, piss play, chastity, orgasm denial, enchanted sex toys that makes body parts shrink and grow, and Mosavi… who is a freak.

You don’t have to read this chapter to understand what will happen in the story, as most of it will be rehashed in the next chapter in the aftermath.

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I closed my eyes, stopping just shy of the door to compose myself while straightening my posture.

“What did they do?” I asked, walking into a small darker room with two cells. There was something very off about this place, and I couldn’t quite pin it down. I’d never been in a jail before, but the wooden X bolted to the wall and the chain hanging from hooks next to it didn’t seem like something that would normally belong.

The mayor was in werewolf form, wearing his custom-tailored black suit while leaning against the wall with his arms crossed, a large, black briefcase on the floor next to him. I turned toward Simon and Austin, who lay against one another, their tongues hanging out of their mouths. They reeked of alcohol. 


“I believe you know what I’m about to say.”

“Listen, Mister… Mosavi—”

He cut me off.

“I told you to keep your pack under control.”

“What do you expect me to do?”

A low, threatening growl shot a chill through me. Mosavi stood and crept forward before sliding a clawed finger beneath my chin. 

“I want to teach you something, if you’re willing to learn,” he whispered, his teeth inches from my face. 

“I’m half their size. We’ve been over this.”

“With kuu-bound werewolves, it’s not the biggest who gets the respect.” He opened the cell door, beckoning me to follow. As we both stepped inside, he began removing his fancy blazer that hid a more primal scene underneath. His dress shirt was shredded at the seams as though he had suddenly turned from human to werewolf without taking it off first. He loosened his tie, and my throat went dry at his domineering posture. “As you can see, I am much smaller than that big one there and your kuu mate, but I can make them do anything.”

After sliding the tie from under his collar and tossing it in the corner with his blazer, he meticulously unbuttoned his destroyed white dress shirt. A familiar scent of arousal came shortly after—precum to be specific. The darkened wet spot in the bulging fabric of his slacks shot a stern signal to my brain. Around his neck was a silver chain that held his wedding band, now much too small for his fingers.

“What are you doing?”

“Remove your clothing,” he demanded in a heavier accent before slipping all the way out of his shirt. He unlatched his belt and unbuttoned his pants, pulling the zipper down to slowly reveal what was hiding. He knew what he was doing, and it was hard to tear my eyes away from him, since I’d never seen him in the buff before. His pants fell to the floor, and his black, strange-looking cock grew more swollen and erect the longer he stared at me. Though it wasn’t as long as any I’d seen up to now, it was by far the thickest, especially around the base. Usually werewolf penises were just much larger versions of the human variety, but not his. Besides the more canine-like appendage, the other striking feature was his bull-sized testicles and heavy scrotum. The sight of it sent the half-turn part of my brain into a frenzy I could barely control.

“Wait a minute.”

“Arthur.” The deep tone of his voice said more than his words.

Trembling with both fear and anticipation, I pulled my black, sleeveless shirt over my head, and as I went to remove my shorts, Mosavi’s hand caught mine.

“There is no confidence in your movement, no commanding presence. You act as though you will be the one taking on the submissive role, but try to keep your half-turn urges in check.” He kicked Simon in the ribs, eliciting a loud, dog-like whine from him. “Get up, cur.”

With a groan, the sluggish werewolf pushed himself upright while rubbing his side. 

“Ow! What the hell’d you do that for?” He looked up at the mayor and then over at me, his tail springing to life. “Ooo. What’re you guys up to?” 

“You will be silent,” Mosavi said, leaning in close to the other werewolf. The dominant werewolf’s irises burned silver, and Simon’s ears fell against his head, his expression more awestruck as his body went rigid. 

“What did you just do to him?” 

“You can do this, too,” he said, placing his monstrously thick cock in front of Simon’s nose. “Lick it.”

Simon eagerly lapped at Mosavi’s dick, cleaning away the precum and replacing it with his own saliva. 

The mayor shoved Austin with his other foot. “Attention, soldier!”

The larger werewolf shot straight up in a panic before the scent of sex made his ears point to the ceiling. 

“What the hell’s going on here?”

“Arthur,” he said, holding back moans as Simon struggled to work more of him into his drooling maw. The gray werewolf’s throat bulged as he gagged and coughed, doing whatever he could to accommodate an almost unnatural girth. “You don’t need to do much with that one. Command him.”

“I don’t want him to—”

“That wasn’t a suggestion, boy,” Mosavi said, snapping his fingers while pointing at my groin. “If you don’t want to take control, I will have all three of you. The window of opportunity is small, and this is the only chance I will give.”

A jolt of energy from my pocket made me stumble forward. I forgot about the spell-bound lighter he gave me that I couldn’t throw away, and now it seemed he could use it for more than mere threats.

Austin looked up at me, his eyes defiant, but the passive way he held himself gave more weight to Mosavi’s words earlier. There was a slight slump in his posture, which I would have at first attributed to his inebriation.

My eyes burned, and the fluorescent lighting of the room was suddenly tinged red. I knew this feeling well, and it often accompanied a loss of control, but not this time. I let my shorts and underwear fall to the floor before kicking them away. Using a similar meticulous stride as the mayor earlier, I made my way toward the large werewolf, who was still sitting on the floor, staring up at me in confusion. 

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” he growled. 

I hesitated, and the light of the room faded back to a cooler hue. The mayor observed silently in my peripheral, prodding me forward with the intensity of his gaze. The arousal I had experienced moments ago faded into a heavy performance anxiety.

Clearing my throat, I pointed to my limp manhood. 

“Lick it.”

That didn’t sound at all how I intended as my voice broke and pitched upward. 

“You gotta be kidding me.” Austin let out a guffaw and shot a glare at the dark brown werewolf, now balls deep down Simon’s throat. “I’m not sucking your dick, either. I could break you in half, you rich piece of shit.”

Mosavi said nothing as he angrily thrust himself in and out of Simon’s maw, the gray werewolf choking and gagging, fur around his eyes wet as he struggled to take the monstrous mayor’s abuse. Though he was having trouble catching a breath, Simon didn’t bother putting up a fight; instead, he stared up at Mosavi, doe-eyed and compliant.

“What did you do to make him obey?”

“The same thing you’re going to do to him.”

Austin broke into another fit of laughter, this time stumbling to his feet so he could stare me down from his usual position. 

“I’m tired,” he said with a yawn. “If you wanna fuck, Art, you can do what Adam does and ride my dick at home like a good half-turn.”

I turned to Mosavi. “I can’t do it.”

The mayor snarled, and with a last, violent thrust, reared back and let out a moan of satisfaction. He grabbed a handful of Simon’s mane and dragged the choking werewolf’s head back. The pulsing bulge in his abused throat flattened as the pulsing intruder slid all the way out of his mouth, a white, foamy strand of spit and semen still connecting it. Simon coughed, gurgling the copious amounts of cum Mosavi pumped into his stomach.

“Swallow,” he snarled, holding Simon’s maw shut as a bit of white dripped from his nostrils. He swallowed it all before gasping for air, then stared up at the mayor, eagerly awaiting his next command. 

Mosavi reached up and unfastened the chain he wore, letting the gold ring fall into his hand. 

“Here,” he said, taking my hand in his. “Wear this.”

Austin left the cell, his heavy footsteps fading as he made his way down the hall.

“Your wedding ring?”

The mayor chuckled and held up his left hand, pulling away the extra fur that covered a slight indentation. Adorning his finger was the same ring I saw him wear the other day as a human, but it seemed to fit him perfectly in this form. 

This is my wedding ring,” he said. “It is made of the same material as your kuu and can grow and shrink depending on my form. This is for you to wear.” 


He grinned and looked back at the eager gray werewolf still on his knees. “It has a double purpose. Since I am your mentor, this ring has the same significance as my wedding band. You will be bound to me in any way I want. The ring is also enchanted, like your lighter. It will allow you to more easily dominate your pack.”

“This sounds really creepy. Would that make us married or something?”

“No,” he said as angry footsteps from outside the cell got louder. “It would bind us closer than that.”

“No fucking way I’m putting this on.” 

“Let me out of here,” Austin demanded as he rounded the corner. “The door’s locked.”

When I wasn’t looking, Mosavi grabbed my hand and forced the ring onto my finger. My body tingled, and sweat soaked my pits and groin. I experienced a myriad of different emotions in a fraction of a second—everything ranging from intense rage to uncontrollable lust. 

“Now, dominate him,” Mosavi commanded, pushing me forward. “Make him yours.”

Instead of the usual red, the room got brighter and everything had a silver sheen to it. 

“Get on your knees, Austin.” This time, the tone of my voice had a lot more punch.

“I’m this close to throwing you across the room,” he replied, his giant right hand wrapping around my throat, though this wasn’t as manic as when we were together in the dining room.

Everything went hazy for a second, and instinctively, I also reached up to grab Austin’s throat as well. With everything I had, I squeezed the looser skin near his windpipe, causing the werewolf to lock up. Usually, this worked if one could grab the area behind the neck, but this seemed just as effective. His hold on me loosened. 

“Do what I told you,” I grunted. 

The tone resonated throughout the room and down the hall, almost vibrating the very foundation of the building. Something was wrong, but at the same time, I’d never felt so powerful.

Austin’s eyes widened as Simon’s did earlier, his blood orange irises glowing solid and empty. 

“That’s it,” Mosavi said as Austin fell to his knees in front of me. “Break him.”

“Is this permanent?”

“No, not yet.” His clawed finger pulled at my chin, and he traced his tongue along the side of my neck. “They will fall into a trance initially, and they will do anything you command them to, but this does not last. However, once you have your way with him, you will brand his subconscious until you must assert your dominance again. They will usually challenge you, but that one…” He glanced down at Austin and grinned. “I do not see that one putting up much of a fight. He knows his place already; he just denies it.”

He wants this?”

“More than anything.” He reached for a chain I saw earlier hanging on a hook that had been screwed into the cinderblock wall. There were numerous holes in the blocks throughout the cell at different distances, including a few in the wooden X-shaped cross. “Put this around his neck and observe his behavior.” 

I grabbed the chain and gently slipped it around Austin’s neck. His ears pressed against his head, and he began to pant and drool, his tail firmly tucked between his thighs and under his crotch. A new odor punched my nose as I looked down to see the werewolf about to burst out of his fatigues. 

“He really liked that, and he liked you doing it.” The mayor patted Austin’s head, but the werewolf didn’t react. “He’s a soldier, Arthur. He lives to be told what to do, and when he doesn’t have that, he’s lost.”

“This is so wrong,” I choked out, trying to hold back, but I was losing this battle.

“Get over that feeling. He’s yours now, and he will be in this state for a little while, so make the most of it.” He turned to Simon. “After you’re done with him, you’ll want to do the same to your kuu mate as well.” A toothy smirk made light of the deviance behind those piercing eyes, now solid silver instead of their usual darker orange. “But only after I have had my fun. It has been a while, and while I do love my wife dearly, I can only be so rough with her.” His eyes narrowed on Simon. “He irritates me. Someone of his age should act accordingly, and I will give him the discipline he lacked from his younger days.”

“Do they have any agency at all?” I asked, waving my hand in front of Austin’s face. He followed it with his glowing eyes, but remained still and quiet.

“At the moment? No.” The mayor snapped and pointed to the bench against the wall. Simon hopped to his feet and leaned over it, supporting his weight with his palms. Mosavi lifted the werewolf’s tail before hocking a wad of spit onto what had fully recovered from Derrek’s assault back when we were on the beach. “I’ll get into the how’s another time.” He turned and pointed to the large briefcase on the other side of the cell. “There are gifts in there you may find useful. There are many ways to dominate your werewolves, but you’ll soon discover my ways are the most effective.”

Already hard again, Mosavi shoved the tip of his cock into Simon with an audible pop. The werewolf under him howled in pain, and something inside of me reeled. This was a different feeling than when he was with Derrek, but why? 

The back of my neck tingled, and I had to look away. I wanted to stop this, but I wouldn’t dare stand up to an elder. 

“Can you understand me?” I whispered, leaning closer to Austin.

He nodded, but his distant stare did little to assuage my suspicions of whatever magic this was.

“Read the room, Arthur,” the mayor grunted, this time slamming into Simon with even more vigor. The moment I saw Simon’s face, another pang of rage hit me. His tongue hung from his mouth, and his eyes rolled back into his head as he moaned. This wasn’t only about dominance; the mayor took sadistic pleasure in Simon’s vulnerability. “You know what he wants you to do to him. He wants to be dominated, restrained, humiliated. They all do to some degree.” He pulled Simon’s tail upward, angling himself to go deeper, causing the werewolf to shudder and arch his back. “Look at your kuu mate. He may have taken up a dominant role in your relationship, but this is where he actually belongs.”

My gum line began to bleed as my larger canines grazed them while I ground my teeth. That should have alarmed me, but I was too far gone in this haze. When I glared down at Austin again, I didn’t see a tortured, suffering soul, I saw a huge beast that had been giving me mixed signals since I met him, and as I examined my much smaller body, it only annoyed me further. It didn’t matter the size difference, I would use all my strength to give him exactly what he wouldn’t say he wanted.

The room turned blood red as I redirected my fury from the mayor to the pathetic monster kneeling in front of me. With the heel of my foot, I firmly drove it into Austin’s upper body, shoving him down as I tore away from the cell to grab the heavy briefcase on the other side. All of the frustration continued to drip from me in beads of perspiration from my chest to the already damp pubic hair around my crotch. I could smell it—was that coming from me?

Austin started to stand, but a roar ripped from my throat.

“Stay on the floor! Don’t make me tell you again.”

Mosavi’s head snapped toward me, his eyes still glowing that odd silver. Instead of giving me nods of approval, he seemed…worried. 

When I carried the case back into the cell and opened it, the first things that fell onto the floor were steel wrist cuffs with thick bolts loosely screwed into the holes. As I looked over at the wall, I immediately understood what that cross was for. 

The muscles of my face contorted into a snarling smile, which was painful. The pain only added to the rage and the desire for release. I had expected this to send Austin into one of his episodes, and I’d been ready this time. He wouldn’t toss me around again, not without paying a heavy price, and he knew this, even in his current pitiful state. He looked at the wall and his tense expression turned to relief. 

He really wanted this.

Mosavi cleared his throat while pushing harder into Simon, each slam of his hips threatening to pop the swollen base of that alien cock inside like a wrecking ball swinging dangerously close to a small window. 

“The bolts do not need to be screwed in. They will hold and will not release until one of us wills it.” Simon reached for his own dick, but Mosavi caught his hand before pulling all the way back out of him. “I don’t recall giving you permission to touch yourself, did I?”

“I don’t recall giving you permission to fuck my kuu mate…” I growled lowly, not expecting what I was thinking to come out of my mouth. 

“What did you just say?” Mosavi snapped.

An unseen force pulled at me, forcing me to look down.


Mosavi sniffed the air, and his irises darkened. “You’re on thin ice. Don’t think you can stand even with me.”

My nose wrinkled, but I nodded reluctantly. 

Simon barely reacted to our spat, still under the mayor’s heavy influence as he whined like a puppy. Mosavi turned away and pointed to Simon’s cock, which throbbed, leaking clear, stringy fluid in a small puddle under him. “That does not belong to you anymore.” He turned to me. “Arthur, put your kuu mate in his cage.”


Mosavi grabbed the chain dangling from Austin’s neck, giving it a tug. “In that case, there is a cage. Put it on him. Now.”

I fumbled through various bondage gear before grabbing the chastity cage that seemed way too small to fit Simon—or any werewolf for that matter. Hell, I was larger than a lot of human men, and it wouldn’t have fit me fully limp. “How am I supposed to get this on him?”

Mosavi’s tail wagged, and I knew then what brought him the most joy. The werewolves I’d gotten to know each had their own involuntary responses to different stimuli. Simon’s tail would wag like that when he’d intentionally annoy me. Austin’s tail would go crazy whenever I’d tell him what to do—something I only just now figured out. Derrek had the same response whenever he’d stare at the ocean. And Mosavi…

He loved inflicting pain and humiliation. It was twisted and sick, and everything about this place mirrored what he was underneath the fancy clothes and proper demeanor. This was how he let the repressed animal inside of him out without going into a fit of rage and losing control. He thought himself above other werewolves, but he was no different from the ferals. 

“I’ll demonstrate,” the mayor said, securing a shackle to Austin’s wrist before shoving the bolt into the hole in the wall. A flash of blue light sparked around the bolt, catching it tight like an industrial magnet. Austin struggled, but even with his strength, he wasn’t able to budge the device securing him. He whined as the mayor clamped his other wrist to the wall before grabbing an ankle. “Everything in here is enchanted, and nothing happens without my—I mean, our permission. Let me show you what happens when you use this.” He reached for a heavy gold plug. It wasn’t large enough that it would hurt without proper preparation, but its shape wasn’t symmetrical. Without needing to lube it, Mosavi slid the device effortlessly into Austin’s ass. 

The werewolf jolted, trembling and squirming as if he were going to orgasm, but nothing happened.

“It grows once inserted. He will not be able to push it out, and the more he tries, the larger it will get.” 

Austin yelled, almost in shock as his penis went from painfully hard to limp in an instant, but that wasn’t all that happened. The werewolf was easily as long and thick as my entire arm when hard, but his cock receded, shrinking down into a narrow, fleshy tube only a few inches in length. His fur easily covered it now, but the mayor held the pathetic thing between his fingers.” 

“Hand me a cage,” he demanded. 

The scene horrified me. What the hell kind of magic was this?

“That’s not permanent, is it?” I asked, now reluctant to do as he asked.  

He snatched it away and slipped it onto an entranced Austin. 

“Of course not. But it is humiliating for a werewolf, especially larger ones like him. His little kheer can no longer become erect, and he won’t come until you command him to. And if you do give him that command, he won’t be able to stop until you say so.” His wicked grin widened more as the cage snapped into place by itself. “How does it make you feel to know you have complete control?”

“So this is what gets you off?” I pointed to Austin, whose eyes rolled upward as he struggled more. “They can’t even talk.”

He turned and grabbed my face with his right hand, which was still slick with cum. 

“Do you want to live in my town as a pack?” 

I nodded, barely able to move my head away from his grasp. 

“Tonight they got drunk and belligerent in the middle of my town, going against the law to spite me, and you did nothing to prevent it. If you allow this behavior to continue, they will never be Midna, and werewolves like these attract undesirables from the wild. I will not stand for it, so you will learn to accept your place on top of them…but you will do it from under me.” 

The mayor gripped my face harder, forcing my mouth open as he leaned in, his long tongue slithering  into my mouth. He tasted of sweet tobacco, and his scent brought thoughts of defiance to a temporary halt. Maybe I did belong under him, because I had no defenses against this violation. He must have had me under a similar spell as the others, but I wasn’t his thrall. His cock rubbed against mine as he pressed into me, and the half-turn part of my brain craved more of him. I hated being helpless not only to him, but to this body.

He let go, jerking his hand away which made me stumble backward. 

“Control that part of yourself, Arthur. You will never dominate if you always long to be fucked, but I do understand some things cannot be helped. I will help you after you have done what I demand.” Mosavi pointed to another golden buttplug in the case. “This is the way you will claim them.”

Once again, the faint, logical part of my mind screamed that this was wrong, but what choice did I have? After tonight, I knew there was no way I’d ever get them to behave properly just by asking nicely. 

Another pang of rage rampaged inside of me just thinking about it. If they didn’t care to heed the warnings of someone as intimidating as Mosavi, they’d run right over me. The mayor would decimate my pack if I let this happen, but I also wanted more than anything to make him pay for what he had done to Simon earlier.

Redirecting my anger, I picked up the enchanted metal device, which was surprisingly heavy for its smaller size. 

“This better not be permanent. If Simon can’t fuck me, I’ll make you—” This time I caught myself, but not before eliciting a snarl from Mosavi.

“You’re teetering on the edge again. One more comment like that, and I’ll be taking full control of all of you.”

The way he said that caught my ears immediately. His commanding tone wavered. It was only a second, but there was a hint of concern in his tone.

“When this is over, they won’t remember,” he continued, “but their subconscious will hold on to this. Your domination will linger until it is time to do it again…” He grinned, his jagged, white canines becoming more visible. “And again.” The mayor lifted Simon’s tail, nodding me forward. “You will keep doing it until they become yours in every conceivable way. You will break them, and they will be compelled to do anything you say when you are around them. It is not every day an elder teaches a half-turn his ways, but you have something inside of you that is dangerous if not molded the right way.”

The thought of making them do anything I wanted was too much temptation, and a hunger gnawed at my gut. I licked my lips and guided the plug into Simon’s sloppy hole. I’d only barely got the tip inside before it sank all the way, and the werewolf’s reaction was immediate and similar to Austin’s. Simon trembled and yelped as he fell to the floor onto his back, his once massive cock going limp before shriveling into a much thinner and shorter tube of uncut flesh, even smaller than Austin’s new prick. 

“Better grab hold, or it might disappear,” Mosavi said with a chuckle. 

I reached for the shrinking appendage, but it was too late. All that remained was a tiny nub of flesh with a hole in it above his hefty balls. 

“Oh shit,” I muttered, trying to pull at it, but it wouldn’t budge. 

The mayor burst into fits. “Befitting of the bitch he’s about to become. The cage will still attach, even without it.” 

Simon looked down at his pelvis, trying to grab at his cock, which was no longer there. 

“Oh no,” Simon muttered with a half-whine. The emptiness in his expression faded to a horrifying realization. “What the fuck happened to me?”

“He can talk again?”

“Of course. This wouldn’t be nearly as entertaining if they remained in a trance, would it? Let the humiliation begin.” He said, rubbing Simon’s nub with his right hand before giving it a slight flick. “You could give him female parts, if you so desired.”

“I think I’ve done enough,” I said, drooling as I carefully put the cage in place. It automatically latched on, shrinking down to the size of the speck of flesh that remained. 

“Art…” Simon said, reaching for the cage. “Yer—yer mad, ain’t ya?”

“You bet I am,” I snarled, glancing over at the mayor. Once again, Simon’s carelessness forced me into an awkward and dangerous situation, especially now that Mosavi involved himself personally, using magic that can shrink dicks and take minds. I looked down at the briefcase and noticed a funnel attached to a gag. “I’m going to have some fun with this.”

Mosavi grinned again. “You are a nasty one, aren’t you?” he growled, nodding in approval. “I’ve marked a few myself. Nothing makes a rowdy werewolf more willing than drinking his master’s piss.”

Simon’s eyes widened, and I remembered something as I grabbed my phone from my shorts, which were still lying on the floor. 

“Hold him down,” I said as Simon scrambled to sit back up. The mayor obliged, pinning him to the floor with his foot. 

“Give him a command. Punish him.” 

“C’mon, guys. We just got drunk. Ain’t like we killed someone.”

Austin struggled more in his bindings as he seemed to fade in and out of his stupor.

“Let me out of these things!”

“They are becoming unruly, but all you have to do is give the command.” He removed his foot, and Simon jumped to his feet. 

“Sit!” I yelled, but Simon was unfazed. He stepped up to me and placed a hand on my shoulder. 

“Let’s go home. I don’t like what’s happenin’ to you.”

“Tell him to come.” 

“Simon.” His eyes widened again. If he hadn’t been covered in fur, I’d have sworn he was pale. “Come.”

The werewolf backed away and shuddered as shot after shot of semen spewed from under the tiny cage, dripping onto the cell floor. Simon collapsed and bucked his hips at nothing, unable to stop. 

“Aw shit,” he shouted, now coming harder than before. “Oh fuck!”

“Stop,” I demanded. Simon went limp on the ground, panting as the last bit of cum dripped from the cage. I looked up at Austin, still sprawled out on the cross. 

“Don’t you fucking do it,” he snarled. “I swear when I get down from here—”

“Shut up, Austin.” I turned back to Mosavi. “What else does that thing do? Can I keep him on the edge?”

“You can do anything your depraved mind desires,” the mayor said, sitting comfortably on the bench, slowly stroking his cock. “Entertain me.”

I snatched the funnel gag from the case and knelt next to Simon’s head before stuffing it into his mouth, wrapping the strap around his head to secure it. He tried to remove the device, but I held up a finger. 

“I wouldn’t touch that if you ever want your dick back.”

Simon let his hands fall to the floor. 

“Remember when you tied me to that chair?” I picked up my phone and queued up a song that would fit the situation. A familiar strumming on an acoustic guitar poured through the small speakers, followed by the bass and clapping. I leaned in and whispered into his ear. “It’s our song, Simon.”

“Ungh phhiit,” Simon muttered as I held my half-hard dick while shuffling around the cell. 

“I like this song,” Mosavi said, crossing one leg over his knee as he swayed in time with the music, his tail gently patting the bench. 

“Well I don’t know why I came here tonight. I’ve got the feelin’ that somethin’ ain’t right…” I began relieving myself into the funnel as Simon reluctantly swallowed. I stopped mid-stream and shook my head. “Damn. I should have been broadcasting this.” 

“I’ll write you a check later…for the show,” Mosavi said, grabbing his cock again. “Continue.”

I grinned, thrusting my pelvis back in forth, this time purposely missing the funnel while pissing on Simon’s chest and head. 

“I’m stuck in the middle with you…”

“You fucking lost your mind,” Austin yelled out. 

“Go ahead and try to cum, Austin.” I pissed into the funnel again while looking straight into Austin’s fearful eyes. The device holding his now tiny cock hummed. “I want you to get so close but you can’t. You’ll stay that way until you speak to me with respect.”

Austin shuddered, his hips thrashing against the wall. He’d go limp, and the device would hum again, sending the werewolf into another thrusting frenzy. 

“I am about to burst with pride,” Mosavi said with a deep, growly moan, stroking himself faster. His eyes would glow silver and the ring on my finger would send jolts of electricity through my body. “Keep going.”

Everything grew hazier, and the logical part of myself knew Austin was right. This wasn’t me, but I couldn’t stop as the flow of Mosavi’s power opened strange senses and desires no half-turn was physically ready for. The way the mayor watched on in approval exhilarated my power-drunk brain more. Ropes of his potent spunk covered his pelvis and hand, most of it shooting onto the floor. He didn’t bother stopping to recover, still staring me down while jacking off faster. The voyeuristic nature of it all sent me into pure ecstasy, and the powerful odor of his cum overpowered every other scent in the room. Not only did the stink numb my brain, but his semen was so thick that it lingered like pearly resin on the edge of the bench before slowly dripping onto the floor. 

This was a werewolf that could likely breed a room full of women and still be hungry for more.

I stopped the music and pulled the funnel gag off of Simon’s head. He coughed and choked, but licked his lips after. It was strange how the act made him slightly more docile and willing.

“Wasn’t the worst thing I ever tasted.” He looked up at me with those big, regretful eyes. “I guess I deserved that.”

The red of the room faded a bit, and I leaned in over him. The smell of my urine mixed with his wet fur made me a little nauseous, but it also got me more in the mood for the next phase.

“If I take that thing out of his ass, will his dick go back to normal?”

“Once you remove the cage, yes.”

Relief left Simon’s mouth. 

“I knew you’d come to yer senses,” he said with a confident grunt. “You miss that feelin’ of my dick in yer ass. I know you do.”

“Nope.” I gave his cage a slight tug, then slipped my tongue into his mouth for an intense kiss. “That cage isn’t coming off until I say.” 

Simon frowned. “C’mon, Art. Yer a half-turn. This ain’t the way it goes.”

Mosavi clapped his hands together. “You control everything, and they’ll get their manhoods back when you say.”

“Their?” Austin shouted, struggling in vain once more to break free. “Why am I even involved in this? He’s not my kuu mate!” The cage hummed again. “Aaaagh! Turn this fucking thing off!”

“He’s your master now.” Mosavi grabbed his dick again with a satisfied grin. “And if you ever want to fuck again, you’ll do anything he says, no matter how disgusting or degrading.”

Austin howled as he violently shuddered, but nothing happened. He had only a few moments to recover before the device hummed to life again.

There was a part of me that felt a guilty, but as I contemplated giving Austin release, one look at the mayor put that notion out of my mind. No, I needed to break him. I needed to break both of them. Whatever Mosavi did only further compelled me.

I gave Simon’s plug a firm pull. It was in there tight, which made me wonder just how large it had swollen. 

“How do I get this out?”

Mosavi’s sadistic grin stretched his maw wider, revealing sharp teeth dripping with drool. “You’ll need to pull it out like that. Don’t expect it to be easy.” He looked down at Simon. “Or pleasant.”

I grabbed the metallic base with both hands and pulled, Simon gritting his teeth as he tried to push. Little-by-little, the bulbous plug stretched his hole until it was halfway out. With one last pull, the device slipped out of my hand and fell onto the floor with a clank before shrinking back down to its original size. It must have expanded enough that two softballs could have fit side-by-side at its widest point. If it didn’t have the dick-shrinking effect, I’d have wanted to try it out on myself later. 

“Shit,” Simon said breathlessly, as he turned his head away from me and panted. He took in another deep breath and stared with those longing eyes from earlier. “Babe,” he pleaded. A different feeling buzzed through me when I heard him call me that. He’d never called me that before. “It’s me on top, always. You love it when I make you come without you usin’ yer hands.”

The feeling didn’t last as Simon continued bartering for his usual position. “You’ll still do that…when I tell you to.” 

“Listen to yerself, and try to snap out of it.” He looked back at the mayor. “You’re ruining him.”

“I’m enhancing him,” the mayor said, his brows furrowing. “I am simply unlocking what is inside of him already.”

“Don’t listen to him, Art. You ain’t a full werewolf yet. This ain’t supposed to be how things are, and you know it.”

“How are things supposed to be?” I slipped a finger into his loose hole, still slick with Mosavi’s pungent semen. 

“It ain’t this,” he muttered, squirming under my touch. “Yer dick ain’t even big enough to fuck me proper. You know yer place!”

Mosavi snapped his finger. 

“You hear that? This is how they will challenge you.” He stood and grabbed the plug that had fallen onto the floor. “How do you feel right now? Your honesty is important for what I am about to do.”

The room flashed silver, the glow of my eyes reflecting on the wet metallic surface of the bench he was sitting on moments ago. He held up his hand to stop me from saying anything. 

“That was all I needed to know.”

With a swift motion, he shoved the device into my ass. 

“What are you doing?” I yelled out as the plug swelled, pressing into my prostate. Within a few seconds, warm waves of energy pulsed through my pelvis. 

“Fuck your kuu mate. Dominate him.”

Another silver flash lit the room, and a sloppy warmth enveloped my cock as I instinctively obeyed his command. There wasn’t much elasticity left after the mayor had had his way, and of course, the plug I’d just forcefully removed. 

Mosavi sat back down on the bench as I tried to get any kind of reaction from Simon, but he just clicked his tongue. 

“I told ya. He’s tryin’ to make you into something you ain’t ready for. I know this—”

Simon locked up, and another hum of energy spread up inside me. Simon’s ass grew tighter, and it felt like I was pushing more of myself into him without moving my hips. 

“Oh shit,” Simon yelped. “Pull it out, hurry!”

The sensation of him shrinking around my growing anatomy made everything around me temporarily fade to black.

“That’s too deep!”

The head of my engorged cock hit a slight barrier before pushing through that. Simon shuddered and let out a howl, but his protests quieted as I began my assault on his already wrecked hole. The older werewolf under me no longer had any hint of masculinity; instead, he let out high-pitched grunts and whines as I railed him harder and faster. Something primal was forcing me to keep going, and as the room got brighter, so did Simon’s eyes as I approached the pinnacle of my desire to own him. Austin was still pleading to come, but his cries were distant to me. Simon was all that mattered in the moment. 

“You took on his size, and a little extra—for good measure,” Mosavi said, resuming his slow and meticulous masturbation as he watched on.

Simon’s dark-orange irises turned gold, but as I kept going, they shifted green before lightening to baby blue. 

“Simon,” I said, on the cusp of orgasm. He looked up at me, his expression the most pathetic I’d ever seen. “Come for me, and only me.” I glared at Mosavi who stopped pleasuring himself, his once cocky expression turning to surprise. “Don’t ever let him fuck you again.” I gently ran my fingers under Simon’s chin, wiping a single tear that welled in the corner of his eye as I spoke. Even as I was dominating him, I couldn’t help but remember how much I cared about him—how much I loved him. This wasn’t the ring’s influence, this was my own will. 

“Arthur!” the mayor shouted. “What are you doing?”

Simon’s shouts echoed through the cell and hallway as shots of cum poured out of his cage. The contractions around my own cock were too much, and unloaded everything into him. The older werewolf trembled as more of his hot seed soaked the area between us. The pleasure was too much to handle, and I collapsed onto his belly while his contracting insides made me orgasm again. He wouldn’t stop until I gave the command, and I wondered if this would kill him if I let it go on. 

Simon wasn’t shaking anymore as his head hit the floor in relief, his blue irises half-visible as they rolled upward and his tongue fell out of his mouth. The muscles spasming within him still squeezed and released my much larger dick, and I almost didn’t want it to end. There was no more coming out of him, but he was still stuck in this never-ending climax. His stare faded to blank like earlier, but his eyes glowed a much brighter blue. 

“You can stop now,” I whispered in his ear. 

He tried to speak, but was breathing so hard he could only manage a grunt. The wet squelching from below tantalized my ears when my werewolf-sized cock slipped all the way out and flopped against the cold floor. It looked ridiculous, but it got the job done, and it shut Simon up.

“That wasn’t how you were supposed to do it,” Mosavi muttered, licking away the fresh semen that had shot from his own arousal and landed on his face. Though he protested, he obviously enjoyed watching what just happened. “Those actions have consequences, and you will be disciplined, after you take care of the other one.”

Austin thrusted at the air again, the enchanted cage still bringing him to the edge, but stopping before anything more would happen. He wasn’t reacting much anymore; instead, falling into the same catatonic state of pleasure Simon was in earlier.

Blue shocks of light crackled around the bolts in Austin’s shackles, and werewolf fell to the ground on all fours. Even though his bindings detached from the wooden cross, they were still tight around his wrists and ankles. The cage hummed again, and Austin flipped onto his back, thrusting and groaning with no changing expression.

What happened earlier? What did I do that freaked Mosavi out that much? Those questions faded to the back of my mind as the beast inside of me took over again, my oversized cock swelling while making me light-headed. This felt different than it did with Simon, but I’d fuck him the same way.

I knelt between Austin’s legs and began pulling the swollen plug from his ass. As I worked it halfway out, the cage hummed and Austin’s anal sphincter squeezed and released as he began to shudder and buck, involuntarily sucking the device back into himself. 

“Stop,” I said softly, cutting the enchantment short. Austin went limp as I pulled the plug again. He was so relaxed now that it fell out of him much easier than Simon, and like the other one, it shrunk back to its original size. “Now, back to what you were doing.”

“No, please…” Austin moaned out as the device hummed to life once more, and I slowly pushed myself into his ass inch by inch. He contracted and relaxed around my entire length as the cage went to work edging him. Perhaps I should have done this with Simon as well. 

I’d pull halfway out maybe eight or so inches before plunging into his quivering depths again, and he’d make the same high-pitched moans as Simon did earlier. I glanced back at the gray werewolf, who was still sprawled out on the floor with his tongue hanging out of the side of his mouth, semi-conscious, his ass leaking what the mayor and I had filled him with earlier. He seemed satisfied, and I wanted Austin to look at me like that. When I turned back and noticed the werewolf staring at the wall while I fucked him, the ring on my finger heated. Even though I had to reach pretty far up, I grabbed the huge werewolf’s face and jerked his head toward me. 

“I want you staring at me and nothing else. This is your life now.” My voice was so deep, and I nearly bit my tongue. Had my canines grown larger?

“Oh fuck, yes! That’s it,” Mosavi cried out, having yet another orgasm. I was the alpha in this room. I had all the control even over him. Was that why he was concerned? Was he scared of me? 

“Gooooood…” I growled out.

Austin’s cock cage buzzed back to life again, and he whined and yelped more as I plowed him harder. It didn’t last as long with me balls deep inside of him, and I knew if it had, he likely would have lost the edge I put him in—if the device even allowed him to come to a full orgasm on his own. He loved having me inside of him; he loved being so completely dominated, and his little bitch whines gave testimony where his speech failed. 

I gave his cage a little tap. “You’re so small, Austin. Do you like this? Do you want me to do this all the time?”

The large werewolf went to speak, but all that came out was a choke as the cage hummed again. 

“Please.” His deep voice pitched upward. “I don’t—”

“Shh.” Hilting myself, I lay against his chest, listening to his rapid pulse as he began to sob. His tears only lasted a moment before he faded back into a state of complete rapture. “Let go of it. Give it all to me.”

“This is where I belong,” he whined out, finally relenting to his desires.

Like Simon’s, his eyes began to lighten until they were glowing an intense sky blue. All he could do was nod as I rammed him harder, his cage whirring to life again. 

“Let me come,” he cried out, his insides tightening around me again. “Please, sir…”

The way he said it, the way he screamed…

“Call me that again.” 

“Sir,” he yelled, arching his back.

There was no way this was the same werewolf who was so defiant earlier. The cage really had broken him—though, regrettably, everything inside of him was broken long before this. His loss of will should have made me feel terrible, but seeing his eyes roll up in his head as his drooly tongue flopped out, I knew he desired this more than anything. He was in bliss finally giving up control. All of those things he hid that he couldn’t say out loud because he took on a role he never could handle, nor did he want it. His resentment toward Adam finally made sense. I knew he likely loved his kuu mate, but he envied the half-turn’s desire to be dominated by him when he himself longed for it.

“Come for me,” I said, fucking him harder. The effect was immediate. Everything that had been building up poured out of him in impressive quantities, some of it shooting into my face. He shuddered and squirmed under me as I claimed him, but I wasn’t going to let him stop, not until he was in so much bliss that he could no longer speak. He deserved it after years of repressed agony, after what he’d gone through as a child. I’d let him succumb to his one real desire.

Austin no longer quivered under me, and his orgasm trickled. It was almost time to let it end, and I would know that moment. Still inside of him, I stared deeply into his eyes, waiting for that moment to come. His stare finally faded to that familiar glassy sky blue, his expression distant but not as hollow as earlier.

“You can stop now.” 

His entire body went flaccid as I pulled all the way out of him. Likely sensing it was over, the enchanted tool in my ass slipped out, falling to the floor with a clank. While having a werewolf’s cock was fun, I was thankful to be back to my normal self—if I could even call any of this normal. I knew what I had done would change the dynamic between all of us.

The silver in the room faded, and as I watched Austin lying there in that same semi-conscious state, an intense stab of guilt set in. This wasn’t the way I wanted to get their respect. What was once bestial hunger faded to my usual empathy which only grew as I further came to my senses.

Mosavi shuffled from the bench and stood over me. 

“Now,” he growled. As he looked down at me, he seemed even bigger and I shrank in his presence. “Earlier, you challenged me. I will not let that happen again.” He grabbed me by the back of the neck and squeezed. There was a slight static feeling throughout my body as nerve endings went numb. “I could tell what you were thinking earlier when you were drunk with desire. Just because I pleasured myself to what you did, does not mean I approved of that method. Where did you learn it? Did Simon teach you the whashta ways?” 

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” I had trouble speaking with him holding me like that.

He cocked his head to the side, his stare so sharp it stabbed at my consciousness. 

“You honestly haven’t a clue what you did. That is…alarming.”

Simon shuffled on the floor next to us, finally coming to, but Mosavi turned toward him, stepping onto his face. “Sit up and watch as I make Arthur give himself to me and not you.” 

The mayor removed his foot, and Simon sat up, staring down at the cage still covering the place where his dick used to be. He then stared at me, his brows high with concern. 

“Yer back to yerself again?”

Before I could answer, Mosavi forced me down on all fours, letting go of my neck. There was nothing I could do to stop it, even if I wanted to. My half-turn nature oozed to the surface as I craved to be owned by this elder. 

“You can fuck him if you want,” the mayor said to Simon. “All Arthur has to do is say the word, and your cage comes off. Your prick goes back to normal and I’ll step aside.” 

Simon pleaded silently with me, his eyes watery as Mosavi’s impossibly thick cock slid between the cleft of my ass. This was another tactic, only this time, the target for his humiliation was me. He knew I wasn’t capable of denying him.

“Just say the word, Arthur. I’ll pull away and you can let Simon take up his usual position.”

“I—I can’t.” 

“What was that?” he asked, sawing his heavy tool along my taint. “I couldn’t hear you over your moaning.”

“I want you to own me,” I said quickly through my teeth as I turned to look at Mosavi. He seemed to steal the last bit of rage that drove me to dominate my packmates. 

In a flash of bullish rage, he shoved himself halfway inside of me, my already loosened hole giving little resistance, but it still stretched beyond anything I’d experienced before. I wasn’t even sure I’d be able to take all of him deeper than this, but my pain wasn’t going to stop the mayor once the drive hit him. Elder or not, he was still a werewolf.

“You can watch,” Mosavi said to Simon before shoving himself a little deeper inside of me, causing me to scream out in pain. “You are no longer male at the moment, and you cannot please him. How does that make you feel?”

The deeper he went, the more the pain started to feel good. His massive, fur-covered balls slapped against my rear end, but the bulge at the base of his cock prevented him from fully hilting me. He was so potent, the musk leaking through every pore of his muscled, fur-covered body shooting incomprehensible signals to my brain. This made me an animal, and I hated what he brought out of me. My body certainly didn’t have the same qualms as I rocked myself against him. There was an instinctive desire pushing me to let him all the way in. 

Simon’s ears fell off to the side as he looked down at his cage, unable to do anything. The mayor made sure we were all demeaned, and now my poor kuu mate had to watch as a much older and more virile male took what was his, and I was helpless to stop it.

Mosavi pulled part of the way out before slamming back into me again. Though he was rough, he took a lot more care with me than he did Simon earlier. There was a mutual respect in his actions, despite his words earlier, but the longer he fucked me, the more off-rhythm and wild it became.  

He leaned over me, his much larger hands pressing into the floor next to mine as every thrust pushed me forward. His hot breath tickled my ear. 

“You’ll never leave this town unless I say so,” he growled. The hue of the room turned lighter, almost blue. The same thing that had happened to Austin and Simon was now happening to me. “When I am around, you will put your kuu mate in his cage and you will make him watch as I take full ownership of you. I will be your other mate, and you will fulfill my every desire. Nothing belongs to you, not even your body.”

With every demand he made, the blue glow of my eyes grew more intense, reflecting off the surface of the floor, still slick with Simon’s cum. His now brutal fucking grew even more monstrous as he continued to speak, but his words slurred as lost more of himself. This seemed to go against everything he stood for as he gave into the animal. 

“I… you will…” He howled and with one final shove, slammed the bulge at the base of his cock inside of me, the force sending me collapsing onto the floor. He swelled larger than before, and the pressure against my prostate was so intense, I couldn’t orgasm.

With every pulse of his massive tool, the intense heat of his seed spread rapidly into my guts. Even though much of the semen in that cell belonged to him, he must have saved most of it for me as my abdomen gurgled and slightly distended. I couldn’t pull away either since he was now locked inside of me, so I had to take everything, whether I could handle it or not. 

I looked up at Simon, who rubbed at his cage, tugging at it, trying to pry it off. He needed to know that regardless of what was happening, he was still the one I had fallen in love with.

“Kiss me,” I whispered. 

He stopped fumbling with the device and flashed the mayor a defiant smile before crawling over to me, his mouth eagerly connecting with mine. 

“Now this is how it should be. They are yours and you are mine.” Mosavi shoved the side of my face into the cold floor, breaking my kiss as he came inside of me again. This time, Simon looked away, and Austin shuffled out of sight as whatever I did to him earlier started to wear off. 

“Both of you, out,” the mayor said, his tone sharp. “You’re to go straight home.” 

“What about Art?” Simon asked, pulling at my arm, trying in vain to prod the elder off of me. 

Mosavi raked his claws at the gray werewolf. “He will join you later! Now leave.”

Simon looked down at his cage, still firmly attached. 

“What about this?”

Though I couldn’t see his face, I could hear Mosavi’s grin. 

This is your punishment for breaking the law. Art will remove them tomorrow, so until then, enjoy the walk home.”

Simon let out an angry mumble, but Austin remained quiet. As both of them shuffled out of the room, the mayor removed his hand from my head before lifting me from the ground. Using more care this time, he turned me around until I straddled his lap.

He leaned back against the bench and held me against him, the strong, peppery scent of his intense musk mixing with tobacco kept my half-turn brain in a near constant state of craving. 

“Do you know how long it has been since I tied myself with another?”

“You don’t fuck your wife?” I asked, trying to catch my breath.

Mosavi laughed. “Oh I do, but even she has her limits.” He leaned in, his thin lips meeting mine before forcing his tongue into my mouth. 

Still drunk with pleasure, I met his tongue with mine as more liquid heat spread up inside of me. He came again, filling my guts more since I couldn’t push him out. 

“Is this my punishment?” I asked, pulling away. It suddenly got harder to keep my eyes open.

“I know you’ve been trying hard,” Mosavi whispered, his tone different than it was when Simon and Austin were in the room. “Does this feel like a punishment?”

He ground his hips, pushing the bulbous base of his cock against every stimulated nerve, making me cry out. The more I shuddered in ecstasy, the more complacent his grin. 

“I seem to have gone too far with you.” His irises glowed silver again, and everything faded to black, except for the elder in front of me, still supporting my back with his padded hands. “I never intended to make you mine like this, but I couldn’t hold it back. It works either way. The ring you wear will make you compliant. You will never be able to remove it, and you will continue to please me in any way I wish—whenever I wish.”


“Always call me master when I fuck you.”

There was nothing I could do to protest as more of my will was sucked away by whatever he was doing. 

“Fine, master,” I replied with as much animosity as I could muster.

“Now, go to sleep.”

Mosavi’s visage faded to mist, and I floated away in a sea of darkness, unable to move. The only thing I could do was think about everything that had happened tonight, and guilt ate at me like vultures tearing into carrion. 

The mayor wasn’t the last face I saw before everything faded; it was Simon’s. His broken expression branded itself into my mind, and I knew things were about to change—probably for the worst. If Mosavi was telling the truth about me being bound to him, where did that leave Simon? 

I didn’t want to think about this anymore. I just wanted to keep floating aimlessly in whatever black trance this was.

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