Chapter 5: Beach Wolves

Simon and I sat in the back of the bus—the designated werewolf section with a few others from Ruskin Street. Though we’d left my apartment at six this morning, it took us nearly four hours of bus-hopping to get to the beach. 

“I didn’t realize how far away this was,” I whispered to Simon who was man-spreading with his arms behind his head. Despite having a lot of fur to hide his junk, it was still partially visible, much to the horror of the humans sitting closer to the back. “I wish you’d wear some pants.”

“They can’t see nothin’,” Simon muttered, crossing one leg over his knee. “You got the sausages?”

I held up my backpack. “Yeah, they’re in here, but I don’t know how much longer they’re going to stay cool. Are you sure Derrek’s not going to mind us dropping in like this?”

“Pssh, nah. He loves it when people visit him.” Simon grabbed the case of beer on the floor in the aisle and set it in his lap as we approached the small beach town. “There’s a little bodega on the way. We’ll stop and get some ice.”

The brakes squealed, and the bus rolled to a stop. Most of the passengers stood, filing impatiently into the aisle with the humans getting off first. I slid my arms into my backpack and followed behind Simon as we ambled to the front of the bus before making our way down the steps. 

It was more pleasant here than in the city, the briny, cool scent of the breeze brushing against my face as we strolled along the sidewalk toward the sounds of cheering waves and shrieking gulls. I was wearing a tank top with a long-sleeved overshirt, shorts and sandals, feeling a little too self-conscious to go shirtless with all of the extra body hair. Here, people didn’t seem to stare as much as they did in the city, even though, aside from the few werewolves that were on the bus, Simon and I were the only other two. 

After grabbing a bag of ice from a small teal store with mustard-colored trim, we walked across the street toward a narrow boardwalk leading down to the beach. It was surrounded on all sides by thick palmetto bushes, and after a few more meters, the iconic white dunes appeared. Beyond the rolling sand was an endless blue with white capped waves breaking along the shore. The calls of hungry seagulls grew louder in between the ebbing roar of the tide before being drowned out by another. 

“Wow, this is pretty,” I said, eying a huge, brown werewolf in the distance sitting high in a white wooden lifeguard chair, an orange rescue buoy strapped to his back. He wasn’t wearing anything, and his tail swayed slowly as he leaned forward, keeping a close eye on three young teenagers swimming a little further out than they should have been. He kept his mane trimmed shorter than Simon’s, but it was still just as thick from behind. I wasn’t able to get a look at his face from here.

“Never seen the ocean?” Simon asked, slinging the dripping bag of ice over his shoulder. 

“Never had the time or money to come all the way out here.”

Simon made a hard right turn and pulled me along with him. 

“Shouldn’t we say hi?”

“Not while he’s workin’,” Simon replied, pointing to a small beach house on stilts in the distance. “Looks bigger than it used to.”

“Wait, you’re not just going to walk into his house without asking.”

“Course not.” We approached the steps leading up to a wooden deck. There was a rusted steel barrel sitting in the corner of the deck with a charred, foil-covered grate over top of it. The area was surrounded by tiki torches, and there was a large, wooden spool being used as a table with four mismatched lawn chairs. A faded orange parasol with a few frayed tears in it stuck out from a hole in the middle to give the deck some shade. “He’s gettin’ fancy. Used to just sit on the sand around a fire at night and smoke weed while he played his guitar.”

I sat my backpack on the spool table and took a seat in a green plastic chair, tipping it back slightly. 

“Did you used to live around here?”

“Kinda,” Simon grabbed one of Derrek’s coolers that was sitting upside-down against the house. He filled it with ice before shoving bottles of beer into it. “Didn’t really live anywhere back in those days. I’d just crash on couches until people kicked me out. Derrek and I had a lot of fun, especially when he’d bring home a human or half-turn to spit roast.”

“Christ,” I whispered under my breath. “I don’t even want to know how you guys made that happen.”

Simon tossed me a beer before cracking one open himself. “May have to get more beer. Derrek’s probably not getting off until—” He stopped talking, his ears pointing toward the ocean. I heard it too, the sound of screaming, just loud enough to overtake the waves.

“Oh shit. They must have gotten sucked out by a rip current,” I said, watching two of the teenagers from earlier flailing in the water further out. Derrek immediately jumped from his chair and darted into the rough ocean. 

The werewolf was an incredible swimmer, his powerful arms and legs allowing him to soar through the water like a fish. He grabbed the boy, pulling him onto his back before securing the girl onto the buoy, keeping her calm as he tugged them toward the shore, unimpeded by the strong current as he swam parallel to it. 

“Look at him go,” I said, not able to tear away from the rescue. As the waves carried all of them closer to shore, he stumbled to his feet, shaking the excess water from his coarse fur, and I could finally see his face. His muzzle was broader than Simon’s with a sharp, defined jawline. Below his lip was a little soul patch he left behind after trimming the rest of the thicker facial fur away. His furrowed brow and sly grin gave him a predacious look, both creepy and kind of sexy. He made sure the kids were okay before walking back to his post, but not before looking directly at Simon and me. 

“He used to joke that during the full moon he turns into a shark, but when you watch him swim, you’d almost believe it. He’s clumsy as hell on land, but right at home in the water.”

Derrek grinned and waved up at us, and we waved back. 

“I’m gonna go get more beer. One case ain’t gonna be enough,” Simon said as he closed the cooler. “Stay here and watch the goods.”

“Want me to start cooking?”

Simon’s eyes went wide. “Don’t you touch them sausages!” 

“I think I can handle—”

He snatched the backpack away from me. “I’m gonna hold onto these.”

“I’m not an idiot, Simon.”

“These aren’t cheap. I’ve got brats and weisswurst in here.” He slipped an arm through one of the straps. “I’ll be back in a bit. I’m gonna get some buns, sauerkraut and mustard.”

“Get ketchup,” I said. Simon looked back and wrinkled his nose. “What’s wrong with ketchup?”

“Everything,” he replied. “You don’t put ketchup on these.”

“I hate sauerkraut and mustard,” I said, looking beyond Simon at another lifeguard talking with Derrek. 

“Of course you do,” Simon muttered as he turned away. “You’ve got the palate of a nine-year-old.” He padded along the boardwalk before disappearing into the palmettos, and I took another sip of beer, turning my attention back to the water. Derrek wasn’t in the seat, replaced by the lifeguard he was talking to earlier. 

I jumped when someone let out a deep chuckle behind me. 

“Simon snagged himself a half-turn,” Derrek said, stumbling over the railing of the deck. Simon was right, he was kind of clumsy when he walked, which made sense considering the guy looked to be around nine feet tall. “Where’d he go, anyway?”

“He went to get more beer and gross shit.” I pointed to the cooler. “Want one, or do you have to go back to work?”

“Nah, I only filled in for someone this morning.” The werewolf took two bottles in one massive hand and closed the lid before sitting at the table next to me. “What’s your name, dude?”

“Art,” I replied, now gulping my beer, hoping to take some of the edge off. “You must be Derrek.”

He extended his hand to shake mine. 

“And you must be having a rough time.”

I narrowed my eyes on him. “What?”

“Well, for one, you’re with Simon. Plus, you just have a fresh look,” he replied, opening a bottle with his claws. “Kind of confused, embarrassed, and a little worried. Like a baby deer.”

I closed my overshirt a little more. “I’ve only been like this for a few days.”

“We’ve all gone through it,” he said, with a sharp, handsome grin. “You’re at the beach and it’s a hot day. You should take your shirt off and enjoy it.”

“Thanks, I’m good. You know, you should probably wear some shorts if you’re going to be right up on people when you rescue them.”

“I swim better without them.” Derrek took another drink. “Clothing on werewolves is kinda stupid, don’t you think?” He pointed down at his junk mostly hidden by a thick patch of fur just like Simon’s. “It’s not like you can see everything.”

“You know, that’s something I’ve often wondered about. How the hell do you guys keep those things so hidden?”

Derrek grabbed what I thought was a tuft of fur, but it was actually a tube of fur-covered flesh. It kind of resembled a dog’s, but it was longer and thicker, and blended in almost seamlessly as if it weren’t there at all. 

“When we’re in the mood, the skin slips up like this.” He grabbed the glans of his dick and gently pushed the loose sheath toward his pelvis revealing a long, floppy, dark brown cock. I glanced around to see if anyone was watching as the werewolf practically fondled himself. 

“Dude, there are kids around!”

“It’s a lesson in anatomy.”

“No, it’s a possible felony. Put it away.” Derrek let go of his penis and laughed. “At what point do you guys lose all sense of shame? Simon’s the same damn way.”

“Eventually, you’ve gotta stop giving a shit what other people think. We’re not human anymore, and other humans either like us, hate us, or shit themselves when they see us. We either stop caring, or it’ll drive us nuts. I can already tell you’re pretty uptight, and that’s something you’ve gotta get control of. The half-turn phase is important, and how you handle things now determines what kind of werewolf you’ll turn out to be.”

“I didn’t know that.”

Derrek reached for my head and ran his clawed fingers over my earrings. 

“The kuu’s not just for werewolves getting free places to live, you know. Half-turns need werewolf companions. Gotta get it all out of your system.”

“Speaking of,” I said, wondering how I’d word this without him misinterpreting it. Though he had a few similarities to Simon’s personality, he seemed a bit more level-headed. “There are times when I kind of lose control. It’s not a normal feeling, it’s this… drive, like I’ll go insane if I don’t let Simon fuck me.” My face got hot as I continued. “It gets kind of violent, but I love it for some reason.”

“That’s because every time you and him get nasty, you get closer to full-turn.”

“So, if I want to be a full werewolf, I just need to have more sex?”

Derrek scratched his head. “Kind of. I don’t know how it all works, but I know it helps. It’s why we’re so damn horny all the time. I got fucked a lot as a half-turn, like… a lot. I had so much sex that I didn’t stay in the half-turn phase too long. Man, I was a slut.” The werewolf smirked at me. “Still am.”

“How long have you been a lifeguard?”

“Years. I did a lot of surfing when I was human and half-turn, and just didn’t feel right ever leaving the ocean. My life’s here, and I wasn’t gonna let being a werewolf determine where I’d end up. I bought this tiny chunk of beach, built a house on it, and now I live every day in paradise doing what I love.” He raised his beer and drank the last of it. “You should strip naked tonight and come for a swim.”

I shook my head. “I don’t know how.”

Using his pointer claw, he opened the other bottle of beer he grabbed earlier. “Well, you’re in luck, bud! I give adult swimming lessons too.”


Derrek flashed his brows and took another drink. “I’ve got a lesson plan with a one hundred percent success rate.” He paused and let out a hum of contemplation. “Okay, more like ninety-five percent. I got one guy who’s a special case.”

“That’s… tempting, but I’ll pass.”

“You sure? It’s a reeeeally good lesson plan, and everyone should learn how to swim.”

I opened my mouth to respond, but was interrupted by Simon calling from the boardwalk a few meters away. He carried my backpack, which looked fuller than before, as well as four cases of bear, two in each hand and two under each arm. 

“Daddy Derrek’s drinkin’ on the job?” Simon asked while climbing up the steps of the deck. “I didn’t think you did that anymore after you got in trouble that one time years ago.”

Derrek raised his bottle. “It’s my day off. I was just filling in for someone earlier. And I think you’re misremembering who got in trouble.”

“Gettin’ to know my new roomie?” Simon sat the cases on the deck and began tearing into them, placing each bottle into the cooler. 

“Didn’t you say the whole kuu thing was dumb?”

“That was before they started promising houses. I’ll get to sit in my own home and smoke as much weed as I want, and no one’s sayin’ shit!”

“You do realize they’re probably going to make you get a job, right?” I said as Simon began placing the sausages in the cooler as well, but stopped to look at me. 

“We’ll see about that. I’m pretty fuckin’ useless.” He smirked and closed the cooler lid. “And that’s me not even trying. Just think of how useless I could be if I applied myself.”

“Honestly, I don’t know how you’ve managed to survive this long,” I muttered, finishing my own beer. 

“No one holds a candle to Simon,” Derrek said with a surprisingly annoyed tone. “I think he’s been kicked out of every house he’s ever lived in, including mine.”

“Wait, what?” I asked, growing concerned by that revelation. 

Simon scratched his head. “Did you kick me out? I don’t remember.” 

“Of course you don’t remember. I don’t even think you were sober when I kicked your sorry ass to the bus stop and left you there.” 

I glared at Simon. 

“Oh,” he said, letting out a nervous laugh. “Kinda forgot about that. Now I feel weird asking this.”

Derrek stood up, towering over Simon who was about a foot shorter than him. “You’re not here to bribe me with beer and brats, are you?”

“And a bratty half-turn.” He nodded to me with that shitty grin of his. 

I shot up out of the chair. “Now wait just a fucking minute!”

“Oh come on, you’ve been ogling him since we got here.” Simon put his arm around my neck and looked over at Derrek. “I’ll never forget the look on that one guy’s face after you shot yer load in his ass. Fuck that was hot, but you sure messed him up.”

The taller werewolf stroked the patch of fur on his chin while looking me over. 

“You’re a real asshole,” I said, shoving Simon away. “I regret this whole thing.”

“Relax, you don’t gotta do anything.” I glanced up in time to see Simon wink at the other werewolf. “The truth is, Derrek, we’re gonna need a place to crash for a week or so until the government housing thing’s finalized.”

“I suppose I could let you guys stay here for a little while. Just bought a California king, so we got enough room. I just got one condition,” Derrek said, staring directly at me. 

“What?” I asked, already knowing the answer. 

“You have to take swimming lessons, and you have to swim naked in the ocean at least once.”

That wasn’t quite what I expected him to say, but the request was reasonable—if a bit odd.

“Alright,” I said, relieved as I sat back down on the chair. 

“We’ll start tonight,” Derrek said, pulling out a package of bratwurst, tossing it to Simon. “I’m hungry. Work your magic, chef.” 

Simon’s tail wagged as he pulled an old apron from my backpack, shook it out and put it on. It had the words ‘kiss the cook’ in bold capital letters, only the ‘o’ next to the ‘k’ had been purposely scratched out to look like a ‘c.’ 

“Oh that’s classy,” I muttered before turning my attention back to Derrek. “Why tonight?”

“The sooner the better. I want you swimming laps around the pool by the time you move. You can’t swim naked in the ocean if you don’t know how.”

“I don’t know about this,” I said, looking down at the empty pool illuminated by a glowing light down at the deep end. The pool belonged to the condo nearby, but Derrek somehow had the keys. “What if someone comes out here?”

“Condo’s empty,” Derrek replied. “No one’s gonna see, so go ahead and strip.”

Simon watched us both while laying on a lounge chair next to the pool. I didn’t expect us to stay the night yet, so I didn’t bring a change of clothes with me. After removing my shirt, I kicked off my sandals and pulled off my shorts and underwear. 

“Oh boy,” Derrek said, sucking back the drool that had roped along the corners of his mouth. 

“You’re just teaching me how to swim, right?”

“Yeah, sure.” The tall werewolf prodded me toward the steps going down into the pool. “We’ll start out in the shallow end.”

I stepped down into the surprisingly warm water and waded into it, keeping my feet on the rough bottom. Derrek followed after before getting uncomfortably close. Damn he was huge; I had to keep looking up to maintain eye contact. 

“Alright. First thing you’re gonna learn is how to float,” he said in his bassy tone before placing one hand on my back, supporting me as he pushed me flat with the other. I panicked for a moment as my feet left the bottom of the pool, and I thrashed around. “Relax. I’m not gonna let you sink. Just let yourself float.”

My entire body tensed as I struggled to keep calm, but as soon as I was more oriented, I allowed myself to loosen up more. As long as I could feel his arms supporting my back, I was okay. He grabbed a pool noodle floating behind him and placed it under my neck to keep my head from sinking. 

“Good job,” he said, gently stroking my chest. He removed one of his hands from my back but kept the other supporting my rear end. The noodle kept my upper body from sinking, but I also couldn’t move much or I’d start to panic. “Close your eyes and pretend you’re a piece of driftwood.” 

I did as he said, closing my eyes while still feeling his gentle stroking along my chest… moving lower to my abdomen. 

“What are you doing?” I asked, letting out a laugh as he hit one of my ticklish spots. 

“Just keepin’ you calm,” he replied in a sly tone, his rough hand working lower until he was holding my dick. 

“God damn it,” I said, still unable to move. “So this is your ninety-five percent success rate?” I glanced over at Simon who was now sitting up in the chair, masturbating furiously to what was going on. “Jesus Christ. We’re in public.” 

“Gate’s locked,” Derrek said, steadily stroking me. 

“You’re gonna make me fall out of this thing.” I reached back and adjusted the noodle which was slipping out from under my neck, but Derrek’s firm grasp of my ass pushed me upward until I felt a warmth on my balls as the werewolf settled between my legs. “I’m gonna sink!”

“You’ll be fine. Just put your arms out to the sides for more buoyancy,” Derrek said, wasting no time getting to work. His tongue was longer than Simon’s as he pushed the slobber-coated muscle up inside of me. My eyes rolled back as he licked in, out and around my hole. 

A bit of water splashed as Simon clumsily rushed into the pool. Both of them dragged me closer to the shallow end while still keeping me floating on my back. Simon’s cock slapped against my face, and I grabbed it with one hand, using it to balance myself in the water as I wrapped my mouth around the tip while stroking him. 

“Just like old times,” Derrek said, positioning my legs around his hips as he waded closer, the head of his cock orbiting. My eyes widened as I felt it, and as experienced as I had been up until now with Simon, Derrek was something else entirely. I expected him to be bigger, but not quite this thick. 

I went to say something, but couldn’t manage more than a few muffled grunts as Simon shoved himself deeper into my mouth. He was too big to get down my throat, and he was hurting my jaw. I had to pull back, but not before Derrek began to push himself into me. 

Pulling away, I nearly fell off the pool noodle, but Simon caught me. “Ow, shit!” I screamed out as Derrek stopped, gently adjusting himself to go deeper. As much as this hurt, I didn’t want him to pull out. This felt familiar. It was exactly like the night I realized I’d gone half-turned. A flash of orange illuminated Simon’s wet fur as my eyes glowed a brighter orange, and an aggressive surge tore through me. 

I grabbed Simon’s cock again, stuffing the oversized head of it into my mouth as far as it would go as Derrek shoved himself deeper into me. His painful girth tapered a bit, and as his shaft rubbed against my prostate, my eyes rolled further back. Both werewolves began to thrust from both ends, and I could taste the saltiness of Simon’s precum mixed with the chlorine of the pool from some of the water that splashed into my face. 

Growls and snarls were amplified in the pool enclosure, echoing from the aluminum ceiling, and every time I tried to moan out, Simon shoved his dick deeper until it was touching the back of my throat. Sometimes it was hard to breathe and I had to push back against him to gasp. However, as he shuddered against my face, a surge of hot, viscous semen shot down my throat like someone had turned on a hose with my lips wrapped around the end. 

One final thrust from Derrek sent him deep into my bowels, and he held it there, pulsing inside of me. Simon pulled away, a strand of pearly spunk still connecting my mouth with his cock. But Derrek lifted me out of the pool and carried me up the steps, his shaft still inside of me. With every step, sticky seed gushed from around the massive intruder, making me even more slick than before. 

When werewolves ejaculated, it was like having copious amounts of molasses being pumped into me. Even swallowing Simon was akin to swallowing jello mixed with j-lube, and I nearly choked on it. It was what made them so potent, and why women were often worried when they’d become intimate with one. Even with birth control, they came in such quantities that nothing was ever fool-proof, and werewolf semen could stick to the lining of anything for a while. Hell, it often took a few days to get all of it out of me. 

Derrek wasn’t done, and neither was Simon. I knew this was going to be one hell of a long night, but what they had planned wasn’t at all what I had expected. I was still up against Derrek, my legs straddling his hips, but Simon came up from behind, his own cock sliding against the cleft of my hairy ass. 

“No, Simon!” I shouted, but the werewolf didn’t listen to me. “Don’t even think about it.”

“Don’t worry, it’ll fit,” he growled as I struggled against Derrek who held me tight against him. Derrek’s cum dripped from the edges of my hole as he pulled out of me until only the head of his dick remained lodged inside. Simon pushed the tip of his own cock into me, and I felt a pop as he stretched me much further than I thought possible. 

I cried out as both of them filled me at once, my ass stretching more as I got to the thickest parts of their shafts. Simon was hilted, but Derrek had a few more inches to go before he was all the way inside. None of this should have been possible, but somehow, I was still alive and the pain was replaced by a feeling of intense fullness. 

I wondered if my ass would ever go back to normal after this. 

Both monsters thrusted into me, one pulling out while the other went in, their heavy balls slapping against my rear with each push. The sounds alone drove me insane with raging lust. Slick, slimy squelching echoed from the block walls as cum and precum dangled in strands from my ass. The constant stimulation of their piston-like movement was enough to bring me to climax as my own orgasm shot upward, some of it landing on Derrek’s chest. 

Being sandwiched, helpless between two rutting monsters made me come again and again until Simon jackhammered his way to a finish. One last thrust upward sent hot, musky-scented spunk into me, but it gushed from the sides since there wasn’t much of a seal around both of their dicks. Derrek began to speed up, his veiny shaft still rubbing against Simon’s who came again inside of me from the sensation alone. 

The larger werewolf threw his head back and snarled as he pumped more heat inside of me. Simon and Derrek both licked my neck with the smaller werewolf locking his mouth with mine. As much as I hated to admit it, the half-turned part of me loved this. My emotions were so far away from what just happened that I couldn’t make sense of it. Both werewolves went limp and slipped out of me, and my feet finally touched the ground. I hobbled over to the chair before collapsing onto it. 

“You okay?” Simon asked, sitting next to me. There was something odd about his body language as well, a look of regret in his countenance. “Was it too much?” 

“Maybe,” I responded, my voice hoarse from all the moaning and screaming earlier. “I don’t know.”

Derrek studied Simon’s reaction before crossing his arms. “Well this is a first.” 

“What is?” Simon asked. 

After an uncomfortable moment of silence, Derrek began drying himself off with the towel before turning to me. “Next time, we’ll have a real lesson, I promise.” His eyes widened. “Oh! You’ll get to meet my other student. He only comes around for a few days, but we’ve gotten pretty close.”

“Heh,” Simon said, tossing me a towel. “I’m surprised you’ve got a human client that sticks around.”

Derrek grinned. “I never said he was human.”

The midnight moon’s reflection danced over the calmer ocean as I sat cross-legged in the sand. Both werewolves had fallen asleep in Derrek’s bed, but the house had no air conditioning and sleeping between the two was unbearably hot, not to mention a bit unsettling. 

“Hey,” Simon said softly from behind. “What’re you doing out here?”

“Can’t sleep.” 

He sat next to me in the sand, staring up at the moon. “I think I realized something earlier.”

“What’s that?”

Simon smiled, his orange eyes glowing softly. “I’m not young anymore. Hell, I’m not even close to the same person I was three years ago.”

“Is that a bad thing?”

He shrugged. “I dunno. Back then, Derrek and I would’ve fucked through a dozen half-turns and humans all night long and wanted more. Wouldn’t have felt anything for anyone. It was just all good fun.”

A larger wave crashed into shore before the ocean quieted again. 

“Am I too uptight?” I asked, keeping my eyes on the water. “Whenever anyone mentions half-turns, it seems like they know how to have fun and I don’t.”

“Usually half-turns are younger. Yer kind of an anomaly, but I guess that’s what makes you different—uh, but in a good way.”

“What do you mean?”

Simon paused for a moment, and I looked up at his face. As odd as it was, the werewolf seemed… nervous. 

“I don’t know.” He let out a sigh before laying back in the sand with his hands folded behind his head. “Nothing feels like it used to. It’s not a bad thing; I mean, this is the first time in years I’ve been sober. I guess you being a tight-ass is wearin’ off on me a little bit.”

“You mean being an actual adult?” I laid next to him, but felt his arm supporting my head. He pulled me a little closer to him. “It’s nice out here.” 

“Yeah, it is.”

“Derrek’s a nice guy, but I don’t want to do that again.”

“I don’t either. Derrek’s been a good friend, even when I didn’t deserve it. The truth is, I’d forgotten about that bad fight we had the last time I saw him. It’s kinda coming back to me, and I know it was all my fault. If I were Derrek, I’d have thrown it back in my face and turned me away, but he ain’t like that.”

“Do you remember what the fight was about?” 

Simon let out a yawn and shook his head. “It’s in the past, and it don’t matter anymore. Like I said: I ain’t the same person I used to be.”

“We should get some sleep. We need to get back to the apartment to grab my clothes before they change the locks.”

Though I didn’t expect it, something stirred in my chest as I lay next to this werewolf that knew exactly how to push every button to make me angry. Simon opened up a little bit, and I wasn’t sure exactly what caused it. Tomorrow would be a new start, and though I had nothing at the moment, I was glad to have him here next to me.

Simon started to snore. 

“Thank you for not letting me be alone,” I whispered before closing my eyes and drifting off to sleep.

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